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  • IAS astrology by date of birth-Yog in Kundali for Success in UPSC

    Generally speaking, the Yogas are the benediction and Dosha are the malediction. The Doshas are the household nomenclature among not only savants of astrology but also the laymen. But, how many of us are well-known to the most sublime Panch Mahapurush Yoga. There are very rare numbers of the people who are familiar with Panch Mahapurush Yoga, that can make the native powerful, prosperous, knowledgeable and sociable.

    Even most astrologers do talk about Dosha but not Panch Mahapurush Yoga. Hence, the combination of the five important planets in the horoscope is called Panch MahaPurush Yoga. In this article, we are going to explain as to how it will make you powerful, affluent, sagacious and highly versatile. This highly powerful Yog by Mars happens when this fiery planet is posited in the Kendra or Trikon and its sign in Aries and Scorpio or exalted in the Capricorn.

    The native with Ruchak Yoga in the natal chart possesses a high level of courage, self-confidence, forcefulness, independence, commanding, and diligence. The person with Ruchak yog will have strong physical structure, famous and kingly attitude. He will possess ruddy complexion, attractive appearance, charitable proclivity and anger temperament.

    People with this yoga are extremely capable of crushing enemies. As a rule, the people with the military, air force, navy, police, security, political administration, bureaucracy, trekking, mountaineering, and sports excel due to their audacity and adventure.

    They are simply famous among enemies. The Ruchak Yoga particularly can be highly effective when the other planets in the natal chart are well-disposed. Hence, it is extremely imperative to calculate the overall strength of the horoscope while presaging about the impact of the Ruchak yoga in the chart. There are many celebrities and influential people have been the household name due to the presence of Rucha Yoga in their chart. Not to speak of our most loved heroes, even some of our enemies are lucky to have Ruchak Yoga.

    Bhadra Yoga Bhadra Yoga occurs in the birth chart due to the presence of own signed or exalted Mercury in Kendra or Trikon. The planet Mercury must be in Gemini and Virgo. Since we know, the planet Mercury is the significator of the mind , intelligence, knowledge, sharpness of the brain and photographic memory, the native will have a gift of eloquence and research-oriented. The person with this powerful yoga becomes rich, notable, sagacious, diplomatic and mathematical.

    The Bhadra Yoga native can be famous as a lawyer, doctors, computer engineers, public speaker, diplomat, and mathematician. It can bring a high level of business acumen. The native of Ruchak Yoga can be highly successful as a businessman. There are many celebrities who are lucky enough to have this powerful planetary blessing. This yoga is created by own signed and exalted Jupiter in either Kendra or Trikon.

    The native with Hansa yoga is notable, knowledgeable, wise and equipped with spiritual knowledge. The Hansa yoga makes the person handsome, warm-hearted, opulent and virtuous. It makes the native extreme charitable bent of mind. In fact, the person with Hansa Yoga can be highly successful as a charted accountant, bank manager, actuarial scientist, treasurer, finance minister, spiritual leaders, and social worker. There many influential people and celebrities do have this powerful Hansa yoga.

    Malvay Yoga The Malvya Yoga does take place in the chart when the planet Venus is in own signed and exalted.

    At the same time, it should be posited in either Kendra or Trikon. The person with Malvya Yoga is knowledgeable, rich and prosperous, happy with family and children and equipped with the luxurious vehicle and palatial house. The Malvya Panch Mahapurush yoga brings all sorts of luxury and material gains to the native. Generally speaking, the people those who are working in the field of entertainment, music, dance, singing, hotel and hospitality, jewelry, television, diamond, women products, perfumes, design, luxury vehicles, women ailments can do extremely well in their profession.

    Although the native with Malavya yoga does possess the luxurious proclivity, he is broad-minded, idealistic, selfless and spiritual. There are many celebrities, statesmen and business tycoon have Malavya Panch Mahapurush yoga in their birth chart. As a rule, the native born with Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant can have Malavya yoga if the planet Venus is placed in its exaltation and own signed in Kendra or Trikon.

    The first prime minister of India Pt. The native born with Sasa Yoga is possessed with political wit, great command over employees and servants. This makes the person a household name among the people and society. The person with Sasa Panch Mahapurush yoga can excel in the career pertaining to the forest, mountain, and forts. He loves wandering and keep on moving from one place to another. Hence, people working with multiple destinations can get spectacular development in life.

