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  • The Rules of The Hell’s Angels
  • The Most Unimaginable Rules That All Hells Angels Members Must Follow
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  • The Rules of The Hell’s Angels

    Wikimedia Commons 1. What you see on TV is crap and not all biker communities war with one another, but rather where I live every MC of every color embraces the same principles: honor, respect, and brotherhood…family.

    These clubs are not democratic organizations, ruled by the many for the good of the all. Women must be outwardly submissive, be thick-skinned about sexist attitudes, and be able to get along reasonably well with the other women…. I resented the assumption that my vagina automatically rendered my intellect inferior to a person with a penis and a three-piece patch.

    I grew up around clubs, and I learned my place at a very young age. Yes, women need their outlets, but telling real men they are wrong makes me angry. Put a little effort into it. You gotta want to please him…. All men love it, want it, need it. Maybe you got outta line and out of control and needed to be smacked to snap out of it.

    Being a Property is actually an honor; you are treated with respect and the Property patch lets others know not to bother you. Aside from popping to the bar or giving someone a plate of food, which all of us do freely and are happy to do so, we are far from the slaves some people like to say we are. Again, I hung out because I liked the free drugs, booze and so it cost me some sex….

    It is a privilege for me to be allowed in his world. I love my man and I know my place in this environment. I have the choice to either conform to the rules or walk away…. I am important to him. I am an alpha female with a very strong personality, but I know my place in this environment…. My place is in the background. He is my king and I am his queen. My place is to satisfy my man and make him happy. There are also sisters who will harvest any woman to make sure she understands this set.

    Harvesting a sister means that a more experienced P.

    The Most Unimaginable Rules That All Hells Angels Members Must Follow

    Share Tweet Email Though they're often romanticized by the public, the reality is different. Join us as we uncover what the Hells Angels don't want anyone to know. These are the outlaws that are rejected in our society. Without a doubt, the most notorious group in motorcycle history would be the Hells Angels.

    The public has a love-hate relationship with this group. Their organization has inspired a counterculture — films, TV shows, books, print media — which romanticized their role in our society. Meanwhile, some of their actions paint a different reality. They have appeared in numerous news headlines and scandals that question their morality.

    Are they unfairly judged because of their public image and honeybadger attitude towards authority? Or, are they the lowest common denominator of society that only wants to see the world burn? We have compiled different photos and stories from various sources, including an unpublished story from LIFE magazine. Here are some things that the Hells Angels try to keep under wraps. The history is explained on the official Hells Angel site, and the actual truth has been fabricated by other writers and even Hollywood in an attempt to create an exciting story about the origins of the organization.

    Although Olsen never actually joined the latter, he did give them the idea for their name. The group made headlines when they were hired as security by the Rolling Stones for a free concert at the Altamont Speedway in Northern California. The event was complete mayhem. It ended with a young man getting stabbed and killed by a member of the Hells Angels. Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones allegedly said that he would never work with the Hells Angels again.

    Members of the group felt disrespected and hurt by his words so they set out to murder him. The group planned to ambush the singer at his holiday home in the Hamptons. They all got on a boat heading towards the property but then got caught in a storm. The plan failed and there were no other attempts on Jagger's life. Wouldn't you have a hard time looking away if you saw a large group of men who look like they were up to no good on their motorcycles?

    Imagine the conservative public from the s witnessing two men kissing each other. The Angels did stuff like this all of the time just to freak people out. The Hill Climb is famous for bikers competing to scale an insanely steep hill. Organizers of the event denied the participation of the Hells Angels but two Angels ended up competing anyways.

    In this rare photo, Billy Ray captured the women of the club waiting around for the men to get out of their meetings. He even points out the woman who appears to have a bandaged face and a broken nose. He states that the women had to choose this life in order to be accepted by the Angels. Some of their treatment included being told where to sit, what to do, etc. Of course, the most interesting case is when they went after Disney. On two separate occasions, the international branches have proved to hold up their reputation for trouble.

    One originated from the Denmark charter when their feud with rival bike gangs got out of hand. This resulted in a four-year war that spread all over Northern Europe. Another infamous case is from the Quebec charter. Boucher is in jail for life after killing two prison guards. He was the first outside person to get an insider perspective on the world of outlaw motorcycle gangs. Thompson brought a different side of the story to the public. Unfortunately, he ended up within inches of his life after an incident with one of the Angels.

    Thompson witnessed one of the members beating on his wife and then his dog. The writer spoke up and said "only a punk beats on his wife and dog. On the contrary, this group has also been linked to a whole laundry list of crimes. Drug dealing, extortion, violent crimes, murder, and trafficking stolen goods—just to name a few. The law views them more as an organized crime group like the mafia than a motorcycle club.

