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  • 11 of the Easiest Classes at ASU
  • 10 of the Easiest Classes at ASU
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  • The 10 Fastest Online Bachelor’s in Marketing Degree Programs

    Depending on what your goals are, you can get the right course for you. Some people want a course that can help them get a better grade, and some want a class they are exciting and has a fun task. So, whatever you want, be rest assured that you will get the best. Here are some of them. POS — Comparative Government Students cultivate their understanding of comparative government and politics through an analysis of data and text-based sources as they explore topics like power and authority, legitimacy and stability, democratization, internal and external forces, and methods of political analysis.

    An introductory course for students with little background in music theory and the standard concert band repertoire, including a wide variety of classic 20th-century band music. ABS — Southwest Home Gardening Multimedia course for nonmajors surveying contemporary topics in Southwest home horticulture, including landscaping, flower and vegetable gardening, citriculture, interior scaping, and others.

    REL — Religion in America This course is intended to expose students to the rich and vital religious landscape of the United States. Students will examine the expansion of spiritual life in the nation and seek to understand how particular ideas underpinning American society have continuously informed and reshaped religious expression.

    Sociology focuses on the systematic understanding of social interaction, social organization, social institutions, and social change. TDM — International Tourism This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge concerning marketing, human resources management, financial management, destination planning, policy, environment and prospects in the tourism industry. Real-life cases will also be discussed to give students a relatively comprehensive understanding of the tourism industry.

    IEE — Extreme Excel This course is designed for individuals with a high level of aptitude in using Excel functions and formulas.

    STS — Technological Catastrophes Interdisciplinary examination of the human, organizational and technical factors contributing to the causes and impacts of recent technological accidents such as the Bhopal chemical leak, the space shuttle Challenger explosion, the Chernobyl nuclear accident, and the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Evaluation of risk assessment, risk perception and risk communication strategies. Consideration of options for living with complex technological systems. PUP — Cities in Cinema The primary objective of this course is to help students better understand their surrounding communities and environment looking through the hourglass.

    10 Easy Courses At Arizona State University

    Keep reading for 10 easy courses at Arizona State University! This online course is available for completion after the starting date occurs, it is composed of short assignments followed by simple exams.

    Some students buckle down and finish the entire course within four hours because of its ease. The online course offers open book tests, an optional final, a short paper, and virtually no assignments. Dream come true, right? Advertisement 3. ARS Introduction to Art Not only is the class interesting, but the material is easy to comprehend.

    The course can be taken either online or in person, and the overall grade is composed of quizzes and exams with plenty of opportunity for extra credit. DCE Yoga I Physical education classes are very fulfilling, because you are earning credit toward a degree while working out! This yoga class is for beginners and is an almost guaranteed A.

    Advertisement 5. The overall grade is composed of four exams, which are word for word from the lectures, and a group project. Then this course is for you! While you must show up to class, the instructor makes you want to.

    This course is a beautiful blend of stress relief and fun! Advertisement 7. The online version of this course makes it so watching videos and reading contribute to acing the exams and quizzes. Advertisement 9. SWU Stress Management This course teaches students how to manage their bodies as to live a less stressful life. SES Mars Exploration This course is a mixture between lecture and discussion, and students rave about how fun the course can be.

    The lecturer likes to keep things interesting, so a boring class is not to be expected. What are your favorite easy courses at Arizona State University? Comment below and share the article! This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own!

    So, whatever you want, be rest assured that you will get the best. Here are some of them. POS — Comparative Government Students cultivate their understanding of comparative government and politics through an analysis of data and text-based sources as they explore topics like power and authority, legitimacy and stability, democratization, internal and external forces, and methods of political analysis. An introductory course for students with little background in music theory and the standard concert band repertoire, including a wide variety of classic 20th-century band music.

    11 of the Easiest Classes at ASU

    ABS — Southwest Home Gardening Multimedia course for nonmajors surveying contemporary topics in Southwest home horticulture, including landscaping, flower and vegetable gardening, citriculture, interior scaping, and others.

    Students enjoy direct admission into the program, although on a provisional status. The prerequisites include earning a minimum cumulative 2. The core courses include Introduction to Marketing, Legal Environment of Business, and Strategic Management, which all students must take. Such recognition is enough reason to endorse its BBA program on our list, too!

    Earning it can be easy, too, because of the lack of advanced courses in STEAM areas, a bonus for people who struggle with them. Plus, learning to compose and play music is fun, encourages creativity and inclusivity, and builds a community of like-minded individuals. Students must have prior experience playing musical instruments, including reading notes and understanding music theory.

