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  • Wil je in Curacao of Suriname werken,check hieronder

    An anonymous Tweet lured me to a crowdfund platform, pointing to an IT-startup looking to fund the development of a Beta product into a sellable product. They said they were going to multiply my investment times.

    The Crowdfund platform where I did my first investment was a Dutch platform doing equity crowdfunding: you invest money and you get shares in the startup. I later learned about a whole range of funding possibilities: Beta Product Funding : Perk based Kickstarter no monetary retutn Lending low risk year high yield notes Convertible Lending Notes convertible to shares, mostly at unknown future vaulation Equity Investment Direct investment in shares Because I was totally new to small businesses, only having worked for MegaCorporations for 25 years and having had nothing more than a savings account, I felt very unsafe about my equity investment.

    So I did something I had never dared to do in my life as corporate employee: I wrote an email to the guy in charge of the Crowdfunding campaign he called himself Co-Founder and CFO , knowing that the company at the time was only about 5 people so I had at least some chance that my mail would not end up in the circular file. Than something happened that has literally changed my life: the phone rang 5 minutes after I sent the mail.

    I talked to him for over an hour and got totally enthusiastic about the proposition. In the following months I talked to him more and more, and because I have some affinity with the product being developed I had some hints and tips for him that were very much appreciated. I started digging in my LinkedIn Rolodex and found numerous leads that may be interested in the product. Bringing in customers is in my direct interest because it will protect my investment.

    By and by the contact grew more frequent to the point that my Skype had an open line with the company and we were discussing everything from marketing campaigns to coffee chat. Professionals will tell you that this is a really bad idea and I will agree to that, I was lucky this first try.

    Rossouw Rossouw

    The plain ones that come in packs of three the small ones to fit in your pockets with ease becomes a problem of choice, to choose, which one!? The mushroom cloud over prison er island Cast its shadow of doubt only just Dome-like it sits solemn. What do you need I ask, and he says to get to Mosselbay.

    I tell him I know the place not recalling the townships name, and mistakenly says Inzamayethu, not that , but it has the same ring. On his head a Rival cap, a subsidiary of Shell!? In his hands a lonely planet guidebook of Brazil, and he comments how beautiful, turning page after page with white beaches and greenery and goes on to read the back cover out loud, in a muted monotone voice, sitting hunched. Take care Alexander and may we meet again my friend. A street-hustler and his girlfriend comes in with a large photo book.

    They give me a dirty look, as if I rejected them for no reason…when they walk past and through the door that rings a chime when its time to pull it open. A delivery guy arrives to drop off two boxes. I find a book about Dreams, outlying authors and excerpts of how and where it features, in their poems and writings.

    The price…one twenty five. I hear the clap of covers and see her wiping a hardcover with a cloth. I knock and ask if I can enter. Her name is Ntombi and she says she been doing it now for two years. She tells me how the new ones are cleaned and why she slaps the covers together…to get rid of the dust.

    Another one I read is about Epigrams, categorised by theme. I consider the paradoxical brilliance of many… used in poetry and essays and books- masterful many, others a little too abstract, but it leaves me inspired, before going downstairs, saying thank you to the ladies, getting dirty looks, when I wait for the door to chime, to step outside, empty handed.

    The Modeling Relation

    What phase is this? Is the Universe going through phases repeating the same pattern again and again? The explanation for the data we have gathered about the beginning is that there wwas no time in the beginning which is the same explanation as the conformal bootstrap above.

    A universe without time is infinite but not in space. An universe without time that is not infinite in space can only be explained by an infinite converging sequenc. This is called an Anti-de Sitter-Spacea space with almost zero curvature which looks like flat space. About the Cyclic Universe. In every stage Kalpa of the Universe a new Big Bang occurs that repeats the beginning.

    What happens on the edge of the universe. About the iconformal CFT bootstrap. CFT is a mathematical way to map many physical theories using a conformal transformation which a transformation that preserves angles examples rotations, translations. If you are not interested in background information skip this one. Again about Conformal Fields but now by a very good teacher Leonard Susskind.

    Chapters are about Geometry, Mathematics and Physics. In chapter 3 I will show you how a new concept of Space i s able to produce a Theory of Everything that explains the Para-Normal. From chapter 10 on I describe the relationship between geometry and change. I will show that our Embodied language already contains everything we have to know about geometry. He believed that science is finished when the theories are working in Practice but also that the Laws and Constants of Nature are changing all the time.

