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  • Addicted To You!!!

    Why did he become busy all of a sudden? Their regular conversations over the phone had turned into formal ones as if they were just good friends. He even came late at the dinner and left early making an excuse for not able to drop her. He was continuously either typing into his phone or talking over the bluetooth. Before leaving, when Lavanya hugged him, he was reluctant to hug her back.

    She clearly sensed the lack of interest from his side. Their earlier good-byes had always ended with sensuous kisses.

    Was he repenting about their sudden engagement plan? He should understand that she never forced or asked him either to marry or even love her. She only wanted to stay with him. Arnav was like a life-saving drug to her.

    She dialed a number and when the person from the other side responded, she began to brawl like a lost child. Standing at the adjacent window he accepted the call. Who has given you the right to break an innocent heart? You are just like your papa, selfish, manupulative. After fulfilling your every need you are just throwing her away.

    Now I hate myself for being your mother. Let me live in peace. Yes, I am selfish. Tell her that I have used her. She meant nothing in my life. Both of you should leave me alone. Am I done with all your questions? Arnav Sen was shivering with his usual murderous rage.

    His anger often made him act without thinking and ultimately lead him regretting his impulsive decisions later. And at that moment, he instinctively did that. Should I take the call? She heard the whole conversation between Arnav and his mom as the call was on speaker.

    Tonight she was staying at her place. Arnav never did this to her except once, that almost 8 years back. Why all of sudden has he changed so much? She saw her crying in complete despair while tightly holding the phone near her heart as her life was in that phone. She started screeching like insane when Aroti reached in to hold her into embrace.

    He just told me. He wants to end everything. Aunty, I will die. Please tell him. Please tell him I will die without him. I love him. Just ask him to stay with me. Hugging back Lavanya this time she also cried. In her own sob she continued to console Lavanya. He must be in some tension. It was my fault for nagging him to this extent.

    I will tell him. No need to worry. I know him very well. He said all this because he is angry with me. I pressurized him to this extent. I will manage. She cut the call without giving him a chance to reply. A strong black coffee alone He realized that he had committed an unpardonable mistake.

    He cursed himself for committing that shameless act just half an hour back. They were supposed to get engaged very soon. She nodded in affirmation. Actually I want to go home. They should know the actual truth. I am really tired of being so helpless throughout my life.

    This time I want to hear my heart. Arnav stared at her without blink. Things were changing rapidly around them. To sooth her inner pain, he moved his right hand up and down over the length of hair extended over her back. You are completely safe with me. No need to go or talk to anyone. Let them think what they want. You have suffered a lot. Your baby knew that you love him more than your life. He is your priority.

    Arshi FF : You Are Mine Dammit !!

    Kushi : but di.. This happiness will last only for a year. You both will loose something very precious your life will turn dark but you both will even get a blessing in the form of angel Aashi. That angel will take you both out of darkness but you should wait for that day… That wait maybe long , painful but when it ends it will be the happiest day of your lifes. So there is I can loose. So calm down. Kushi : par hum unki bar baat maanenge humaari shaadi ek saal tak chupi rahegi but we will listen to his words, our marriage will be hidden for 1year.

    Arnav : ok baba ab kush ok are you happy now Next day Temple Arshi perform marriage rituals both look happy but still both have a guilt somewhere for cheating their loved ones Flashback ends Lavanya : but where you stayed for year Kushi. You were not in Raizada mansion. This is the best gift of my life Kushi thank you sooo much….

    Kushi : I want stay with you but.. I know its not possible but.. Arnav : you are staying with me Kushi. Kushi : what..!! But how?? Arnav : more than me I want you to be with di. I want my child to be just like her.. Kushi : but how..? And di agreed Lavanya : soo you were that Priya Kushi : yes.. Di cared for me so much, I was always with arnav.

    Lavanya : is Aashi like his di.. Kushi: in every aspect she is like Anjali di, she is her carbon copy. I mean wow Kushi you are pregnant Kushi : noooo idiot Lavanya : then?

    He is just like Arnav Wahi gussa, wahi harkate, utna hi pyaar, utna hi fikar same anger, same gestures, same love, same care for others Kushi : do you once….

    WAYMR – 1| I love you, dammit!

