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  • Black Desert Online (BDO) Tier List

    Extreme overclocked performance. The character has great mobility, an unconventional yet fun skillset, and is pretty much like a ninja but with a better area of attack. Archer As you will come to notice, most classes have a melee approach to their attacks.

    For those who like to keep their distance in both PvE and PvP — Archer is a must-play class that covers a good chunk of them both. And that class is Lahn, as it has an incredible melee damage potential and range that is excellent for crowd control and to take out hordes of enemies. Assemble a good team and take Shai inside any large-scale battle, you will both be killing tons of enemies on your own and also providing excellent assistance to your teammates.

    Sorceress Every good role-playing video game needs a Sorceress class, and Black Desert Online is in no mood to disappoint! Additionally, the Sorceress class is excellent at team play too since their attacks can pull in enemies and then unleash an attack upon them, which can kill and injure several of them at once — and your teammates can then come in and finish the job. If you have the patience for it and get past that point, they become heavily damaging characters that can destroy entire mobs of enemies without much of an issue.

    The skills and spells are very good for both solo PvE experiences where you can target a large group of enemies once levelled up to that point — and the Witch class is great for teamwork too as you can assist other players in fighting enemies head-on while you provide magical support. This makes Ranger a unique class that both has a bow and arrow for long-ranged attacks and also a sword for fighting enemies in close-range. They have great damage potential and act as a tank once leveled up high enough, while they have more of a magical aesthetic rather than something that looks like an obvious brute.

    And a bonus that comes with mastering them is that they can regenerate their health — which gives the Mystic class great PvE capabilities and makes them incredibly durable too which is very helpful for fighting difficult areas filled with mobs of enemies.

    We hope that you found the guide helpful and do keep in mind that the game is constantly updated with patches so some of these characters might go up and down in their usefulness later down the line.

    BDO Best Class Awakening and Succession PvP / PvE

    The characters are categorized into 5 different classes. Black Desert Online game gives you the feature to completely customize these characters. You have to battle against the deadly monsters. These monsters are killing everyone and looting the things they find.

    You have to stop them from doing so. You can play the player versus player mode in the game in order to battle with the players sitting in different parts of the world. This battle is to get control of the castle.

    You have to counter all the characters of the opponent to get control. You can take the help of the animals present in the game. You can ride a horse to move from one point to the other and can even sell this horse to get some money.

    You have to take a boat to reach him. Black Desert online is a very interesting multiplayer role-playing game to be played on the Xbox, Windows PC, PlayStation, and mobile phones. To play the game on mobile phones you can download it for free from the Google play store and Apple store. The android version of your mobile phone must be of 6.

    The characters of the Black Desert online game are categorized only into five groups. The most highlighted characters in group S are Striker and Mystic. The leading heroes in group A are Warrior and Valkyrie. They are very powerful and easy to control even for new players, the heroes in this group are considered as best heroes.

    The most prominent characters in group B are Wizard and Witch. These heroes are good but not the best. The top heroes in group C are Sorceress and Ranger. They are just average characters. Some characters in group D are Ninja and Kunoichi. Players all around the world hesitate to pick these characters. Tier S.

    What Black Desert Class Should I Play?

    The Giant The giant, as the name would imply, is a huge character class in Black Desert Mobile, in both appearance, and presence. Surprisingly, this is one of the most dynamic, complex, and versatile classes in the game, which makes it one of the toughest to master but most rewarding to play. Why Play The Giant?

    Giants have the perfect trifecta of class-qualities. They boast tons of damage, lots of hard CC, and surprisingly high mobility. This makes them capable of filling nearly every role on the roster, with the exception of being a healer. This makes them great for PvP and team PvE encounters.

    The male counterpart to the Valkyrie, he sheds some of her supporting capabilities in order to really hone in on the offensive side of the equation. Why Play A Warrior? Warriors are some of the best damage dealers in 1 versus 1 scenarios. In addition to this, they offer one of the best blocking abilities in the game with degree coverageas well as a grab skill that allows them to absolutely dominate PvP encounters.

    They also lack mobility, which can take more of the fun out of solo play for most folks.

    Best Bdo Pvp Class 2021

    The Maehwa As the female counterpart to the Musa, the Maehwa shares her ability tree up until the point of awakening. She offers a dynamic, fast-paced, and fluid playstyle that boasts high burst damage, as well as one-combo-kill potential in both PvP and PvE senarios.

    Why Play A Maehwa? The Maehwa is one of the fastest clearing character classes in low to mid-end PvE due to her amazing damage-dealing kit of abilities. Maehwa Cons They chug potions like water in high-end PvE spots and will require you to have a high weight limit in order to farm efficiently.

    Wielding a Morning star in her main hand, and Quoratum as the alt weapon, she is one of the best tanks to have graced the game. Why Play A Nova? She is one of the best tanks in the game thanks to the fact that she can also summon spirits in order to tank — throwing more bodies at enemy lines. However, she does this from a totally safe distance, while dishing out some very good damage with her enchanted ice and morningstar.

    Her attacks apply a whole bunch of debuffs and player status conditions — which also makes her an absolute nightmare in both straight-line and group PvP.

    Nova Cons Much like the Warrior, the Nova can feel a little clunky to play at earlier stages of the game. Why Play A Hashashin?

    Black Desert Mobile Best Class Guide For 2021

    This class also offers lots of debuff skills, which help amplify his damage output, as well as that of his teammates. In addition to this, you get to enjoy great mobility, with amazing evasion buffs and both Q and S blocks making him great at 1v1 PvP.

    Hashashin Cons The awakened mode actually offers significantly less CC-protection than other classes, and with no grab ability of any sort — the Hashashin struggles immensely in large-scale PvP encounters. Relying on his gauntlets, he uses martial arts to deal bursts of damage while also being an impressive tank at the same time.

    Why Play A Striker? They also have a very high skill-ceiling that can easily turn them from a decent tank to an outstanding damage dealer. Striker Cons His skill combos are very mechanically complex, and getting everything right is a steep ask for most players playing BDM. The Tamer Together with her mystical summoned pet, the Tamer presents a very interesting take on an up-close-and-personal playstyle in BDM.

    In terms of PvP, while a bit niche, she is a reasonably well-rounded class. Nova Now, in the span of things, Nova is one of the more recent class editions to the game, coming out on January 6th of As such, she has been met with some mixed feelings. And why is this? Particularly for those that want a character that can grind a lot of EXP and raise levels super-fast, Nova is the one for you. PvP is similar. She can burst people down like no other class.

    What is the best class for PVP BDO?

    Pros Very much an intelligent choice for those that want to do better in the game eventually. Striker Hardly the Tank of the group, the Striker class is one of the most accessible classes that a beginner can get into without dealing with a huge learning curve.

    It is excellent for PvE as you can get a lot more loot as a Striker than pretty much every other class right now while spending the same amount of AP. It is a solid option in the lower-level 1v1 fights but does cap out relatively early compared to the other classes. They have many of the benefits of the Striker class from earlier but only better. They are great for grinding at the later levels and endgame spots so that you can get some really good loot really fast. So, what is so special about Wizards and Witches?

    Well… Everything.

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