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  • Tikka T1x .22LR Review
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  • Tikka T1X rifle review

    So, it was no surprise that there was a substantial buzz created by their announcement of an MOA guaranteed rimfire, built on the same action footprint as the T3 and interchangeable with T3 stock options. What was a surprise was that almost a year after the announcement, still no one in Australia had their hands on a T1X MTR in. The best group from the rifle was just over MOA at 50m. Bourney also wanted to make it clear that he had never had any intentions of shooting the rifle in the factory stock and only did so due to demands made of him on social media.

    So his review was certainly biased negatively from the start due to his disgust for that barrel bedding block. Or even a Chassis? Also, with the chassis available to us, the bolt stop position means that we would have had to thrown the Chassis in the mill and machine out a recess to accommodate, not something we felt the need to do seeing as we had no intent of ever using the T1X in a chassis. The very neat and organised testing setup… stocks everywhere!

    Brooky shot 10 shot groups of 5 different ammunition types in each stock configuration, all at 50m off a bipod and rear bag from a bench. In all stocks the action screws were torqued to 40 inch pounds. The scope was a 4. The main test target To minimise variables associated with the shooter, we did a couple of things. After Brooky finished shooting, Bourney shot a few groups too, to ensure they were comparable; they were almost identical.

    Both 0. So, after Bourneys first impressions, what had changed and what stayed the same? That said, Bourney did lightly sand the front of the factory bottom metal to change the feeding angle a fraction, improving feeding. As far as factory triggers go, the T1X is clean, crisp and light.

    The bolt had changed: after a couple of hundred rounds, it still felt like a well machined fit but it had also become smoother. The T1X stock has an ever so slightly shorter length of pull than the T3 and T3X, due to the plastic butt plate as opposed to rubber recoil pad. This should be a relatively easy fix by changing the plastic butt plate over with a T3 or aftermarket pad. The barrel bedding block is easily removed, leaving the barrel almost free floated; true free floating could be achieved with some sand paper and elbow grease.

    Performance: this was the most obvious change in the T1X. Its best groups in each of the three configurations were better than those in the original factory configuration.

    Tikka T1x Thread Protector 1/2″ x 28TPI UNEF

    John McQuay 2 Comments Tikka is well known for offering quality rifles at a budget-friendly price. The new Tikka T1x is no exception. With the growing popularity of. The Tikka T3x rifles, chambered in.

    It made perfect sense for Tikka to release a. The T1x is not a T3x chambered in. There are more differences than similarities.

    However the T1x will fit in many stocks and chassis designed for the T3x. The T1x will also accept triggers designed for the T3x. This leaves a respectable budget for a full-featured optic. The T1x is available chambered in.

    NRL22 rules restrict rifles to. This made our choice of caliber easy. We usually shoot standard velocity match ammunition. The longer barrel does not offer any advantage in muzzle velocity and it does offer a disadvantage to handling when working on barricade ports.

    This is another good reason to go with the shorter barrel. The rifle comes equipped with one, ten-round magazine. This is a bonus for NRL22 shooters since most stages require ten rounds. They have a well contoured extension that makes removing them from the rifle very easy. The DIP Inc. Scope Base is a good budget option. Unlike other rifles in this price point, the T1x does not come equipped with a Picatinny scope base. Instead, the receiver is dovetailed to accept 11mm rings.

    The receiver is also drilled and tapped to accept a scope base. There are several companies that make acceptable scope bases to fit the T1x.

    T3x bases will not fit. Since this was a budget oriented project, I chose a base manufactured by Diversified Innovative Products Inc. The DIP scope base slides on to the dovetail and then screws down into the receiver. It is a very secure mounting strategy for a.

    The stock on the T1x is a standard, injection molded piece. The stock on the T1x is a light weight plastic piece. Tikka did a good job of using an adult length of pull for the buttstock. The The T1x pistol grip is a swept back in a more hunting oriented fashion and the comb of the stock is a little short for use with large-objective magnified optics.

