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  • K-Pop Star Jung Joon-young Arrested for Alleged Role in South Korean Sex Video Scandal
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  • 11 Idols Who’ve Become Involved In Seungri’s Sex Scandal
  • Sex, lies and video: Scandals rock K-pop world
  • K-Pop Star Jung Joon-young Arrested for Alleged Role in South Korean Sex Video Scandal

    Seungri completed a second round of questioning. The outlet also reported that he is suspected of tax evasion. Kim — a member of the 8-person group chat who is different person from the man who was assaulted — to conduct a search and seizure.

    Kim, a relative of a girl group member, a former YG employee and a friend of Jung. The superintendent was later booked by the police. FNC Entertainment denied the claims against Lee. A Dispatch article showed that Jung Joon-young was allegedly involved in foreign prostitution rings. MBN reported that Jung Joon-young had also been part of a separate investigation into hidden camera footage. The actress died by suicide in , leaving behind a note condemning at least 30 figures tied to the entertainment industry.

    A Blue House petition seeking to extend the investigation reached , signatures. TV Chosun reported that Seungri is suspected of deleting evidence of police ties on Instagram.

    By this point, 40 people have been booked on charges of drug use and distribution. Kim and Burning Sun director Mr. Sisa Journal published an interview with Seungri where he denies allegations of prostitution and gambling. Additionally, Seungri was accused of knowing about the incident.

    TV Chosun reported that police received testimony from a source at Burning Sun that Seungri took drugs. It was revealed that he stands accused of destruction of evidence for resetting one of his three phones, among other charges.

    He admitted to all charges earlier in the day, and he could receive a sentence of up to seven years and six months. Choi Jonghoon was booked for bribing an officer. FNC Entertainment terminated his contract. Former officer Kang was forwarded to prosecution on charges of accepting bribes in relation to Burning Sun.

    March Chosun Ilbo published a wide-ranging interview with Seungri that covered topics such as his alleged involvement in police corruption, drug allegations and tax evasion. A more extensive fan translation was posted on Reddit. March Chief Superintendent Kim, the wife of police Senior Superintendent Yoon, admitted that she received several hundred dollars worth of concert tickets from Choi. March Chosun Ilbo reported that National Tax Service of South Korea previously announced on March 22 that it was undergoing probe into 21 nightclubs throughout the country on suspicions of tax evasion.

    March Seungri booked by police for distributing secretly obtained obscene photography with group chat. He had previously been booked on charges related to allegations of his brokering sexual services for business partners.

    He also admitted to spreading illegal footage, but not filming it. March The Ilyo Shinmun reported that police obtained testimony from a close acquaintance of Seungri in two sessions on March 25 and Jung transferred to custody of prosecution as police recommended the year-old be indicted on charges of secretly filming and sharing sexual videos. The police obtained statements from people involved in the allegations, including several women allegedly hired to perform sexual acts.

    Choi booked on sexual assault charges under suspicion of filming a video without consent of himself having sex with a partner and sharing it along with five other illegal pornographic videos. He was summoned by the police for questioning but was in the U. All three had been on a television show with Jung in the past.

    Reports state that the police said there were no plans to question the trio. April 4: Roy Kim was booked by the Seoul Metropolitan police and charged with sharing obscene photos. South Korean police confirmed that they were seeking aid from Chinese authorities regarding the alleged illegal activities of a Taiwanese businesswoman in relation to Burning Sun and the ongoing investigation. April 5: Eddy Kim booked on charges of spreading illegally taken photos.

    Though she was arrested regarding recent usage, she allegedly did drugs with an employee from Burning Sun in , tying her to the case. Yuri Holdings currently holds less, as half of the shares were allegedly given to Lin. Students at the Washington D. We take this work extremely seriously and are committed to evaluating each case sensitively and fairly.

    We have processes and resources in place to support survivors, conduct equitable investigations, and hold accountable those found in violation of our policies. Roy Kim questioned by police. April Roy Kim, Eddy Kim, and Choi admitted to spreading illegally taken photos, and Choi also admitted to illegally filming footage. All three cases were forwarded to prosecution. Police reportedly searched the offices of Junwon Industries and Yuri Holdings in relation to alleged embezzlement by Seungri.

