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  • Lavelier Review: Coraline Collagen Collection

    According to its producer, it is a highly potent skin smoothing product. The product supposedly has powerful anti-wrinkle and anti-fine lines components. In that, in a short time of using it, your facial expression may reduce and your complexion may return to its youthful state.

    It is a product of a skincare company that goes by the name Lavelier. They started small but today they have a complete line of naturally formulated skincare products in the market.

    Your results can and will vary. That is, it has a pointed end that allows targeted delivery. Now, talking of how the formula works, one of its key intentions is it keeps the skin wet. In other words, it enhances water retention both inside the skin cells and on the surface.

    The results of this may be more youth-looking and firmer skin. The product also adds that the product may help improve skin complexion. Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe Ingredients — The Breakdown This body cream is basically a multi-ingredient product but the active ingredients not as many. They include: Hydrolyzed Corallina Officinalis — Is also one of the ingredients this company has hard hope in since onset for many skin benefits.

    Other sources indicate it is a rich source of skin-friendly and healthy nutrients such as Amino Acids. Hyaluronic Acid — Is a key component in products that support skin hydration.

    As in, findings show it has a notable water-retention capacity , thus an effective candidate in skincare. DMAE — Said to be a vital molecule in improving the quality of collagen that the body makes. That is, it helps thicken the collagen fibers, a claim that one research in the journal Die Pharmazie also supports.

    Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe Review – What Is It and What Does It Do?

    Was Lavelier Worth It? People have opened my eyes to how shoddy their brick-and-mortar business practices are. At this rate, I would probably steer clear of the brand and avoid their in-person associates at all costs. You might be asking why? What did I think of the products? Read on to see how my epidermis fared during my day skincare trial. When the weather turns cold and rainy in Seattle, my partner and I book a trip to someplace tropical where drinking out of coconuts and wearing sandals are a daily ritual.

    This time we went to Costa Rica with our friends to celebrate birthdays and escape the cold. As I get older, I can feel my skin getting older too. Lavelier harnesses the restorative powers of the ocean for all your skincare needs.

    No corals were harmed in the making of Lavelier products. Below is a review of each of the products I received from Lavelier. I would not say my skin is sensitive, but it does require a lot of care if it wants to remain youthful. Coralline Collagen Boosting Masque The masque is recommended once a week. The masque is worn for 10 minutes and is meant to improve elasticity in the skin while preventing premature aging. The jar comes with an applicator wand to make product removal easy and controlled.

    The texture is similar to a clay paste and applies smoothly. The masque has an iridescent color to it. The product does leave a soft skin sensation after washing off. They recommend using it in conjunction with the Collagen Firming Complex for best results. Look at how iridescent the masque is! Post face masque application! Did it shave some years off our faces? Collagen Firming Complex The soluble collagen and hyaluronic acid in this daily moisturizer absorbs instantly.

    It creates a soft skin feel sensation and keeps me hydrated all day. Not really. I am sure this product is improving my skin in ways I cannot discern.

    My eyes literally tightened with each application. The acetyl hexapeptide-8 in the product creates a plumping effect to get rid of dark circles and smooth out eye wrinkles. It feels like instant Botox. I am still not sure. Does my skin feel better? Yes, it does! Thank you for visiting today!

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    Lavelier Marine Essentials

    Now, I love me a good mask.

    Everything You Need to Know About the Lavelier Marine Evening Repair Cream

    Not only was my skin at stake, my mental well being depended on it. Reader, as soon as I spooned the mask on and let the droplets absorb, I am happy to report the effects were both inside and out. My skin felt plumper and more hydrated and I felt my stress levels moving back on the charts. I could feel the product working on my fine lines as well as my deeper wrinkles.

    I had never used a product that worked so quickly or effectively, If there was any hope for me and my skin, it was the Lavalier mask. Seagrass Phyto Silk Those who know me will tell you I am never one to rest on my laurels.

