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  • VMware or Hyper-V? Part 3: Virtualization Licensing Costs

    Interstingly, if you have over 32 GB of RAM in your host, there will be no memory limitations after all! As you can see, I can use all of it. Support Even though many claim ESXi to be simple, it still can be quirky. You still can look through VMware communities , and, if you are lucky enough, you may find the solution. Quick reminder: Two hosts below have Enterprise Plus and active Evaluation versions installed. Time limitations Evaluation is the only ESXi license with limited in time.

    Once you install it, you can benefit from the unlimited ESXi features for 60 days. Once time ticks down, you are to either extend the license or switch to Free. The nice thing is, you can always switch to Evaluation from any other license including Free.

    Of course, once you have run out of time, no magic happens if you switch to Free and back. Other two versions that I review here do not have any time restrictions; until they are officially supported, you are good to go.

    A limited number of sockets Well, that is the constraint that I can only mention, but, unfortunately, I could not check it here due to my hardware limitations.

    I also did not find any official information saying that this limitation persists in ESXi 6. If you know anything on this matter, please, share it in comments. So, I cannot say whether they are still limited. Being unable to use neither vCenter nor APIs, you have no other choice than to buy an advanced license. Everything seems to look just as it was before.

    Based on this, ESXi Free still seems to be great for home labs regardless of its limitations. Evaluation, in its turn, allows getting familiar with all ESXi features. I think 60 days is enough to let you love the hypervisor. I hope that this small review makes you love the hypervisor too.

    ESXi 6.7 Free Limitations and Features

    Whatever your requirement, it is a good news that VMware provides free license with some limitations to use VMware ESXi absolutely free of charge. So, if you have a physical server and want to launch a few virtual machines, the free license of VMware ESXi will be suitable for your organizations.

    We have to follow some steps to the get the free license key. The following section will show the necessary steps to get free license from VMware. Without creating an account, we cannot to do anything in VMware. So, go to VMware customer connect page and click on Register menu item. A registration form will appear now. Put your information that will be asked in this form and create a customer account. After creating a customer account, go to VMware customer connect page and click on Login menu item and then login with your provided email and password.

    So, after login hover on Products and Accounts menu item and then click on All Products link. After selection, you will get a download link at right side. Click on Download Now link. For download and getting free license key, selected version is required to be registered. So, you will first time find a link to register for the product at right side panel. It provides only basic virtualization capabilities, allowing customers to virtualize servers and run applications in VMs in a matter of minutes.

    If you face any confusion to follow the above steps, watch the following video guide that will make easier your life. I hope you will now be able to get ESXi free license following this article. However, if you face any confusion, feel free to discuss in comment or contact me from Contact page.

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    ESXi is free… but, why do you buy ESXi anyway?

    Fire up the tools, select This local machine as the source and activate the option Synchronize changes, but untick the option the Perform final synchronization.

    Host production servers Free version of ESXi is not designed for large host production servers. In addition to that, you can also use the help of 3rd party software to minimize the risk when the situation becomes more critical.

    VMware Data Recovery uses this technology and so can developers of backup and recovery software.

    Using Free version of VMware ESXi and VM Backup with Iperius

    Using Iperius Backup, you can protect your virtual machines with an high-efficiency incremental backup, that can save only the used space on virtual disks. It is the same ESXi image that is used for the paid version with all features and functions are unlocked for 60 days. Then select Assign a new license key to this host as shown below.

    You can try it for free and then decide if order a commercial license.

    Free ESXi 7.0 - How to Download and get License Keys

    The good thing is that the license is perpetual, and allows to back up unlimited ESXi hosts and virtual machines that you can reach in the network. If your server is connected to the network with the DHCP server by at least one network interface, it will automatically receive the IP address and you will see it in the hypervisor console called DCUI. This IP address is used to manage the hypervisor from the web interface.

    The graphic console of the initial hypervisor configuration will open. Here you can set the following options: Configure Password — change root password: In the Configure Management Network section, you can select the settings of management network adapters in this example, there is only one network adapter installed on the server.

    You can specify the VLAN, in which the server management interface is located. You can configure IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. You can disable them, assign dynamic or static IPs. Usually it is worth to check the availability of your gateway IP and servers in another network segment you can specify the address of your DNS server. Here are the results of the test: The initial VMware vSphere Hypervisor configuration is now complete.

    Homelab considerations for vSphere 7

    You can connect to it via the web interface. Then enter your login root and password. Please note that the server will operate for 60 days without a license. You are currently using ESXi in evaluation mode. This license will expire in 60 days. You have activated a permanent Expires: Never hypervisor license with unrestricted amount of RAM size for your virtual machines.

    There are two types of virtual switches: Standard Switches are simple virtual switches logically located inside a physical server. Distributed Switches are virtual switches that can be distributed to multiple physical servers these are not available in free VMWare Hypervisor version, you can find them only in the Enterprise Plus edition of the VMWare vSphere.

    After you install and run your hypervisor, there is a built-in virtual switch vSwitch0which includes a physical adapter vmnic0and two groups of ports: a service one Management Network to manage your hypervisor and a network for VMs VM Network to transfer data. The hypervisor management interface vmk0 vmkernel port belongs to the Management Network group. In most cases, one virtual switch on a stand-alone hypervisor will be enough.

    You have to create port groups if you want to isolate virtual machines from each other and use different VLAN settings for port groups. Unless necessary, do not make any changes to Management Network or vmkernel port, or you may lose access to your hypervisor management interface.

    Is VMware ESXi Free?

    Enter the name of the virtual machine. Select the type and version of the guest operation system. Select the storage datastore for the configuration files and data disks of your virtual machine. If the size of free space on the selected disk is less than its size, you will get a notification prompting you to increase your datastore size. To get network access from the virtual machine, place its adapter to the VM Network port group on vSwitch0 if you have not changed these options.

    If needed, you can change all these settings later when your virtual machine will be turned off. On the next screen, you will be prompted to check all virtual machine settings and confirm them.

    Vmware esxi 7 free limitations