    A woman came forward with allegations that Choi drugged and raped her while in the U. Police later confirmed that Choi filed a complaint with prosecution against the woman. Park held press conference to deny allegations of drug usage. Reports surfaced that a non-celebrity participant in the controversial chatrooms was booked by police on suspicion of rape.

    April MBC Newsdesk reported that Seungri was paying his personal manager Ji using funds from Burning Sun, potentially opening up further embezzlement charges. Ji was employed by YG Entertainment. Junwon released a statement denying embezzlement charges. SBS stated that it would not blacklist individuals, but left decisions up to the directors of its shows.

    He will reportedly remain under arrest with detention for the entirety of his trial. April SBS funE reported that a woman accused Jung and Choi of being two of five men that raped her in in a hotel room.

    She said that she blacked out after accepting alcohol from them, and woke up the next morning in a hotel room. The woman, an apparent acquaintance of Jung since , came forward with suspicions of sexual assault after being made aware of the chatrooms. The alleged victim bolstered her claims with an audio file and alleged photos of the incident from the group chat.

    The same day, KBS shared an alleged chat conversation that showed the men talking about the incident in a jovial manner. The police investigated the claims and found no discrepancies in the initial reporting of the incident internally among police forces, stating that all procedures and reports were followed as per proper police conduct when dealing with a celebrity incident.

    They also investigated bank account records of those involved, and reportedly found no evidence of bribery nor connections to Superintendent Yoon or others being investigated in relation to police corruption. The arrest came a month after an initial arrest warrant from the police was rejected by the Seoul Central District Court.

    The same day, Channel A reported a second instance of alleged group sexual assault that Choi and Jung were involved in, along with a Burning Sun employee and two others in January That same day, his management agency C-jeS terminated its contract with the K-pop star and actor.

    The outlet also raised attention to the fact that Jung filmed his sexual activities and shared the content in the group chat while on vacation with Seungri in Taiwan in December Police are reportedly also investigating a comment made by Seungri, also in December , about procuring escorts for Taiwanese customers at a Gangnam club.

    April The Chosun Ilbo reported that Yoo confessed to having acted as a supplier of prostitutes. The paper also reported that police say Seungri had used his YG Entertainment corporate credit card to pay Seoul hotel fees for Japanese business partners in Seungri denied his knowledge of the prostitution mediation.

    Choi reportedly banned from leaving South Korea due to multiple allegations against him. SMPA booked 17 women on prostitution-related charges that are reportedly tied to the allegations that Seungri mediated sexual services for Japanese investors.

    Some of the women are booked on prostitution charges, while other for prostitution mediation. April Park arrested over suspected purchasing and usage of methamphetamine. Police announced plans to investigate Japanese investors who met with Seungri in on suspicion that they had sex with prostitutes organized by the former BIGBANG singer during that hotel stay in Seoul.

    Japanese CEO associated with alleged hotel prostitution denied that he ever received sexual services coordinated by Seungri.

    April Police questioned Park about drug usage. April After previously denying it on multiple occasions, Park admitted to some of his suspected drug usage. Police announced reinvestigation into allegations that 14 VIP patrons at a Gangnam club illegally filmed and shared sexual videos and photos without the consent of women in two KakaoTalk group chat rooms between and A woman filed a complaint last year against her ex-boyfriend, and last month the man was referred to the prosecution by the Gangnam Police Station, but police failed to find an external hard drive that purportedly featured videos and photos related to the charges.

    Following an additional complaint filed by the woman earlier this month, the SMPA opted to reinvestigate. The Korea Herald reported that the chief of the investigation team and an investigator initially involved in the case were transferred to different units. The 14 individuals being reinvestigated reportedly include actors and a promoter of Arena.

    At the time of the press conference, Seungri had been questioned 15 times in relation to suspicions of embezzlement, organizing prostitution services, sharing illegal footage and images, and tax evasion.

    Both Seungri and Yoo have been booked on multiple charges but arrest warrants have not yet been issued. Won said arrests warrants would depend on the final conclusions of the investigation, and that a court would decide based on any request submitted by the police whether a warrant will be issued or not. SMPA also confirmed that prostitution took place in revolving around the time a YG credit card was used to book hotel rooms for Japanese business associates, with suspicion of Seungri coordinating the services.

