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    A la carte — referring to meals, an indication that each dish is priced separately; also that a choice of meals may be vailable, such as on a tour. Fabulous for diving, snorkeling and all manner of watersports. Abeam — A directional term, used on ships and aircraft, which describes something off to the side of the vessel, such as the wings.

    Accessible Tourism — Travel that ensures that there is high availability in destinations, accommodations, attractions, products, and services to all people. Accessible Travel — Travel that ensures that there is high availability in destinations, accommodations, attractions, products, and services to all people. Actual Time of Arrival — Literally, the actual time of arrival. Add-on — an option, usually at extra cost, added to travel arrangements.

    Adjoining rooms — Two hotel or accommodation rooms that have a door connecting them from the inside, allowing the guests to combine the two rooms into one larger room. Adoption Rate — the percentage of tickets issued through an online booking system compared to the traditional booking channel of agent-assisted reservations. Advance Purchase Fare — airfare that requires the traveler to purchase the ticket a minimum number of days prior to departure. Advance Purchase Requirement — APR, or Advance Purchase Requirement, is the requirement that a ticket must be purchased a minimum number of days before the flight departs.

    Adventure tour — A tour designed around an adventurous activity such as rafting, hiking, or mountain climbing. Adventure travel — adventure travel is category of travel involving exploration or travel with perceived and possibly actual risk, and potentially requiring specialized skills and physical exertion. Adventure Traveler — Adventure travelers travel to destinations with the specific purpose of active physical participation and exploration of new experiences.

    Affinity Card — These are credit or debit cards issued by a banking institution in partnership and co-branded with a particular frequent traveler program. Affinity group — A group of people that share a common hobby, interest, or activity, or that are united through regular participation in shared outings. Also see preformed group.

    Aft — toward the rear of a ship. Agent — A person who has the power to act as the representative for another person. Most frequently in travel, a specific kind of agent such as a travel agent. AIO variables — Activities, interests, and opinions-used to measure and categorize customer lifestyles. Air mile — a distance of approx. Air Traffic Control — Usually refers to the control tower at the airport, but may also be a control center somewhere else in charge of controlling a large area of sky.

    Air Travel Card — a credit card sponsored by the airlines, for the purchase of air travel only. Air Travel — air travel is the action or process of making a journey by aircraft.

    Aircraft — Generally speaking, any machine capable of flight. However, in the travel industry, these often mean airplanes. Airline Alliance — These are agreements of cooperation between groups of airlines. Alliances offer airlines more flexibility and larger networks.

    Airline fare — Price charged for an airline ticket. Several types of fares exist and can change with market conditions. Airlines Reporting Corporation ARC — An organization that provides a method of approving authorized agency locations for the sale of transportation and cost-effective procedures for processing records and funds of such sales to carrier customers. Airport access fee — a fee paid by the car rental companies to the airport authority, for the use of shuttle vehicles, etc.

    Air-Sea — A cruise or travel package in which one or more transportation elements are provided by air and one or more by sea. The package is usually combined with local lodging.

    All Inclusive — sold for one price that includes charges and fees that are often added separately. All-inclusive package — A tour package in which most travel elements are purchased for set price. Also called an all-expense package. Alternative Tourism — Travel that is not conventional in nature, though that is hard to define. It can be a niche kind of tourism.

    Alternative Travel — Travel that is not conventional in nature, though that is hard to define. Alumni tour — A tour created for customers who have previously traveled with a tour operator.

    Also called a reunion tour. Amenities — a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place Amenity package — A cluster of special features, such as complimentary shore excursions, bar or boutique credit, or wine at dinner offered to clients on a given tour or cruise, usually as a bonus or extra feature.

    Usually used to induce clients to book through a particular travel agency or organization. Amenity — The facilities and features of a property, usually cruise ship, airline or destination accommodation. Amidships — toward the middle of a ship — usually the most stable part of the vessel.