    As a rule, Sasa yoga brings phenomenal achievement in the field of automobile, railways, mines, agriculture, and leather and road construction. The Sasa Panch Mahapurush yoga brings outstanding achievement for the hard-working people. The native with Sasa yoga can craft a career as an automobile engineer, miner, owner of the agricultural farmhouse, head of the coal mines, administrative jobs in the railway and export and import in the leather products.

    There are many celebrities do have Sasa Yoga in their chart. Celebrities with powerful Panch Mahapurush Yoga The superhuman and celebrities are our inspiration. We learn a plethora of things from them in life. Abhinav Bindra — Shooter and the first Indian for winning the gold medal in Olympic Abhinav Bindra, the shooter who created the history of becoming first Indian to win gold medal at the Olympic games in Abhinav has Bhadra Yoga one of the significant yogas among Panch Mahapurush yoga.

    In his chart, the planet Mercury is placed in the 4th house in own sign that has taken him to the new height of life.

    He has been a household name and most loved actor in the Hindi cinema world. The respect and honor come spontaneously from the bottom of the heart when Lata Didi comes to imagination. The planet Mercury is the lord of 4th house that is placed in the exaltation in the Virgo creating Bhadra Yoga in his chart. The planet Mercury is the significator of IT, computer, communication, data science, and digital media, etc.

    He is considered as the first industrialist in India. Of late, there is no such family in India that does not have a Tata product at their home. The planet Saturn is placed in the 4th house in own sign that created Sasa yoga making J R D Tata a world-famous business tycoon.

    Neeta is not only known for Mukesh Ambani and Dhirubhai Ambani but also her beauty and simplicity. She is known for her charitable activities. She is blessed with Hansa Yoga formed by Jupiter in the 4th house in Pisces. The planet Jupiter as a 4th lord not only has given worldly achievements but also a high level of prudence. She is one of the richest ladies in the world.

    His social media feats are simply incomparable. He is one of the youngest technology entrepreneurs who is capable of creating jobs, bread, and butter for the people across the world. Today, business without social media is the curry without salt that he has proved. He is one of the youngest affluent people in the world. The planet Saturn is the principal planet that made him notable, opulent, intellectual and what not.

    He has Sasa Yoga in his chart. The planet Saturn is placed in the 10th house in exaltation making him a world-famous figure.

    Hamsa Yoga

    The planets in this combination exert a powerful influence on a horoscope. The influence is in form of general disposition of the person and since there is a kendra involved, it affects personal relationships and profession as well. These yogas are known to give a lot of wealth, name and fame to the person.

    Ruchaka yoga: Mars is a planet of bravery, energy and initiative on the positive side and conflict on the negative side. On the negative side, this yoga can also make a person arrogant. Since Mars has a fourth full drishti, presence of this yoga in any of the four kendras has a strong influence on the profession.

    Many police officers have Ruchaka Yoga in their charts. A negative influence in the horoscope would also show up. I had read this in the Astrology Magazine a while back that there is a fine line between law-makers and law-breakers and Ruchaka Yoga would certainly be found in charts of some famous criminals.

    Bhadra yoga: This yoga is related to Mercury, which is a planet that rules intellect, speech and business practices. As Mercury also governs businesses in general, the corresponding influence would also help the person in fields of management — sales, marketing and finance.

    The moment I say finance, you can draw a conclusion that the person would automatically be rich. Usually there are very little negative effects of Bhadra Yoga. Hamsa yoga: Jupiter is the supreme teacher, that is why it is called in Sanskrit as, simply, Guru. It is a planet of spirituality.

    Guru also represents blessings by God, and its drishti on lagna, Sun or Moon in a chart is considered very fortunate. You can now easily guess… if Guru is the strongest planet in the chart and if it influences Kendras, the person would be lucky and due to divine intervention, he would never get in trouble. Naturally, this yoga would be strong in the charts of spiritual leaders.

    Since Guru also represents husband in chart of women, Hamsa Yoga in the chart of a woman would mean a lot of good for her husband. Malavaya yoga: This yoga is related to Venus — a planet that governs beauty, luxury and comfort in life. A strong Venus, through Malavaya? In the chart of a woman, it makes her beautiful and desirable. Malavaya yoga could also make a person a good businessman with ability to extend his empire through partnerships 7 and give him a lot of money 2.

    Shasha yoga: Saturn is a mystical planet. This planet represents poverty, disease and adversity. You would wonder, how is a strong Saturn beneficial then… A strong Saturn, which represents pessimism, in a chart, can make the person a profound and deep thinker. In an organization, there are a lot of people who, under the influence of Mercury would come up with new ideas.

