Recommendation letter for visa application from employer

  • Recommendation Letter for Visa Application from Employer – 6 Samples
  • Sample Visa Recommendation Letter by Employer
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  • Recommendation Letter for Visa From Employer- Samples
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  • Recommendation Letter for Visa Application from Employer – 6 Samples

    August 20, At times in life, lady luck shows up at our doorsteps with a surprise that will change the course of our lives. Some of these occasions involve a lost puppy finding a warm, loving home, while others involve a person landing their dream job in a different country. When this latter event happens, chances are, this person will need a recommendation letter from their previous employers to obtain their visa. A well-written letter for your visa can go a long way in helping you carve that career path you desire in a new country.

    What is a visa recommendation letter? Applying for a visa is no picnic. Usually, this process is cumbersome and frustrating. It is because countries want to determine whether you are a threat and until they can prove this fact, chances are, you will not give a visa. It is where a visa recommendation letter comes in handy. A visa recommendation letter is a tad different from general recommendation letters, which usually involve a previous manager or a mentor highlighting the reasons why you would be a perfect fit for a specific job.

    A visa recommendation letter verifies your previous work experience and the contributions you made while there. At the same time, this letter highlights your exceptional qualities, giving the visa officer a clear insight into your character.

    This letter will indicate the time you worked for your previous boss and if this amount of time matches the one you provided during your application. To do this, the officer in charge of reviewing your visa will thoroughly comb through your application and determine the level of work experience you have as well as the notable qualities you possess.

    It, in turn, will provide information about your skill palette and your character. The reference letter needs to be genuine in that the person reading through it can validate the information you have noted in your application. If your letter does not reach the quality standards satisfactory to the visa officer, they might choose to reject your application or refuse it altogether.

    At times, the individual applying for the visa has worked in diverse positions within the same company. It means that the person has various skills in multiple departments. It is pretty helpful information that should include the website the impossible they have theirs in the recommendation letter.

    The said individual should coax their organization into drawing up different letters for these multiple company positions. Suppose this is not possible, and the employer decides to combine all these other positions in one letter.

    The individual should ensure that the employer indicates the different periods against these various positions. I am much obliged to you.

    Sample Visa Recommendation Letter by Employer

    Letter to support a visa application by employer. Visa recommendation letter sample by employer. Visa recommendation letter for employee. Visa recommendation letter from chamber of commerce. During his services, we have found Mr.

    Zaib to be punctual, respectful, and regular. The nature of his job has been assisting the administration team which he has done up to the mark. I have worked with Mr. Zaib as an administrative head. He has been very peaceful, and beneficial for us. Moreover, Mr. Zaib is very one of the best candidate for our company.

    He has proven to be our asset over the whole year. The best ability of Zaib is that he is a hard-working skilled professional. Therefore, I strongly refer him to gaining the opportunity which he desires for. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask me. I, as the manager of this office, assure you that Ali has never been involved in any sort of criminal activity, and has never shown any sort of violent behavior. He has been punctual from the very beginning, and always worked with focus, and goodwill.

    Getting tangled up in fights, and irrational arguments has never been his thing. He likes to keep things to himself, and focus on tasks in front of him. Further he is quite well off so he surely will not have any problem regarding fulfillment of his financial needs. I can guarantee you that if he goes to Canada, he would not cause any trouble, and will fulfill all the conditions put in front of him.

    I have attached his joining letter, and salary history as per his request. For any further queries, or confusions feel free to contact me, I would gladly assist you.

    Written References

    It is not a case of how many references you need but the period of time they cover. For the TSS visa, a minimum of two years of full-time work needs to be covered. So, the number of references depends upon how long you have been in each job, to cover the specific time frame required.

    Basically, the more recent, the better. What about part-time or casual work?

    Recommendation Letter for Visa From Employer- Samples

    You can include part-time work. You are still gaining experience and it all counts. Any part-time work will count as half the full-time amount of work experience. For instance, two years of part-time work counts as one year of full-time work. What needs to go into the written reference? The written reference needs to be in English. The reference also needs to be on official company paper e.

    Request Letter for Visa Recommendation

    This needs to be at least the month and year. If you are currently working there, the time will be calculated from the start date to the date the reference was written Your main duties and responsibilities.

    Ensure there is a minimum of five, but 10 is recommended. The first examples is correct and contains all of the required information. The second is an example of the type of written reference employers commonly write.

    12+ Immigration Reference Letter Templates – PDF, DOC

    This example does not contain enough information and will not meet the requirements. Example 1: Correct written reference In this example you will see all the required information outlined in the previous section has been highlighted in blue or labelled with a speech bubble.

    Example 2: Incorrectly written reference This is a common example of what some people try to use for their written references. As you can see it is missing all of the important details so would not be usable. I'm enlightened by the information i read on your articles.

    Most of the things i wasn't aware now I'm aware.

    How to get a work reference letter for Express Entry

    KNairobi The service is very good but can we also have more documents and options for payment? AnonymousNairobi This is a first in the Legal fraternity. It is diversifying the legal services countrywide. You tend to cover much ground in reaching out to the people. Very affordable documents which are easy to use. While there are risks associated with issuing such letters, generally the risks associated with failing to do are greater than not doing so. Employers should therefore consider the following: Establishing a policy regarding the type of letters to be provided to former employees.

    This policy should be communicated to employees and applied in a consistent manner. Ensuring that any letters written are true, accurate, and written in good faith. Assigning reference letter writing to one person in the organization and having this person be responsible for follow-up calls from prospective employers.

    Information conveyed in follow-up calls should be consistent with the written letters. If you believe you have been wrongfully denied a reference letter, please contact Toronto employment and wrongful dismissal lawyersSultan Lawyers, at or via email at khayward sultanlawyers.

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    Recommendation letter for visa application from employer