    In this blog you wil find out that current science has moved far away from he path of converging because it lost its foundation. This foundation lies behind the imagination in the nothing.

    Alphabetic Dutch to English word list

    After my encounter with Peirce I stumbled upon The theory of J. Dunne who experimented with predicting the Future and discovered Hyperspace. She helped me to understand what was happening to me after my Jump of my Kundalini that caused many strange effects. As you can see this Blog grows by accident because I Explore a connection between the Imagination and Action every Possible paths just as Nature is doing. Peirce, This is a Very compact explanation of Semiotics.

    Peirce uses a model with 3 components that he calls first-ness 1second ness 2 and thirdness 3. They are a power, force, a resistance but also a Relation Duality. Interesting is that Peirce forgets the Imagination which could be the influence of the Enlightenment. Observe that it is possible to substitute the first picture in the second picture at he place of the Human. You can extend the chain as long as you want by filling in new Trialities.

    Peirce has produced an enormous amount of documents that still need a lot of specialized scientists to interpret what he meant.

    In the third picture below you see that the Triangel is a Connection of 3 Dualities. About the Semiotics of Physics. MetaMyth The metamyth is a model that contains all the myths in every culture. The Metamyth defined with the model of Paths of Change. Observe that it is possible to define more triangels when you connect Unity Modelling and Social Values or break open the four Squares who are connections of two Triangels. In this case the amount of Possible Paths explodes.

    The model of Paths of Change containing Four Independent Worldviews that make 12 combination because all of the connections are Bilateral.

    Info over Luangu, Mbumba in het engels

    They started to find out what lies behind Thinking what they called the Implicate Order. Sheldrake is a follower of Peirce. When you start to study Science you have to start with Rupert Sheldrake a scientist who came with a highly ignored theory that reality is influenced by the majority of the behavior of others.

    This implies that bbehavior spreads in TimeSpace without Direct physical contact and is picked up elsewhere. The return of American Pragmatism. Dunne detected that he and his friends where able to look in the Future and the Past by moving into a state of Lucid Dreaming. He discovered that there are 3 levels of SpaceTime in which an observer is observing an observer that could be the same observer.

    The big problem, of this theory is called infinite regress. The model has no end. In the next video you learn how you can transform an infinite series into a converging series that simulates Space. The Mathematics of Hyperspace Louis H.

    Kaufmann About Spacetime Algebra. Sometimes Algebra starts with No Thing that could be not a thing but also be nothing or the void. These patterns contain meta-patterns orders that can be interpreted as a rhythm that look like a wave that connect cycles in cycles that contain particles that are the anti-particle of itself that can be described by a Clifford Algebra also called Geometric Algebra which is an extension of the Imaginary i numbers i with j and k where i.

    Doug Matzke Hyperdimensional Reality. What is a hyper-Space? This is a visualization. In this version I have finished the Educational part of this blog Chapter 1 and I have started to write about the Geometry of Change.

    Will McWhinney gave me a book of J. Carse called Infinite Games. Infinite games are the opposite of the Finite Game that ends when somebody has won.

    2025: Agile is dood. Bedankt voor de mooie jaren. Wat nu?

    It is the game of the Trickster. The same Dichotomy can be found in the difference between a Vocation and a Career. In a career a Racetrack you Win or Lose. Hopi Raven Trickster. Raven Steals the Light.

    Why Science is an Infinite Game. AI has nothing to do with Intelligence. The Cycle Generator applied on Technology shows that we are approaching a new Era in which we will see a Global Brain emerging. It shows what I already wrote down a few years ago about Geometric Algebra that the Number system opens up new number systems when to want to Reverse what you did.

    The Positive numbers end by zero and move over to the negative numbers. When you standardize repeating adding and call it multiply dividing ends when you reach zero. Generalizing the imaginary numbers the Quaternions created numbers nobody understood until it was found that they are Rotations in N-Dimensional Space. Which means that the universe is always in balance. In geometry Points also called incidents are lines that Meet and Lines are unions of Points.