    The people, with a strong Saturn or best, Sasha yoga in their charts, would be the ones who finally implement these ideas and bring them to reality. These are the people with real sense and position of authority. These people are not optimists, but they would still be smiling in adversity because they have already thought ahead and taken the worst case scenario into account.

    Like in the case of Ruchaka Yoga, a lot of negative influences can creep in. Saturn is a cruel planet by disposition. If it is not under beneficial influence of Jupiter and is a cruel planet in the chart by position as well, Shasha yoga can make a person very cold and calculating. OK, now is the time for some clarifications… Statistically, these yogas can appear in a lot of charts, but the effects would not show up everywhere.

    As I have mentioned in the post about Gaja Kesari Yoga, the chart by itself should be strong for any yoga to show up and materialize. In case of Panch Mahapurusha Yoga, the planet should also be close to its point of exaltation and not merely present in the sign of exaltation. It should also not be powerless due to shadbala, e. The planet must be strong in Navamsha as well. Also, existence of this yoga in a chart does not mean that the person would be a Mahapurusha in literal sense.

    Depending on other influences in the chart, as always, fame could also mean notoriety.

    Wealth, Money & Property Yogas In Horoscope

    This also Suggest our Social status, Authority and Position. Strong Planets in 10th House can take you to Dizzy heights in professional Life. The 8th house is wrongly interpreted by Most of the People.

    The lord of the 10th if joins the 8th, a general understanding will be there that the profession of the native will be very ordinary. But it is not so and he may even become the head of the department provided other factors are also favourable. We have found the relation between the 10th and the 8th house in the birth charts of top executives, heads of the departments and IAS officer etc. The 8th house is 11th from the 10th house while 10th from the 11th house.

    The 11th house indicates sources of income wealth and accomplishment of ambitions. So, the 8 house represents ambitions connected with service.

    Panch Mahapurush Yoga – 5 Incredibly Powerful Yogas in Your Chart

    This house also shows the nature of work, one will undertake as his profession. The Last but not the Least is 11th House. Its Relation with 10th, 6th or Ascendant is Highly Desirable. They are also treated as king and queen in the group of all planets. IAS is directly linked with the government throughout their service. So, these kingly planets have a prominent role to play in their birth charts.

    Saturn is the Natural Significator of Profession. Saturn is also the Karaka of Job. So the condition of Saturn Must be Good in your chart. Cancer and Leo are the Royal signs. Both of these houses must be strong.

    Astro Solutions

    If the 9th house is not strong that means his fortune is weak. The Sun or Moon must be linked with the 10th, 9th, 8th, or the 1st house, in one or the other way. The Sun or Moon must be placed there or may aspect these houses or may be associated with their lords.

    The sixth house should be related to the ascendant or the 10th house in any manner.

    How to check Raja Yoga in Kundli?

    The lord of the 6th house may be placed in the ascendant or in the 10th or vice versa, or these lords may be conjoined together in any house or aspect each other. There is a good Possibility If there is a mutual exchange between lords of 9th and 10th houses or If the 10th lord joins 9th in association with the 9th lord, or vice versa.

    Another Good Yoga for UPSC is that if The 10th and 9th lords conjoin at a favourable place and aspect the 10th and 9th houses respectively, e.

    These are a few positions, which show that 9th and 10th houses are strong enough and one may get success in all India competition of civil services, provided other conditions are also present in the birth chart of the native aspiring for IAS. Karmic Control Planets do play a vital role for one to be successful as an administrative officer. Jain has discovered Karmic control planets and has written a book on this subject.

    26 Most Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology (Both Benefic And Malefic)

    These are the planets that give results due to deeds of past life, good or bad. The native will lead a very luxurious life along with his family. He or she will be famous, clear in thinking and a scholar. Effects— Due to the existence of this yoga, the native will have very strong and attractive physic and will be famous and wealthy.

    He will be commanding by nature. He will get an authoritative position in life. The native will be a good administrator. Here, the placement of Moon must be taken into consideration. Effects—by the existence of this yoga, the native will get a position of authority. The native will be rich and may be a very powerful person. The native will have a very strong character and will b a person of principles. Effects—By the existence of this yoga, the native will have good skin,well built chest, will be eqanimus,have logical communication,will be learnedbe a connoisseur of arts and will have gratitude.

    Panchkoti yoga calculator