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  • Meet [email protected], the Bot that Will Spam Spammers Back for You
  • This Guy’s Email Exchange With A Scammer Turned Into A Hilarious Story
  • Getting Revenge On Email Spammers
  • This A.I. Chatbot Will Get Revenge on Email Scammers For You
  • 5 safe ways to get back at spammers: a guide to wasting time
  • 7 Hilarious Ways You Can Get Revenge on Spam Emails
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  • Meet [email protected], the Bot that Will Spam Spammers Back for You

    Why You Shouldn't Seek Revenge Against Scammers Scam revenge tactics could place you in danger: Internet Scambusters It's a natural reaction to seek revenge against a would-be scammer -- or at least to let him know you're on to him. But your reaction could backfire -- badly -- as some victims have learned to their cost.

    We explain why, in this week's issue, and sound a warning about bogus parcel delivery calls. Let's get started Why You Shouldn't Seek Revenge Against Scammers If you've ever been on the receiving end of a scam attempt, you'll understand why some potential victims have the urge to exact revenge on the crooks.

    In fact, some people make a game of getting even with or even getting ahead of the scammers by carrying out what's known as "scambaiting. In a recent, widely reported incident, for example, a woman looking for a rental apartment on a real estate website crossed swords with a scammer and came off the loser.

    She'd responded to a fake ad. When she realized it was a scam, she thought she'd let the crook know what she thought of him. But to her dismay, the scammer, who now had her cell phone number, produced scores more fake ads and inserted the woman's number as the contact point.

    She was then bombarded with calls for days until she could get her number removed from the website. Nearer to "home," a member of the Scambusters team found himself on the receiving end of a scammer's vindictiveness. More Scam Reports: eBay Scams -- 23 Stay-Safe Tips To Keep You Out of Trouble In this case, he received one of those bogus Microsoft tech calls in which the scammer pretends to be from the software giant and requests access to the victim's computer so he can fix a supposed problem - a subterfuge for stealing information from victims' PCs.

    Instead of just hanging up, which is what we advise our subscribers to do, he gave the caller a piece of his mind, not mincing his words. The result? He was bombarded with a continuous stream of robocalls that ran through the night. Eventually, he had to disconnect his phone during the night until the assault stopped after about a week. In both these cases, the scammers' revenge was nothing worse than a few days of hassle. But the important point to remember in these and similar circumstances are that the scammers are criminals -- and they have your contact information.

    Some of them are involved in terrorist activities. It's not even difficult for them to build up a more detailed picture of you just starting from a phone number. And there have certainly been incidents where scam victims have been lured into situations where they've been physically attacked.

    These risks also apply to scambaiting activities. In these cases, potential victims try to turn the tables on scammers by stringing them along, pretending to have been hooked. In extreme cases, they even manage to scam the scammer, getting them to hand over money. Scambaiters regard their activities as "sport" and there are many websites and Internet forums that feature their games and tricks. As one website devoted to the pursuit declares: "Scambaiting is fun and rewarding, but warning: do not try it yourself until and unless you know what you're doing!

    If you don't know what you're doing, scambaiting can be dangerous and unethical. Often their accents or the poor grammar in emails suggest the scammer is abroad -- especially in the case of so-called Nigerian scams that promise a fortune in return for upfront payments. But that isn't always the case.

    Some of them are based in the United States and Canada. And we know that scammers are not afraid to threaten violence to people who refuse to go along with their con tricks. One "baiter" writes on another site: "I have been corresponding with a scammer for over a month now.

    I am a cop and while I know I am a professional, things have come to a dangerous level. So please, please do not bait or seek revenge. Follow these simple rules: If it's an email, just delete it. If it's a phone call, just hang up. Don't speak and don't argue. If the calls persist, ask your phone company for help or screen all calls via your phone's voicemail feature before answering. If you receive a threat, tell the police. Above all, don't play with fire by trying to mess with these crooks.

