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  • How to Create Circular Progress Chart in Excel Worksheet?

    Firstly, you have to enter the data. For instance, you need to create a process details. Then, you have to go to the Insert tab. Now, you need to click the Donut Chart under the Chart section. Then, our chart needs only the space of the circle, so you need to reduce the width into a square shape.

    Now, you can adjust the width and height of the chart from the format menu of the chart. For that, you have to select the donut and right-click on it. Then, you need to click on the format data series option. Click on Format Data Series Option Now, you have to go to fill and border and click on Border option and then choose solid line.

    Click on Border Option Change the fill color to same color of the border You need to go to fill option in formatting and select solid fill. Click on Solid color Now, you have to choose the same color as the border. Then, you need to click on the text box option and add it to the center of the donut graph. Now, you have to Link it to the cell A3. To link, you need to select the Text Box, and click-in formula bar and then give reference to cell A3.

    Link the cell Clear the background of the progress chart and make it no fill You need to select the chart area and go to fill in the formatting option and select No fill for the chart area. Now, for the border, you have to select no border. Click on no fill and no border Summary In this tutorial, we guided you to know how to create a Circular Progress Chart In Excel Worksheet with proper examples and screenshots.

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    How To Make A Gantt Chart In Excel (+ Free Templates)

    They are simple to understand, appealing to the eye and familiar to users. You see Doughnut charts being used to show progress in the news, in business reports and even when your computer is loading or refreshing. Well the good news is that they are also extremely easy to create. Watch the Video Set up the Data You will probably have a percentage in a cell on your spreadsheet showing your progress toward the goal.

    For this example we have just typed a percentage into cell B2. You will need to calculate the remaining percentage in another cell. You can do this by typing the following formula. Select the two values range B2:B3 in this example.

    Click the Insert tab, Pie chart button and select the Doughnut chart the location of the Doughnut chart button may differ on your Excel version. And as easy as that, you have a Doughnut chart in Excel showing progress. It is however a little basic, so lets do some formatting to bring it to life. Format the Doughnut Chart to Make it Amazing We will now apply some formatting steps to bring our Doughnut chart up a level. Click on the Chart Title placeholder and type a meaningful title.

    Click on the Legend completely redundant in this situation and press Delete on the keyboard to remove it. Double click on the Doughnut Chart itself on the data series and this should open the Data Series task pane shown below Excel , your version may open a dialog box.

    Click on the data point for the remaining percentage, click the Format tab, and select a light colour from the Shape Fill list. I chose a light grey. Then click the data point for the progress percentage and select a brighter and more vibrant colour to catch the reader focus from the Shape Fill list on the Format tab. I chose a Gold colour. The chart will now look like below. A big improvement. Our final step will be to add the big percentage value into the hole of the doughnut. Click and drag to draw the text box into position.

    This does not need to be accurate, as it can be moved and resized later. You can then format the text how you wish.

    I made the font size 32, the same Gold colour as the chart progress and also bold. More Excel Chart Tutorials.

    Progress Circle Chart

    A small Axis Label window opens and you select your tasks in the same fashion as you selected Durations in the previous step - click the range selection iconthen click on the first task in your table and drag the mouse down to the last task. Remember, the column header should not be included. When done, exit the window by clicking on the range selection icon again. Click OK twice to close the open windows. Remove the chart labels block by right-clicking it and selecting Delete from the context menu.

    Excel Doughnut Chart to Measure Progress to a Goal

    At this point your Gantt chart should have task descriptions on the left side and look something like this: 5. Transform the bar graph into the Excel Gantt chart What you have now is still a stacked bar chart. You have to add the proper formatting to make it look more like a Gantt chart. Our goal is to remove the blue bars so that only the orange parts representing the project's tasks will be visible. In technical terms, we won't really delete the blue bars, but rather make them transparent and therefore invisible.