    Anniversary travel — a type of milestone travel celebrating a date that is remembered or celebrated because a special or notable event occurred on that date in a previous year, such as a wedding anniversary. Apron — The area surrounding the gate areas of a terminal, generally used for parking and maintenance of planes. ARC — Airline Reporting Corporation- the agency that regulates ticket sales and reports to the airlines for travel agencies.

    Archipelago — An archipelago is a grouping of islands, essentially. Indonesia and Japan are both archipelago countries. ASTA — American Society of Travel Agents — trade group consisting of travel agencies, travel agents, and allied members suppliers, etc.

    ATO — Airline Ticket Office — becoming rarer these days, as carriers continue to reduce customer service. Attractions — An item or specific interest to travelers, such as natural wonders, manmade facilities and structures, entertainment, and activities. Autobahn — high-speed equivalent to the US interstate highway system, in Germany and a few other European countries.

    Availability — The total number of seats allowed to be sold at a particular rate. Average room rate — The total guest room revenue for a given period divided by the number of rooms occupied for the same period. Babymoon — A relaxing and romantic vacation or getaway taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.

    Back to back — A term used to describe tours operating on a consistent, continuing basis. For instance, a motor coach arriving in a city from a cross-country tour may conclude the first tour upon arrival, then transport a second group back along the same route to the origination city of the first tour.

    Back-to-back ticket ing — an against-the-rules practice whereby an air ticket is issued round-trip with only one portion to be used. Another is then issued roundtrip, again with only one portion to be used. In effect, this amounts to using one ticket for the outbound part of a trip, and the other for the return.

    The normal Saturday night stay requirement is then avoided — useful only when two roundtrip tickets are less than the cost of a single ticket with no Saturday night stayover. Baggage Allowance — The amount of baggage a passenger may transport without having to pay extra charges, determined by carrier. Baggage handler — See porter. Baggage master — The person who controls baggage handling on a ship.

    Great for relaxing and port arrivals! Barge cruising — pleasure cruising along a canal system, such as in upstate New York or in Europe, in converted barges or new ships that resemble them. Base fare — the basic price of an airline ticket, before ANY taxes, surcharges, airport fees, etc.

    Base — Flight crew term for their home airport; where the flights originate from and terminate at. Bell captain — The person in charge of luggage at a hotel. Benelux — term for the countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Bespoke tour — a tour that is customized, personalized and tailor-made for the traveler.

    Biking Trips and tours — Bicycle trips and touring means self-contained cycling trips or pleasure, adventure and autonomy rather than sport, commuting or exercise. Touring can range from single to multi-day trips, getaways or vacations.

    Birthday travel — a type of milestone travel celebrating a birthday, quite often marking decade birthday milestones such as 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th etc. Blackout dates — Specific dates in which special fares or promotions do not apply. Typically exist around holidays or special events. Block — A number of rooms, seats, or space reserved in advance, usually by wholesalers, tour operators, or receptive operators who intend to sell them as components of tour packages.

    Usually held speculatively and made available at reduced rates. Boarding pass — a receipt with a seat number, now issued only at check-in at the airport. A ticket is not valid unless a boarding pass has been issued. A Boarding Pass is not a ticket, but allows you to board a plane or ship or other mode of transportation. Booking form — A document which purchasers of tours must complete to give the operator full particulars about who is buying the tour.

    It states exactly what is being purchased including options and must be signed as acknowledgment that the liability clause has been read and understood. Boutique Hotel — A boutique hotel is a type of hotel, usually smaller and more intimate than a chain hotel, which conforms to a niche.

    Bow — Bow is a directional term. Front of a ship or the nose of an aircraft; specifically, the foremost point of the hull of the craft. Breakage — Expenses budgeted for a tour but not used or expended, thus resulting in additional profit to the tour operator. Examples include meals budgeted but not consumed, currency fluctuations in favor of the tour operator, or the tour selling to much larger numbers of passengers than expected.