    Discipline, passion, and perseverance are vital for success in competitive music programs, too. The credit Interdisciplinary Music Studies is among its most popular programs because of its customization options. The plan includes three courses in music business and technology and liberal arts, and core music courses. Students can then add courses in musical performance, production, and composition, among other specific areas, which will build their desired skillsets.

    A capstone experience is required for graduation. Your music education will not only be a fun and fabulous learning experience, but it can lead to a fruitful career.

    Valley City State University College Street SW, Valley City, North Dakota Students acquire a world-class liberal arts education combined with a strong foundation in music performance, a combination that ensures success in diverse areas.

    Core classes are a must for all students and advanced studies in music theory and applied music. The program encourages students to perform in a wide variety of performance settings, too, from public recitals to intimate performances.

    There are classes on opera, concert bands, and athletic bands that provide a better perspective of music as performance art. Your ability to interpret, analyze and enjoy music will serve you well as you embark on a successful career in the music industry.

    The challenge lies in tackling the reading- and writing-intensive coursework and dealing with public speaking issues. Students must also possess proficient oral and written communication skills, critical thinking skills, and persuasion skills.

    Their broad coursework can be a challenge, including organizational communication, communication theory and ethics, and media writing. But once you complete the program, you have numerous career opportunities for your consideration. Examples include author, reported, technical writer, and advertising executive. Appalachian State University John E. Thomas Hall, Rivers Street, Boone, NC Students become well-versed in the art of effective marketing and selling strategies for both business and consumer settings.

    The comprehensive curriculum covers social media, communication studies, and project management, and students are required to have active engagement in social media.

    With its year-round formats and generous transfer policies, students can complete it in six semesters with at least 50 credits transferred and a minimum 2. The credit program requires students to take credits at App State, with students encouraged to take 12 credits every semester for on-time completion. Students must choose either a Sociology or Business minor. Your career opportunities can span both traditional and digital media, too.

    The comprehensive coursework enables students to acquire sought-after communication and conflict resolution skills suitable for public and private settings. Graduates become human resource administrators, counselors, and family law facilitators, among other occupations. The focus is on developing soft skills, particularly written and oral communication skills, making it an easy program for most students. The curriculum includes general education courses that can be tackled easily with a strong high school foundation.

    This is the main reason for studying at UCF! The university itself boasts of nationally-ranked online programs, including this one. Sociology Being part of the social sciences, sociology has a less rigorous curriculum than the physical and life sciences. While the general education courses cover science and math topics, these are on the intermediate level only. The strong focus on qualitative research combined with a broad liberal arts education makes it popular among students interested in easy degrees.

    10 of the Easiest Classes at ASU

    Students, nonetheless, must be prepared for the reading- and writing-intensive curriculum wherein comprehension and communication skills are put to the test. As seen through different perspectives, sociology is part of the coursework, and courses include classic social theory, sociology of education, and social behavior.

    Social science research emphasizes design, implementation, and evaluation of research can be challenging, too. University of Florida Criser Hall, Gainesville, FL The BA in Sociology program is delivered through the Canvas learning platform that provides students with the benefits of asynchronous learning. This is a credit program that accepts both freshmen and transfers applicants; the former must have at least a 2. Students become actively engaged in the multifaceted curriculum with coursework covering areas in families and gender studies, poverty and inequality, and social psychology.

    Graduates are well-prepared to take on jobs across diverse areas from social services to marketing and proceed to law or graduate school. Accreditation: SACSCOC Online students receive the same elite-level education as their on-campus counterparts, but with the flexibility and convenience of distance learning. Courses are taught by top-notch faculty members, too. California State University — Fullerton N. State College Blvd. THallFullerton, California The BA in Sociology program welcomes working professionals and transfer students who want to finish their degree in an online setting.

    Applicants must have earned at least 69 transfer credits with a 2. Students can take accelerated classes, which last for five to eight weeks to achieve program completion in three years or less. Once admitted, students engage in courses like race and ethnic relations, social behavior in organizations, and sociological theories.

    These courses shape students into becoming successful mental health counselors, market researchers, and public administrators. Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission WSCUC You will find that the sociology curriculum has the Goldilocks balance between being broad enough for numerous career paths, yet focused enough as preparation for graduate studies.

    Instead, they learn to apply the styles and techniques to their literary works. Creativity and originality are required, and students must be prepared for constructive criticism and feedback from their instructors and peers.

    All concentrations, nonetheless, feature a robust foundation in liberal arts and English composition, grammar, and literature.