    The pistol grip issue is easily resolved. Tikka offers a bolt-on vertical grip module that will place your hand at an angle that is better suited to precision rifle work. The grip is actually marketed as a T3x piece, but fits just fine on the T1x.

    The fit is not perfect though and was obviously made with the larger barrel contour of the T3x in mind. The low comb is easily addressed with bolt on or strap on cheek risers. The stock does come equipped with a front and rear sling stud. The front stud is sufficient for mounting a Harris-type bipod. The bipod will need to be removed when attaching a sling. The factory T1x trigger has a clean break under 4 lbs. The trigger of the T1x was the biggest surprise.

    It is a single stage pull with a clean and crisp 3 lbs. The trigger is equipped with a pull weight adjustment screw that can be accessed with the stock removed. Backing the screw out as far as possible reduced the pull to a consistent 1 lb. This is excellent for a factor rifle and beats many of the centerfire triggers on the market. The results were good enough that there is little reason to replace the factory trigger. However, there are trigger springs that will allow you to go lighter and complete replacement triggers that will give you super-light single or two stage pulls.

    The Diversified Innovative Products Inc. The bolt throw on the T1x is as short as you would expect on a rimfire rifle. It appears that the trend of mimicking the centerfire bolt throw is still limited to a few rimfire.

    However, the bolt is relatively smooth and the sixty degree bolt lift makes for quick bolt manipulation without running into clearance issues with larger scopes. The cocking effort on bolt lift was a little heavy for a small and light rifle, but not something that overly distracts from the experience. The bolt knob is replaceable, but it is not compatible with the T3x part. Several companies are currently making replacement knobs. We picked up one from DIP Inc. The Tikka T1x performed well with Norma Match 22 ammunition.

    The T1x looks and feels good, but the true test is at the range. Overall, I am highly impressed with the Tikka T1x. I am looking forward to shooting the next NRL22 match with it and hope to have it available for new competitors who are interested in jumping into the. I still love shooting open-class rimfire rifles, but the T1x offers up a competitive Base-Class option with tons of room to grow into Open-class.

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    Tikka T1x .22LR Review

    The direct mount approach is one of my personal favorites in terms of scope mounting options and the one I used on my T1X. T1X Rail Mounted Scope Rings The T1x features an 11mm rail integrated into the receiver, so another scope mounting option would be to use scope rings made to fit an 11mm rail which is the same size rail on the CZ rifle.

    The traditional U. However, 11mm is the European standard for scope rails, which is why the T1X comes with an 11mm integrated rail.

    Tikka T1x UPR .22 LR

    Since there are plenty of scope rings made specifically for an 11mm rail, it makes far more sense to buy one of those options instead of trying to make rings made for a Weaver rail fit. The Picatinny rail is a U. This rail system, which is also called the Rail is different from a Weaver rail system, and offers a greater degree of adjustability. Typically, this rail mount is popular for the T1X for the following reasons: For long-range shooting in situations where your scope elevation is maxed out, you need more vertical scope adjustments commonly called MOA adjustments.

    These types of rails usually offer another MOA of elevation In situations where a shooter already uses a Picatinny based scope mounting system and prefers that all his or her gear functions the same way.

    Tikka T1X MTR 22lr Rifle 16″ or 20″

    In my opinion, the answer to that question is broken down into two parts and depends on whether you prefer a direct mounted option or a rail-mounted option. The cheekpiece itself is extra rigid due to more glass fibre material applied to stop it twisting. The exterior finish is grey with black speckles and has an extra grip surface for additional hold, which is very practical.

    A nice ambidextrous lower hook aids grip in any hold. Length of pull can be adjusted by extra spacers behind the rubber recoil pad and quick detachable QD sling push-in attachments, as well as standard QD studs, cater for slings and bipods as you like. The cold hammer-forged matt-blued barrel on this model is A 16in option is available but both utilise a 1-in The T1x all-steel action with 11mm dovetails for scope mounting has the familiar T3x profile.

    Tikka tx1 22lr