    Break-even point BEP — The point at which revenues and expenses are the same. For example, the BEP is the number of products or seats, cabins, tickets, etc. The BEP is calculated as fixed costs divided by the selling price less variable costs. See reasonable number. Break-even pricing — Pricing a product based on a forecast of the break-even point and the cost of achieving the break-even point. Bridge — the navigational center of a ship. Bucket list destinations — Bucket list travel is a list of destinations a person wants to travel to and experience before reaching a certain age or dying.

    Insight Hub

    Click here for more details. The Government of Canada announced mandatory COVID vaccination requirements for federally regulated transportation employees and all travellers effective October 30, Click here to learn more. Please note that any protections only apply to customers who purchased travel services through a TICO-registered travel agency or tour operator 1. Is that allowed?

    When you book travel, your invoice is your contract between you and the travel company. The invoice must include all the terms and conditions of your travel. The types of options available will depend on the type of travel you purchased: If you booked a package with a number of travel services bundled together e. If the voucher or similar document was issued by a TICO-registered travel agency or tour operator before March 30, , it must be of equivalent value to the travel services not provided and redeemable for a reasonable time frame e.

    If the voucher or similar document was issued by a TICO-registered travel agency or tour operator on or after March 30, , it must be of equivalent value to the travel services not provided and redeemable for at least one year following the date of issue.

    The travel can happen beyond the one-year mark. If you booked travel services that are not part of a package — If you purchased one or more travel services that are not part of a pre-bundled package e. Some suppliers may choose to issue a voucher or other similar document to their customers. TICO does not have jurisdiction over end-suppliers, such as airlines, hotels and cruise lines. Customers are encouraged to contact their registered travel agency to discuss their options.

    Although TICO believes that vouchers for future travel are a reasonable form of reimbursement depending on the particular situation, should consumers remain dissatisfied with the form of reimbursement being offered after attempting to resolve the matter with their travel agent, consumers may file a complaint with TICO. You may contact TICO for information or assistance in filing a complaint against a registrant.

    Alternatively you may send an email to tico tico. Speaking with your TICO-registered travel agency is your best course of action for understanding your options, especially in a fluid environment where suppliers may be announcing new measures daily.

    Please keep in mind the current closure of non-essential businesses may impact your ability to reach your travel agency. Individuals who are unable to get through to their travel agency or tour operator may contact TICO to help facilitate the dialogue. Do I have any protection if the company that issued my travel voucher goes out of business?

    If you are unable to redeem a voucher or similar document issued by a TICO-registered travel agency or tour operator for future travel services because the TICO-registered travel agency or tour operator has become bankrupt or insolvent or ceased to carry on business and that failure is related to COVID, you can make a claim against the Travel Industry Compensation Fund until March 31, Coverage under the Travel Industry Compensation Fund has expanded.

    If you have redeemed a voucher or similar document but the TICO-registered travel agency or tour operator or airline or cruise line becomes bankrupt or ceases operations prior to travel taking place, and travel services are not provided, you can make a Travel Industry Compensation Fund claim, subject to the provisions of the Regulation.

    More information about the Travel Industry Compensation Fund can be found here. What if I am unable to secure arrangements to get back to Canada? Many customers are experiencing long wait times due to the sheer volume of calls, questions and requests.

    The closure of non-essential businesses in Ontario may further impact availability and wait times. If your departure is not imminent, please consider waiting to call as requests are being processed based on the date of departure. These circumstances are unprecedented and travel companies appreciate your patience as they work to assist you as quickly as possible. Additionally, some companies have posted online forms to help expedite the process.

    What if my travel agency, website or tour operator is charging a fee to rebook or cancel? While customers are subject to the terms and conditions of their travel bookings e.