    Students with a keen interest in poetry, fiction, and scriptwriting are well-advised to choose the creative writing concentration. Electives are available, too, such as the different literary genres and the literature of the Americans and British.

    The 20 Easiest Online Bachelor’s Degrees in 2021-2022

    Students must complete a capstone project for graduation purposes. You will be prepared to dive right into communication-related jobs or proceed to graduate school, including law or medical school, too.

    But for students who want a concentration, there are four available concentrations — poetry, screenwriting, fiction, and non-fiction. All students, nonetheless, must pass academic requirements in core writing courses and three courses in their specialization, and a credit set of electives. Writing workshops are part of the curriculum, with the final workshop being the capstone project featuring a polished work in their specific genre of choice.

    Students must maintain an open-minded attitude as their works will be critiqued by their instructors and peers. Philosophy Many believe that a degree in philosophy is nearly useless, but they are wrong!

    The open-ended questions related to ancient and modern philosophy theories also make it easier for students with an inquisitive nature. But students must prepare for the reading- and writing-heavy curriculum, as well as for the intense debates and research. University of Arizona E University Blvd. The coursework reflects the liberal arts-heavy curriculum with courses on medical ethics and philosophy of happiness.

    In keeping with the times, students also learn about the complex relationship between humans and computers. Advisors provide appropriate student support, including career development meetings and employer information sessions. Students can develop their interview skills in the Virtual LifeLab, too. Accreditation: HLC Meetings with advisors provide students with the guidance to create a clear path for their studies. In-state and out-of-state students also pay the same tuition. Students learn under the tutelage of professors who have terminal degrees and, thus, are qualified to teach the courses.

    Coursework includes ethics, theoretical and applied philosophy, and philosophical theories. Students may also choose the Pre-Law track as preparation for entry into a law program. Computer Science Math lovers will find computer science as easy as pie! But for those who persevere and who have the passion for it, a degree in computer science can mean doors of career opportunities opening up.

    These include computer systems analysts, database administrators, and software developers with an annual median pay in the six-figure range. Colorado State University Global Salida Way, Aurora, CO Graduates pursue careers as computer and information scientists, software engineers, and systems analysts. The program emphasizes effective problem-solving skills in creating complex software systems and solving organizational issues.

    Students learn soft skills, too, including communicating with clients and supervisors. Transfer of credits is allowed up to 90 credits, but the admission process is quite competitive. Applicants should have at least a 2. Fast learners save money as well as time; WGU charges a flat fee per semester, so those completing their degree in an accelerated time frame will pay less tuition overall. Shortest Time to Completion: 2 years 4.

    Removed by Editor 5. The university dates back towith the founding of the New Hampshire School of Accounting and Secretarial Science.

    SNHU now serves 73, students in 6 schools and colleges, awarding undergraduate and graduate degrees, and certificates. The program is intended to ground students in a thorough understanding of brand communications, consumer behavior, market research and international marketing.

    A total of credits are required for graduation, and classes take place in a self-paced format of six 8-week terms per year, allowing students to accelerate their pace of completion. Shortest Time to Completion: 1 year 6. Sullivan University Sullivan University is a private institute which is based in Louisville, Kentucky, with 6 additional satellite campuses located throughout the state.

    The school dates back towhen it was established as a one-year vocational school, with a student body of just The school prides itself on offering its body of non-traditional learners affordable tuition, flexible scheduling, and extensive supports. Students in the kess remap files gain a comprehensive foundation in business principles, such as accounting, business law, economics, financial management, and conflict management, while also developing a specialization in marketing.

    For this credit degree, students complete a credit Business Core, followed by 16 credits in the Marketing Concentration, with classes such as Marketing Research, Sales Management, and Building a Brand.

    Professors have backgrounds in business and marketing and bring their real-world experience to their online instruction. Distance learners have access to remote support services like academic advising, library resources, career assistance and even a mentoring team.

    Shortest Time to Completion: 1. Rasmussen College Rasmussen College is a private institution based in St. Paul, Minnesota, which operates 22 satellite campuses throughout the nation. True to its roots as a school of business, Rasmussen has a strong focus on career-oriented disciplines, and popular areas of study include Health Sciences, Business, Education, Criminal Justice, Nursing, and Technology.

    The program is intended to prepare students to succeed in the modern marketing profession, and includes studies in both traditional and online marketing channels, market research, public relations, Search Engine Optimization SEO and product management. Students may also chose between two specializations: Digital Marketing or Sales Management.

    Easy upper division literacy classes at asu