    The police stated that the CEO was not directly involved. SMPA announced its cybercrime unit had begun investigating about media industry insiders, including reporters and producers, who had participated in a chat that shared sexual footage shot illegally allegedly at Burning Sun.

    Jung, 30, is one of five stars from K-pop, the largely clean-cut, highly-managed South Korean music genre, who have been under investigation as part of the alleged non-consensual video sex scandal, which has come to be known as the Burning Sun Scandal, according to the South China Morning Post. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Following You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. All but Lee have left the industry in the wake of the allegations, but none of them have been arrested.

    The five men are suspected of having been participants in a group chat where they allegedly shared explicit videos of at least 10 women engaging in sex acts who either were unaware or did not consent to being filmed, SCMP said. Besides sending and watching the clips, Seungri, 28, is also under investigation for sex abuse, sex trafficking, and allegedly drugging female customers at his former nightclub Burning Sun — which the scandal was named after, SCMP said.

    Choi, meanwhile, is also accused of bribing a policeman to cover up his past DUI records from , according to the outlet. On Thursday, he appeared at a court hearing — where he publicly issued an apology for his allegedly filming and sharing the videos — and was arrested by South Korean Police shortly after.

    I admit to all charges against me. Though the performer finished in third place, he went on host several television and radio shows before transitioning into a solo music career.

    His last album The First Person was released in Seungri and Yong, 29, however, exited the industry on their own and made the announcements on their Instagrams. Lee and Choi have also denied any involvement with the scandal.

    K-pop, which has produced a plethora of male idols and boy bands, including BTS who was not involved with the sex scandal has become a global phenomenon in recent years.

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    Savage had refused to succumb to blackmail by an anonymous stalker. Ahead of the leak, Savage explained the video was accidentally posted on Snapchat by her lover who deleted it after he realised his error.

    Sex video: Four celebrities who suffered same fate as Tiwa Savage

    But she said the video had already been downloaded by a stalker. Asides Savage, four other Nigerian celebrities had suffered the same fate of being blackmailed with their sex videos.

    Salawa Abeni Queen Salawa Abeni The Yoruba singer in was sent an Instagram message by a man who claimed to have her nude pictures and threatened to upload them on social media if she refused to cooperate.

    Abeni went on her Instagram page on April 1, to let the world know what was about to happen and even posted the pictures herself.

    I have something very important to tell you and I will really appreciate your audience.

    11 Idols Who’ve Become Involved In Seungri’s Sex Scandal

    When talking to my agency about the official statement, I said the chats were from because I no longer have the chat logs with Jung Joon Young in my own KakaoTalk, so I was not able to accurately check the date. I would like to also apologize for causing more confusion because of this.

    In the KakaoTalk messages with Jung Joon Young from late as reported by the news, we drank together the night before and went home. I asked him how he was doing the next day. Jung Joon Young told me that he got caught sending an illegal video to someone. In addition, I participated in inappropriate conversations about this.

    All of these actions were extremely immoral, and I was very foolish. I treated it as something that is not a big deal, without thinking that it was a crime and an illegal act.

    It is also my fault for not stopping Jung Joon Young. Yesterday, I participated in an interview as a witness regarding this controversy. I revealed everything that I know and cooperated with the investigation. While being questioned, I realized exactly what I had talked about in the past, and I was ashamed and felt horrified.

    I never participated in something illegal such as taking hidden camera videos or sharing it. In addition, since lateI have only maintained a relationship of simple greetings once in a while with Jung Joong Young.

    Even though I knew of what was happening at that time, I thought was not a big deal and was too relaxed.

    Sex, lies and video: Scandals rock K-pop world

    I was a silent observer to this serious problem, where my actions could have led to even more victims. I am very sorry that I have failed to repay the huge amounts of love support everyone has given me, and I betrayed the trust of both the members and the fans who trusted me. I acknowledge the seriousness of this controversy, and I do not want to cause any further harm to my fans and members, who must be disappointed by me. As of March 14,I will leave Highlight.

    I will live while reflecting on my life, over and over again. Once again, I would like to sincerely apologize.

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