    They say revenge is sweet -- but it really isn't, especially when it backfires! Alert of the Week Did UPS or one of the other delivery companies call you to check when you'll be at home to receive a package? Don't tell them -- because that's not the way these firms operate, so it's almost certainly a crook trying to find out when they can burglarize your home.

    Ask the caller for their name and phone number. They'll probably hang up, but if they do give you a number, don't call that either. Instead, look the delivery company up in the phone book and call them yourself. Time to conclude for today -- have a great week!

    This Guy’s Email Exchange With A Scammer Turned Into A Hilarious Story

    Featured Articles Everyone hates scams. As we all know, social media websites like Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn are rife with fraudsters. But some want more. In those cases, corporate scammers sometimes make off with millions of dollars in the process.

    Given the growing threat and proliferation of scams, is it any wonder security researchers are fighting back against bad actors who peddle them?

    Some have made it personal. After Haschek contacted their mother and brother on Facebook , the scammer begged him to stop and promised they would never swindle anyone ever again. Others have taken a different approach. The idea came to him in early I was seeking revenge.

    The Sp mLooper bot removed all personal information and started up a new conversation with the spammer. What is the pricing? This sounds like an awesome opportunity. Can you tell me a little more about it? Not wanting to stop the fun there, Weinreich used a little snippet of code , so that his bot would begin using hipster lingo after the first couple of exchanges.

    This looks really cool. Do you possibly have a LinkedIn or Facebook? Just being cautious! Pitchfork kogi yuccie thundercats five dollar toast messenger bag godard hoodie 3 wolf moon. People began spamming it on their own, meaning the fun could have continued on forever.

    Weinreich gave up on the project due to a lack of time. But fortunately, he kept the code and made it available on GitHub, so that others could build their own spam-spammer bots. Interested in having a little fun? If so, you can access the Sp mLooper code here. Please let us know in the comments! Share This Post.

    Getting Revenge On Email Spammers

    This A.I. Chatbot Will Get Revenge on Email Scammers For You

    An additional feature found in Block Sender is the ability to automatically reply with a fake bounce informing the sender that the mailbox is unavailable. There are ways to add more free blocks by adding a review, sharing on Facebook or posting a tweet. Download Block Sender 2.

    Other than having the ability to identify which emails are good and spam using the Bayesian spam filter system, it comes with an optional feature to fight back by sending bounce messages and to punish sender by silently visiting any links found on the email body without doing anything else. Download SpamBully 3. The bounce message and the number of times to punish can be changed from the Config tab.

    5 safe ways to get back at spammers: a guide to wasting time

    If your Internet Service Provider blocks port 25, then bouncing messages to the sender will not work. Download Bounce Bully 4. MailWasher MailWasher is a very popular standalone spam blocking tool that has been around for more than 10 years and is still in active development.

    You can also take revenge on spammers by bouncing it back to them.

    7 Hilarious Ways You Can Get Revenge on Spam Emails

    Works on popular webmail such as Gmail, Outlook. Your DoNotPay virtual assistant has automated the whole process to make it easy and efficient. All you have to do is access DoNotPay from any web browser and follow these steps: Select the Spam Collector option Enter your email address to connect it to DoNotPay Next time you get a spam email, forward it to spam donotpay.

    Should the spam email be unlawful, you may join it and get compensated in the event of a successful settlement.

    5 Tools to Bounce Spam Email Back to Sender with Non-Delivery Notifications

    Think of it as your small spam revenge. The Dangers of Responding to Spam Emails If you decide to reply to a spam email, you should be aware of what you are doing and the potential dangers it entails. You might divulge more information to scammers than you think you would. Those include the full name and personal signature, mentions of their business or employer, and corporate URL. If they get a reply to the spam with such details, cyber-criminals know they have struck gold with that particular email address and can guess your password much easier.

    If you can find it, rest assured a cyber-scammer most certainly will.

    Spam email revenge free