    A point is not-Space and is empty and Flat space is a union of lines. True Statements can be rephrased with different components that create new truths about existing components. The next step is Category Theory in which you can reason with theories called Functors as objects called Types. Marvin Minsky About Triality. Marvin Minsky: About Artificial Intelligence. A presentation about the Theory of Peter Rowland. InFrank Wilczek was 21 years old. He and his thesis adviser, David Gross, discovered the basic theory of the strong force — the final pillar of the Standard Model of particle physics.

    Their work revealed the strange alchemy at work inside the nucleus of an atom. It also turned out to underpin almost all subsequent research into the early universe. Wilczek and Gross went on to share the Nobel Prize in Physics for the work. Frank wrote a new book about Complementarity which looks a lot like duality and polarity. Deep below the universe two forces are creating a subtile equilibrium in which energy is given and taken.

    Frank Wilczek explains Physics with the help of the same insights of Maxwell who detected the Electromagnetic Field. Maxwell used a model based on the 3 colors we use to make all the colors we see by mixing and adding intensity. Frank shows that Physics can be explained by so called property-fields in which complementary forces combine to make other complementary forces that keep Balance. Stangely enough this is the same as the model of Panarchy that describes an ecology.

    Is the Universe an Ecology of different shapes? A Time-Chrystal When time crystals were first proposed in by physicist Frank Wilczek they seemed like an exotic consequence of quantum mechanics in systems of many interacting particles.

    Wilczek argued that such systems broke symmetry in time, changing so as to return periodically to the same state just as ordinary crystals exhibit periodicity in space. Subsequent experimental work has found that quantum time crystals can exist in systems maintained out of equilibrium by some driving force.

    Now Norman Yao of the University of California at Berkeley and colleagues suggest that time crystals can arise without the need for quantum physics at all. Contradiction The third video is about the emerging Global Brain.

    The fourth video is about the Human Relationship theory of Alan Fiske. About Global Brain. By connecting many specialized local Brains we will reach a higher level of AI.

    A design of a highlyDistributed Adaptive computer that is based on the Wave Function of Quantum Mechanics that could become Conscious when it moves above a certain level of complexity.

    How Godel proved that it is impossible for a System to Observe Itself. This was also proved by alan Turing. He invented what is now called a Turing Machine a model of a Computer that is able to Represent a Theory.

    Consciousness is based on Contradiction. Zuckerman e. This theory is compatible with Paths of Change. The theory is also compatible with the results see chapter 8 of Measurement theory where the types of measurement are called Scales.

    Scales can be related to Geometries. In the blog I start with explaining geometries and move in Chapter 12 to the field of change Management where I Apply the Geometries. History of this Blog The reason behind this blog is explained in the last chapter of my blog About the Ecology of the State.

    Resilience is a major variable in the theory of Panarchy which is a theory about Ecologies. This combination gave me the insight that there is a shared Geometry behind many of the theories tabout Change. This blog gives you an opportunity to combine the theories yourself. I have created a special Chapter 8. In this blog I want to explore the Geometry of Change. Model of Vitality projected on Paths of Change. As you can see in this Chapter Geometry is very old.

    People have been fascinated by Patterns like the visible patterns Up in the Sky of the Sun, Moon Planets and the Zodiac but also the patterns in numbers. Out of Geometry many sciences have grown that were grouped in schools sometimes called a University. Meer info Agile is dood.

    Bedankt voor de mooie jaren. Wat nu? Het is En Agile is dood. We hebben de laatste voordeeltjes eruit geperst en Agile ligt levenloos, als een beschimmeld sinaasappelschilletje op de grond. Zo meteen komt er vast iemand langs die het achteloos in de goot schopt. We kijken terug op mooie jaren, waarin we veel hebben gedaan met Agile, of eigenlijk in de geest van Agile. Het is klaar. Maar wat nu? Dat is het startpunt geweest voor de ontwikkeling van deze site.

    Sommigen zullen op dit moment misschien denken dat Agile altijd blijft bestaan. Dat zou niet alleen heel wonderlijk zijn, het is ook meteen helemaal niet Agile. Want Agile betekent inspelen op veranderingen.

    En die veranderingen veroorzaken juist dat we toegroeien naar het tijdperk waarin Agile niet meer past. Inventarisatie voor- en nadelen van Agile Om een goed, gedegen antwoord te kunnen geven op de vraag wat ons te wachten staat, is het natuurlijk goed te bezien wat Agile dark humor private story names heeft gebracht.

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