    TICO has received complaints that some companies are charging a rebooking or cancellation fee. Recognizing differences in invoicing and disclosure practices by travel agencies, customers should carefully review the terms and conditions reflected on their invoice pertaining to fees. What other options do I have for cancelling or rebooking my travel plans? If you have travel insurance, either as a standalone package, through your group benefits or through a credit card, contact the provider to see if you are covered.

    Each insurance policy is unique and may offer different levels of coverage. What if I have an upcoming flight booked? Changes from airlines continue to be announced regularly. Many airlines have been offering existing customers the ability to rebook at no additional cost. If you purchased your airfare through a TICO-registered travel agency or website, and the time of your scheduled flight is advanced or delayed by more than 24 hours, you may be entitled to a full refund or comparable alternate service.

    This also applies to other forms of transportation, such as train or bus tickets, cruises, etc. However, this rule does not apply if the delay or advancement is due to mechanical problems with a vehicle, ship or aircraft, safety considerations, weather conditions, a strike or lock-out or a force majeure such as an unforeseen circumstance. If you booked your tour with a TICO-registered travel agency or website, your travel agent is required, by law, to alert you of any changes to your travel plans that would have affected your decision to buy the tour in the first place.

    Much like the airlines, many tour operators have opted to cancel or suspend tours or have offered customers the option to rebook at no additional cost. Please keep in mind that these are goodwill gestures, as travel suppliers are not obligated to offer these options.

    Additional resources The Public Health Agency of Canada has published information and frequently asked questions about the Coronavirus. Additionally, the page is updated as the situation unfolds. The Government of Canada has published a page dedicated to information and advisories.

    The Ontario government provides twice-daily updates about the status of the Coronavirus in the province. Navigating a worldwide health concern, with suppliers that can be located internationally, can be complicated, but your travel agent is well-equipped to answer your questions and provide the advice you need to understand your options. To verify if a travel agency, website or tour operator is TICO registered, check our online directory.

    For more information, please click here. Related posts:.

    General Listening Quiz

    Post a Job Are you a job seeker? Find jobs As a travel agent, what do you look for in a vacation package for your clients? See answer As a travel agent, how did you create tour packages for company trips? See answer What is your experience cold calling potential customers about booking vacations and trips?

    See answer What recommendations would you give a couple looking for a romantic getaway? See answer In your experience as a travel agent, what steps did you follow when booking a cruise? See answer Describe your process for planning a vacation for a family of four.

    See answer How do you keep track of each of your clients and their individual trips? Tell me about a time when you had to plan a vacation for a difficult customer. How did you handle this situation? Describe your process for researching new destinations for clients.

    What's your process for finding fees that into a customer's budget, while still providing them a quality vacation experience?

    How to Become a Travel Agent

    Do you know which vacation spots are the most popular during this current season? List the first few questions you'd ask a walk-in client who was interested in an upcoming trip. Do you prefer directing your clients toward tourist attractions or hidden attractions that aren't as well known? The expressions I decided to focus on were: go on a trip famous for I modeled the conversation with one of the advanced students in front of the class. Then I had the students practice the conversation without writing anything with a partner using their hometown as the destination.

    Since each agency has two agents, each offering a trip somewhere different, there are two destinations to be filled in per agency.

    Chapter 7. Travel Services

    In my class, there were 14 students. So there are 6 boxes 6 other agencies to visit. Then I modeled the dialogue see below for purchasing a ticket with a student in front of the class.

    To make it more authentic, I cut the tickets out and gave them to the students two tickets per student. Diving-Snorkeling There is a whole sea of hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered in the waters of the azure Indian Ocean surrounding the island. Let us take you to the best spots for your underwater adventure. Boost your wellness with Ayurveda sessions offering long-term and short-term treatments on your vacation. Canoeying-Rafting Take in the tranquil surroundings while you paddle through the calm waters of the lake or be prepared for an exciting adrenaline rush when it comes to white water rafting in the gushing rapids.

    Madagascar celebrates tourism !

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    Dialogue between tourist and travel agent