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  • “Sesame Street” kittens are rescued from garbage can
  • 7 of the cutest animal cams to brighten your day
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  • B.C. kitten webcam a viral hit worldwide
  • “Sesame Street” kittens are rescued from garbage can

    You need some fluffy therapy, stat. Yep, if watching cat videos is scientifically proven to make us happier and more energetic and it is , then surely watching livestreamed kittens or puppies, or penguins regularly has the potential to stave off stress long-term. Check out 7 of our faves… 7.

    He fosters for the Seattle area branch of no-kill shelter Purrfect Pals and is known for his on-cam napping. If you miss any of the action, devoted fan BrookIvy2 captures key moments on YouTube , so you can catch up later. TinyKittens Set up by Shelly Roche in Langley, Canada, Tinykittens takes in abandoned or feral pregnant cats and gives them a safe place to give birth. Cassidy was found emaciated, infected with E. After nursing him back to health, Roche is now raising money to buy him bionic legs.

    They run a programme with Tinykittens to neuter or spay feral cats, which helps ensure there are fewer unwanted kittens in the world — just one in 12 of all kittens born ever finds a home. They also livestream some of the cats and kittens they take in. Right now, you can watch the sweet and lively Great Catsby ha litter, actually two litters that were combined when six stray kittens were orphaned on the same day mama cat Zelda gave birth.

    For now, you can peep at them sleeping and feeding. Tune in to watch the outdoor exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific in California, which features Magellanic penguins, some of whom were rescued from their native Brazil after becoming stranded. F-Team puppies Such puppies, many cuteness, much webcam.

    7 of the cutest animal cams to brighten your day

    The Sesame Street Kittens were discovered at the bottom of a garbage can where it is believed they were left two days earlier. They had no food or water. The five kittens, three males and two females are recovering and can be viewed on the web at tinykittens. Once they are old enough and healthy, the Sesame Street Kittens will be put up for adoption. Tiny Kittens are making a huge splash Found at the bottom of a trash can, the Sesame Street Kittens illustrate growing problem of homeless, unwanted cats in Langley Mar.

    The enclosure is small, but it contains all the creature comforts the growing cats need. At about five weeks old, the three males and two females had been discarded, motherless, without food or water. Dubbed the Sesame Street Kittens, Oscar a ginger tabby and his siblings four flame-point Siamese were covered in urine and crawling with fleas when they were found and brought to the Langley Animal Protection Society foster mom. And the eyes of thousands of others around the world.

    Live streaming 24 hours a day, the site has fans across Canada and the U. Applications are already coming in to adopt the Sesame Street Kittens once they are healthy enough to go to new homes. In addition to being infested with fleas, the abandoned cats and kittens brought to LAPS are often hosts to ringworm a fungus or intestinal parasites as the Sesame Street Kittens were and have respiratory infections.

    They require veterinary care and high-quality food to help them return to good health. The costs can add up quickly. There are, of course, far better options for people who find that they cannot or choose not to care for a litter of kittens. Prevention, through spaying or neutering, is the obvious choice, said Roche.

    Asked why someone would opt to dump kittens to fend for themselves, rather than bring them to a shelter, Roche replied that fear of judgment is a huge factor. Residents were encouraged to bring the unwanted animals to the Patti Dale Animal shelter or text an address where they could be picked up.

    Among the 10 cats surrendered on Saturday were two kittens and a pair of pregnant females. The cat is about half way through her pregnancy, said Roche, which will give the foster mom a few weeks to help rid the animal of parasites and improve her overall health with a proper diet.

    Through the surrender on Saturday of one un-neutered male and nine un-spayed females, volunteers calculated that the births of more than unwanted kittens will be prevented this year. Roche anticipated the number of surrenders to be higher. She acknowledged it is still early in the season, and said another roundup is planned for July, when she expects people will be overrun with kittens.

    That was the case during a roundup held last summer, at least. LAPS can help; we want people to come to us. Web viewers who live outside Langley but would like to make a donation, are encouraged to contact Waldo and Tubbs in Fort Langley. LAPS has committed to provide 60 per cent of the funding for the building, which would be owned by the Township. A link can be found on the tinykittens. When it comes to applying for grants, the more information LAPS has about where the homeless cats are living and in what numbers, the better.

    Like most wild animals, feral cats are difficult to spot, said Roche. Seventy five per cent of feral kittens will die within six months from disease, predators and cruelty. Most Read.

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    We discovered he had kidney disease and would need medical care for the rest of his life.

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    Our only options at that point were euthanasia, or to see if it would be possible to treat him and give him a good life in captivity. Since we only choose euthanasia when we are unable to alleviate suffering, and there was a chance we could alleviate his suffering, I brought him home with me to make sure he got the medical care he needed and to make sure he could have a good quality of life in general.

    I was thrilled when he eventually settled in and we got a solid routine figured out for his food and meds twice a day. He actually seemed pretty content to snooze the days away on his tiny sofa in front of the fire, and I thought that was as good as it could get for him… Boy was I wrong!

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    A few months later, he accidentally met a litter of tiny foster kittens… and he just melted! I was astonished as he began to style their hair, smoosh into their tiny bed with them, teach them manners and play like he himself was a kitten. He is teaching me so much, but more importantly, he is a striking example of what these remarkable and misunderstood cats are capable of when we give them the chance to show us. My three seven-year-old littermates my first foster wins : Pantsaroo, Bartlett and Bunny Cassidy the two-legged MiracleKitten a.

    B.C. kitten webcam a viral hit worldwide

    As TinyKittens has a global online audience they will be livestreaming both days of the event in an effort to raise awareness about feral cats, TNR, and the importance of spaying and neutering. Tune in at TinyKittens.

    An estimated 22, feral and free-living cats are currently roaming the City and Township of Langley and most of them are unaltered.

    Approximately 25 per cent of domesticated cats are also not spayed or neutered, which adds another 6, cats living and reproducing in Langley. With the Trap-Neuter-Return approach the cat population is stabilized, and this method ceases certain behaviours like roaming, yowling, spraying or fighting, allowing the community to welcome the cats as neighbours. It also improves the physical health of cats through vaccination so they are less susceptible to infectious disease.

    Tinykittens society shelly roche