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  • Near-Vacant Sentencing Panel Gives Biden Chance for Fresh Start
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  • Scholars at Risk is an international network of over other higher education institutions in 40 countries whose core mission is to protect threatened scholars and intellectuals, principally by arranging temporary positions at network-member institutions for those who are unable to work safely in their home countries.

    Over the last 20 years our network has assisted over threatened scholars, students and practitioners. We are racing to offer assistance to colleagues in Afghanistan who at this moment are desperately seeking ways out of the country. Many have already moved into hiding and may soon take the perilous step of looking for a way over land borders. They may not have worn a uniform or received a US government paycheck, but for the better part of twenty years they have fought alongside US interests for a new, rights-respecting, forward-looking, knowledge-based Afghanistan.

    Hundreds of them traveled to the United States to seek an education and returned to their homeland, dedicated to values of openness, and tolerance. These are not the values of the Taliban, so their lives are now at risk. We implore you to act on their behalf now. Do not end flights until all are safely out. Many US institutions and individuals are ready to help; capture that opportunity by expediting the processing of individuals known to them and for whom they are ready to step forward.

    Barring full waiver, issue authoritative guidance to consular and border officials supporting a determination of satisfaction of the intent to return by showing a willingness to return in the absence of the Taliban, or a credible, durable and rebuttable demonstration that the individual would be able to return and live safely under the Taliban. Some funds for such streams might be redirected from existing funds budgeted for Afghanistan programming, but which may not be possible to expend under the current conditions.

    Nevertheless, new funds will be required to meet the most urgent needs. We ask for a phone call with the appropriate officer at your earliest possible convenience to discuss the situation, the recommendations above and any possibilities for further action or support.

    Your urgent intervention is needed to mobilize the relevant departments and agencies. The eroding situation in Afghanistan poses a threat not only to the lives of our colleagues still in Afghanistan, but to the future of that country, and to the future security and honor of the United States. The US higher education community is ready to do its part, but we need your help.

    If we move quickly, we can go a long way towards mitigating the worst of the threats and demonstrate continuing commitment to the future of Afghanistan and its people. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your urgent reply. Your staff may reach me anytime at rquinn nyu. Sophie Wauquier, Professor. University of California System David Munson, Jr. Melissa L. Ronald D.

    Liebowitz, President, Brandeis University, Massachusetts Laura R. Amy Bragg Carey, President, Friends University, Kansas Higher education or related associations, networks, societies, and organizations 1. Arthur C. Widtsoe Foundation, California Parviz Khazaei, Mr. Jude Higdon, Dr. Christine Allen, Ph.

    Esther D. Barbara A. Anooradha Siddiqi, Dr. Helen K. Gedman, Ph. Fatima Heravy, Sr. Accounting Manager, Thunderbird school of global management, Virginia Nigeria, Lagos Oluwadamilola Ogunjobi, Founder, Lagos Russell Ganim, University of Iowa, Iowa Abdullah Etumadi, Student John Cavanaugh, Dr.

    Cheryl Saferstein, Individual, OH Farahdeba Herrawi, NV Thomas Pepinsky, Walter F. Jeffrey Isaac, James H. Wright Smith, PhD. Akua Okunseinde, New Jersey Piyali Fordham, Arizona Daughton, Stanford University, CA Ronnie Olesker, Associate professor of government, At.

    Lawrence university, New York Charlotte Giles, Dr. Enrique Peruzzotti, Chair, department of political science, Di tella university, Eren Ozel, Dr, Lyon 2 University Amy Dooling, Connecticut Abdul Zakir, Student, Old dominion university, Virginia Yao Lin, Dr.

    Tazreena Sajjad, Sr. Professorial Lecturer, American University, Maryland Jeffrey Goldfarb, Michael E. Lauren MacLean, Arthur F. Bentley Chair and Professor, IN Tabassam Janjua, MR. Mohammad Anwar Imtiyaz, VA Tehniat Cheema, Ca Ritica Lacoul Luke Roelofs, Dr. Anonymous Narrelle Gilchrist Anya Allen, J. Jytte Klausen, Lawrence A.

    Hope Shi, New York James Souza, Former U. Andrea Schmidt, St. Olaf, MN Everett A. Shila Khayambashi, Dr. Abigail Peralta, Dr. Mohammad Mustafa, California Mejgan Massoumi, Dr. Melissa Chiovenda, Dr, Zayed University Dariusz Stola, professor, Institute for Political Studies, ——— Debra Satz, Professor, Stanford university, California Shereen Ayub, Afghan Advocate, Texas Demet Itkli, Dr.

    Maihan Maihani, Dr, Wismar, Haffburg 2 James W. Davis, Professor, University of St. Gallen, Mohammad Dawood Karimy Milli Lake, Dr. Danny Kim, MN Funda Basaran, Prof.