    They despised everything that most Americans pursue - stability, security. They rode their bikes, hung out in bars for days at a time, fought with anyone who messed with them. They were self-contained, with their own set of rules, their own code of behavior. It was extraordinary. The RICO law was created to help law enforcement with violent criminal organizations.

    Under this law, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was recognized as an organized crime unit. Federal officers built a case around the HAMC for years and later indicted 33 members in Unfortunately, after 8 months of trial, the case was dropped because the jury failed to reach a verdict. There was a case in Germany when the cops had to shut down a brothel that was operated by the Angels. Although prostitution is legal in Germany, the Hells Angels were operating it under illegal terms.

    They were charged with evading taxes and mistreating the sex workers. The young women were labeled as self-employed when in actuality, they were employees. The Scandanavian biker war terrorized the people of Northern Europe from to The Angels were at war with the Bandidos MC. This battle resulted in numerous violent shootings and car bombings. As a result of this chaos, innocent bystanders also ended up as the casualty.

    By the end of the war, 11 murders and 96 people were wounded. In , the Feds raided their Manhattan clubhouse after a woman was found beaten outside.

    In their Spokane headquarters was raided by law enforcement. The Angels will plead their innocence by stating that they are being unfairly targeted because of their image. However, investigators continuously get reports of violent crimes like extortion and murder.

    10 Wives Of Motorcycle Gang Members On Life As A Biker Bitch

    Q: Did joining the Para-Dice Riders jeopardize your job? Not at first. How was the transition? A: It was really tense. Most motorcycle clubs in Ontario had a rule against mixing with the Hells Angels because of the way they do business. The other 49 per cent could remain Para-Dice Riders, and many did. My friends were part of the 51 per cent, so I went with them. Q: How did you feel about becoming a Hells Angel? A: I had my apprehensions, but I was told that nothing would change except the patches we wore on our backs.

    What does it take? A: That predator instinct and natural criminality—people who can take advantage of things like the fentanyl epidemic in Canada. Q: Tell me about the life of a typical Hells Angel. A: You wake up every day and worry about two things: how not to get caught and how to stay a Hells Angel. Getting your patch is hard, but keeping it is harder.

    Guys start smear campaigns and try to get you kicked out over petty things. We drove all around the province, even in pouring rain, for mandatory parties. It was very corporate. There were chapter meetings with catering and high security. Someone took minutes. It was about being a cog in a money-making wheel.

    Q: When did you start dealing drugs? A: InI sold weed and Percocets to a woman who worked at the clubhouse. She turned out to be a police informant. In the end, the charges were stayed. By then, I wanted out. While providing executive security at a party in Rosedale one night, [former prime minister] Paul Martin showed up.

    So, I became a full-time biker, with a duty to serve the club. That meant becoming more involved in selling drugs. That was my life. I lost a lot of old friends. Everyone was surprised when I became a Hells Angel, but I saw the individual, not the patch.

    When I saw what the patch did to those individual people, it turned me off. Q: Did you become a police informant to beat a jail sentence? It was a really hard decision, but I wanted to right a wrong and my life had spun out of control.

    I met with two Mounties who had approached me, then made a deal with a lawyer from the OPP to inform for 18 months. Q: What was it like, being an informer?

    How a nice, middle-class boy became a Hells Angel—then an informer

    A: It was torture. I lied from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. I put on weight. My girlfriend suspected I was seeing someone else. It tore me apart. At one point, I had constant tremors and ringing in my ears. Did you do it for the money, Dave? It was a leap of faith.

    At first, I refused to take any money because it was about righting a wrong. You were always an enigma.

    What is the oldest motorcycle club?

    Were you doing coke while informing? A: Well, I had to keep things the same, or it would be suspicious, right? Maybe I took that one a bit far laughs. Court filings across the country evidence this. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell. Its higher-ups decided that the time had come to enlist an in-house lawyer to handle its intellectual property affairs.

    I worked for this separate thing, which owns the marks and sues on behalf of the licensees basically. Romanchik, Jr. Patent and Trademark Office.

    Falling for a Hells Angel

    His aim was simple. As for all of the others who wear a Hells Angels patch? Clapp is not immune to — or unwilling to speak to — the conflicting messages associated with the club. There have even been entire charters that have conspired to commit crimes; hell, there have been entire charters that have been disbanded because they all got arrested. This is the death knell for strong trademark rights.

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