    Click on any blue bar in your Gantt chart to select them all, right-click and choose Format Data Series from the context menu. Go to the Border Color tab and select No Line. You do not need to close the dialog because you will use it again in the next step. As you have probably noticed, the tasks on your Excel Gantt chart are listed in reverse order. And now we are going to fix this.

    Click on the list of tasks in the left-hand part of your Gantt chart to select them. This will display the Format Axis dialog for you. Select the Categories in reverse order option under Axis Options and then click the Close button to save all the changes.

    Horizontal or Vertical Progress Bar in Excel

    The results of the changes you have just made are: Your tasks are arranged in a proper order on a Gantt chart. Date markers are moved from the bottom to the top of the graph.

    Your Excel chart is starting to look like a normal Gantt chart, isn't it? For example, my Gantt diagram looks like this now: 6. Improve the design of your Excel Gantt chart Though your Excel Gantt chart is beginning to take shape, you can add a few more finishing touches to make it really stylish.

    Remove the empty space on the left side of the Gantt chart. As you remember, originally the starting date blue bars resided at the start of your Excel Gantt diagram. Now you can remove that blank white space to bring your tasks a little closer to the left vertical axis.

    Write down the number that you see - this is a numeric representation of the date, in my case As you probably know, Excel stores dates as numbers based on the number of days since 1-Jan Click Cancel because you don't actually want to make any changes here.

    Click on any date above the task bars in your Gantt chart. One click will select all the dates, you right click them and choose Format Axis from the context menu. Under Axis Options, change Minimum to Fixed and type the number you recorded in the previous step. Adjust the number of dates on your Gantt chart.

    How to make a Gantt chart in Excel

    In the same Format Axis window that you used in the previous step, change Major unit and Minor unit to Fixed too, and then add the numbers you want for the date intervals. However, Excel Doughnut charts can be bland and uninteresting in their natural state. The inspiration for this blog comes from a question asked by Sam Dekoven.

    Sam asked if it was possible to create the Doughnut chart with rounded edges. The result will appear something like the following chart. By doing so, the accent becomes embedded in the chart and not just another floating object on the spreadsheet. The chart and the accent s now move and resize as a team instead of as separate elements. Select the chart and insert a text box. With the textbox selected but NOT in edit mode; placing text inside the textboxenter the following formula into the Formula Bar.

    Set the Width of the border to something larger, like 13pts you may need to experiment with this value to get the perfect look. This looks bulky and inelegant.

    For the border, select no border. It will make the progress donut chart to look like a single independent object on the spreadsheet. And the progress donut chart is ready to rock the presentation. So yeah guys, this how you can create a circular progress chart in excel. You can make copies of it to display different types of information in Excel. I hope it was explanatory and useful to you.

    Download the template file below. If you have any doubts or special requirements, mention it in the comments section below. Related Articles: Fragmented Circular Progress Chart in Excel In this article, we will learn how to create a fragmented circular chart in excel. By fragments, I mean a circular chart doughnut or pie that is divided into equal parts and progress is shown by highlighting these fragments How to Create Color Changing Thermometer Chart in Excel You can have a normal bar chart to visualize information but how cool will it be if you can show it on a Thermometer like Excel Graph.

    Even cooler, if the chart changes color when the value of risk or goal increases or decreases. It visualizes achievement or growth rate creatively. How to Create Milestone Chart in Excel A milestone chart shows the date or time when a milestone achieved in a graphical way. This graph must be easy to read, Explanatory, and visually attractive.

    Creative Column Chart that Includes Totals To include the total of the clustered column in the chart and compare them with another group of the columns on the chart is not easy. Here, I have explained, how to smartly include totals in the clustered column chart. In monthly and yearly reports, Target Vs Achievement charts are the first charts the management refers too and a good target vs Achievement chart will surely grab the attention of management. These 50 shortcuts will make you work even faster on Excel.

    You don't need to filter your data to count specific value.

    How to make a progress chart in excel