    Marcela Millan

    He put a bounty on the heads of police and got hundreds killed. He ordered assassinations of a presidential candidate and other prominent politicians. Only fictional villains compare. He is 32, married to a woman he has known since childhood and lives in a small apartment in a Buenos Aires high-rise with a bucolic view of the Rio de la Plata. He is a budding architect. Cycle of hatred, revenge The outside world sees Colombia as a simple, black-and-white struggle between good and bad: drug cartels vs.

    But the heart of the conflict — a caldron involving Marxist rebels, paramilitary death squads and shadowy regional power brokers — is all about the thirst for power at any price. And while cocaine provides the fuel for violence, it is hatred and revenge, channeled through innumerable vendettas, that have been the insurmountable obstacles to peace.

    The meeting, filmed in a hotel, appears tense. So much pain. I am here to ask for forgiveness and to look into your eyes, each of you, because I think that is the way it should be. The process has been flawed, with many fighters rearming.

    A once-ambitious investigation of paramilitary crimes also has failed to uncover who were the power brokers behind the death squads. Still, the process has helped investigators determine that paramilitaries killed more than 24, people, and shined a light on the links dozens of congressmen and military officers had with paramilitary commanders.

    We need truth; we need justice. He does not even try. But the damage was done. If not, she was told, he would kill the traffickers when he reached manhood. Their past caught up in , when Argentine authorities opened a money-laundering investigation against them.

    Even now, there are doubts. It was a life he never wanted, he said.

    His leadership is rooted in faith-based initiatives and community collaboration. He formerly served as Community Impact Manager of Thriving Together for Valley of the Sun United Way, a birth to career initiative to ensure that all children and young adults in Phoenix realize their full potential.


    Above all, Richard holds two things closest to his heart, his family and working in solidarity with historically disenfranchised communities. Over the course of her 21 years at the organization, she has held various roles in the areas of fund development, finance, volunteer services, membership and community engagement.

    Mary has spent the majority of her professional career working within the non-profit sector. She has also worked for the government sector city, county and state. Mary is a Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Fellow.

    Near-Vacant Sentencing Panel Gives Biden Chance for Fresh Start

    She is also a graduate of Valley Leadership, Class She has served on several nonprofit boards and community coalitions. Mary R. She is a fellow in the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers and has received other national recognitions for her appellate and litigation work.

    She has significant experience with Arizona campaign finance and election laws and has worked on numerous constitutional challenges to state laws.

    She has worked on twelve cases on the merits before the United State Supreme Court. Mary spent most of her career in public service. Her work at Osborn Maledon has reflected that experience. For example, she is one of the lawyers for the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission who successfully defended independent redistricting in Arizona.

    She has served the community in a variety of ways, including serving on the Tempe Family Justice Commission, supporting various activities of the State Bar of Arizona and the American Bar Association, and volunteering with Epiphany Episcopal Church in Tempe. She graduated with a BA in Sociology in After working with children for the Department of Economic Security for nine years, she decided to go to Law School.

    Abbey Steele, Professor, University of Amsterdam, Yevhenii Monastrskyi, Mr. Zachary Palmer, Dr. Janina Dill, Dr, Oxford University David J. Sally Hess, Ms. Allen J. Srinath Vasireddy, NJ Farid Tookhy, Virginia Amanda Lanzillo, Dr. Laurens Lavrysen, Dr. Rosanna Picascia, Dr. Charley Lanter, J. Hailey Huget, Dr. Carolien Vekemans, Affiliated researcher, human rights centre university of Ghent, Giselle Corradi, Dr.

    Ezgi Ozcelik, Ph. Student, University of Minnesota, Minnesota Elham Gharji, Dr. Jan Orbie, prof dr, Ghent University, Belgium Amy Edwards, Instructor, Tccd, Tx Teri Caraway, Professor, University of Unblocked youtube sites google. Bhumi Purohit, Ph.

    Candidate, University of California, Berkeley, California Nathan Wood, Mr. Carol Thomas, Ms. Antonio J. Dian Killian, Ph. Caroline Bechtel, Tennessee Benjamin Mitchell, Dr. Sarah Banerjee, Illinois Robert Jervis, Adlai E. Lorraine Adams, Author, New York Jacqueline L. Hazelton, Dr. Michael Llorenz, NY Rahel Kunz, Dr.

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    Thomas Strunk, professor, Xavier University, Ohio Anne McCall, Provost and Sr. Johannes Heil, Prof.

    Son attempts to atone for drug kingpin’s sins in Colombia

    Thomas Meier, Prof. Sarah Vitale, IN Bahana Naimzadeh, WA Kawahara, PhD, CA Camila E. Mulero Morales, Ms. Reiko Kataoka, Dr. Susan Schweik, Professor, U. Berkeley, CA Catherine Livingston, Ms. Eva Behrendt, M. Mingran Cao, Mr. Tugrul Ilter, Prof. Melissa Noble, Ph. Samantha White, Licensed Psychologist, Montana Linn Chetty, KY Michelle Stahl, Ph. Nina Alpert, M.

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    Mary nancy restrepo