    While my pores were still receptive, I wanted to give them that extra dose of antioxidants to make sure that they were well protected as well as well fed. The Phyto Silk was thicker than the serum, but not so thick as to leave an oily residue.

    It made my skin feel truly fortified, as if it had an extra line of defense against the environmental stressors it was constantly battling.

    I took it as a sign that Lavelier was actually making a long term difference in the condition of my skin. Two Weeks In The two-week mark, that was the time when the hyaluronic acid should have really started to kick in. According to studies, women using hyaluronic acid reported a noticeable improvement within 14 days. I guess I was less exceptional than I thought. My wrinkles were much less pronounced, especially around my eyes, and I was also waking up with less puffiness.

    Could this be the start of a beautiful relationship, or was it just be the honeymoon period? Only time would tell. Four Weeks In Four weeks in and I had reached the next major milestone. There was no doubt about it, something was going on here. I could see the improvement from looking at old pictures of myself. Even my friends were noticing. I felt like my teenage sins were forgiven, well, maybe not all of them.

    Eight Weeks In Ok, so this was the ultimate challenge, and when I tell you this took me way out of my comfort zone, I do not exaggerate. I put the cell phone on my lap and turned it to selfie mode, closed my eyes and held my breath.

    It was tough, the force of gravity was against me. In fact, it was pretty good. The loose skin effect was gone, I mean completely gone. Talk about a facelift. From Then On Ok, so everyone lives happily ever after, right? Not necessarily. I have often tried products that seem to reach a peak in the first few months, and then disappointingly, level off. However, I am happy report that that was not the case with my Lavelier. Thanks to the Lavelier, I am still partying hard.

    Not only did my skin improve, but my self-confidence also improved.

    My Anti-Aging Skin Routine With Lavelier

    I started to go out more and I even found a beau! Also, I took up a new hobby; cooking. I feel better about myself and I treat myself better as a result. When my wrinkles started to set in, I felt invisible. Now, I smile all the time.

    Eye Firming Concentrate

    Even though Lavelier made such a big difference in my appearance, I still wonder how much better I would look now if I had started using Lavelier earlier. Lavelier works. With Lavelier, you can tell you have a quality serum instantly. I found it sensitive, and gentle as I have sensitive skin. It easily, and gently removes makeup and leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth. It foams up nicely too. Advanced Marine Bio-Syringe — my favorite product in this entire collection.

    This syringe is a powerful wrinkle fighting treatment. When I used this product on my smile lines they faded away. I have never used a product that has worked this quickly, and this efficiently.

    This delivers quick results. I needed this syringe. Eye Firming Concentrate — this firming eye creme leaves my eyes feeling refreshed, and awakened. After use, my eyes look lifted. This eye creme leaves my skin moisturized, and hydrated. I love it! Fine Line Eye Serum — this serum is lightweight, and easily smooths away fine lines. This serum leaves my eyes looking rested, lifted and supple.

    Intensive Facial Peel — this peel is everything! My second favorite thing in this collection. My skin looks so fresh and clean with this peel. This peel is made with age-defying infusions of Coral Seaweed and offers the best exfoliating treatment at home. My skin always looks so clean and clear after I use this peel. My complexion also looks more even when I use this peel. I use this peel nightly. Marine Deep Moisturizer — I use this moisturizer on my facial lines in the morning, that is where my moisture is usually loss because I have combination skin.

    This moisturizer is made with Green Tea, specifically for fighting dryness, fatigue, and fine lines. Marine Evening Repair Cream — I notice that when I use this moisturizer in the evening, my expression lines looks plumped and supple.

    This repair cream firms the skin while resting, a real beauty hack!

    Lavelier Review: Seagrass Collection

    Marine Facial Toner — This toner smells amazing. I love to use it after I cleanse my face, and complete the intensive facial peel. My skin feels so good with this pairing.

    Lavelier eye serum