    However, Khushi had made it clear that it was important for her to stand on her own two feet, and be independent, a small part of which stemmed from her desire to be an equal to him. Two years to the day they had started dating, Arnav had proposed to her, with the same ring he had intended to give to her during their first courtship. She had accepted, of course. And the rest, as they say, is history. And rejecting his project would be foolish. We are a private and exclusive company, by choice, and we rely on word of mouth.

    And let me tell you, Mr. Singhania likes to let his mouth run everywhere and anywhere. What is your problem, woman? She was a little cherub, taking after her mother in her talkativeness and her father in her stubbornness and anger.

    Glancing at the sound asleep three year old, she smiled and kissed her forehead lovingly.

    An Un-Fairy Tale

    She wrapped her arms around him such that her front hugged his back. Arnav grabbed her hand and pulled her to his front, and smiling at her, gave her a deep kiss. She took his hand and placed it on her heart, which to this day raced in his presence. Hated her with an intensity that surprised her. It was as though her essence still clung to every inch of Sheesh Mahal— laughing at her, mocking her, reminding her of what she could never be. She wished she could put a face to the illusive figure.

    Lavanya Bhabhi had a smile that could put the sun to shame. Raizada threw the best parties for miles around. Lavanya was so beautiful; they say a Rajput prince fell in love with her. Raizada had such wonderful taste and such exquisite style.

    She was terrified of making any changes around the house for fear of displeasing her husband and upsetting the routine set by Lavanya. She walked on tenterhooks all the time— a faceless woman hounding her even in her dreams. And Arnavji? He grew more absent minded by the day. Had he married her just for an heir then? Why had he made no move to touch her, in that case?

    Did she repulse him so much? She needed answers and she needed them soon for her own sanity. Sitting up, he ran his fingers through his hair, his face clenched and breathing accelerated as he battled demons she had no knowledge of.

    Sliding closer to him, she rubbed a soothing hand on his back, trying to calm him down. It seemed to work as his breathing regulated and his tensed muscles relaxed. Throwing her a grateful look, he got out of bed, picked up a box of cigarettes and a lighter and was about to walk out onto the balcony when he felt her slender fingers close around his wrist, stopping him. He looked at her curiously. The look of grim determination on her face startled him. He was shutting her out and she could feel it.

    She ploughed on desperately. You know you can share anything you want with me, right? Tears of defeat and despair running down her face, she managed a final broken whisper. I care about what bothers you and what makes you happy. I love you. And that is the only reason I married you.

    As for Lavanya, I hated her. Still do. Sensing her withdrawal, he shook her desperately almost. I will not have you living with such lies. You want to know what bothers me, right? What bothers me is that I hated her so much, I killed her. She was a certified lunatic. For a self-professed murderer, he seemed unnaturally calm as well. He was watching her carefully, trying to gauge her reaction. Schooling her expression so as not to reveal any of her inner turmoil, she asked one question.

    Everyone saw what Lavanya wanted them to see. That was her real talent. Not interior decoration, not gardening, not being the perfect hostess. It was all of that and more. It was playing the role that would get her what she wanted. The disillusionment after our wedding was quick and painful.

    Love was a word that Lavanya was entirely unfamiliar with. And I overcame my fascination soon enough. I was stuck in a loveless marriage with no end in view. Tired and bitter, I wanted a divorce immediately.

    But Lavanya made me a deal. Arnav Singh Raizada. I had recently inherited Sheesh Mahal from my ageing parents before that and it had been in ruins. This house was— is— the one part of my ancestry I care about. So I agreed. We led our own separate lives. To the world, we were a match made in heaven—we had the perfect life. Only I knew the truth about her.

    That one mistake season 2

    I was through with her and our marriage for all intents and purposes and threw myself into my work. Arnav noticed, regarding her with a wry smile. It gets worse. She told me that she was pregnant. I saw red.

    Distant Horizon Chapter 6

    I knew then that continuing with this marriage had been a terrible mistake and one that I needed to rectify right away. I told her in no uncertain terms that we would be getting divorced.

    I was through with her and her sick mind games for good. Only by then, I was beyond caring about the Raizada name.

    The next thing I know, she pulled a loaded revolver out of her bedside table drawer and threatened to shoot herself right there if I tried to divorce her or force her to get an abortion. I just wanted her out of my life for good.

    Arshi ff arnav and lavanya living