Sample invitation card for debate competition

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  • 80+ customizable design templates for ‘debate’

    We would be pleased if you accept to be the guest of honour for the same. Kindly confirm. Hoping for a positive reply. Send a reply in not more than 50 words, confirming you acceptance. Answer: Mr. Mohan Sharma thanks the Principal, St. He accepts the invitation with pleasure and will reach the venue at 9 a. Regards Mohan Sharma Question 5. Draft an informal invitation in about 50 words. You and your family are cordially invited. My parents are looking forward to having you with us at the engagement ceremony at our residence at 7 p.

    Your friend Aseem Mathur Question 6. Design an informal invitation in about 50 words for the occasion. It would be a good idea to know each other well and enjoy ourselves. The venue is Blue Radisson. I look forward to the pleasure of your company at the party. It would be wonderful to spend time together. Question 7.

    You have been invited as a judge for a debate competition by New Era Public School. Draft a formal refusal in about 50 words. However, she sincerely apologizes that she will not be able to come as she will be out of station.

    She wishes good luck to all the participants. Neera Kapoor Question 8. Many leading practitioners of the state have been invited to grace the occasion. Respond informally to the invitation in about 50 words. It is a matter of honour to interact with leading practitioners. I hope the workshop will be a great success. Thank you again for the invite. I will surely come. Thank you Mahesh Tripathi Question 9.

    Write an informal invitation to your childhood friend Vishu, who is in the same town, inviting him to dinner at your residence. It has been long since we met. I really want you to come and spend some quality time with me.

    I am looking forward to your positive response. Your friend Neha Question You are Vivek Dhar. Iqbal Rasool. Your address is 64, College Road, Bengaluru. Best wishes Vivek Dhar.

    Informal Invitation Class 12 Format, Examples

    Hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing this letter to personally invite you to the engagement ceremony of my granddaughter on the 30th of September at our residence itself. The program is scheduled to start exactly at 5 p. We all will be happy if you all made it for this function and blessed the couple. Hoping to meet you all at the engagement function until then provide my regards to all out there and I would be eagerly waiting for you all at the function.

    Thanking You. Aron Diaz Sample Invitation Letter Email Formats If you have limited time to send invitation letters to all your guests, have a look at the email format of an invitation letter that you can customize to write simple and comprehensive invitations within no time. Dear Mr. Gentry, I am glad to invite you to a business meeting to discuss matters of market expansion for our company. With reference to our telephone conservation yesterday, I wish to extend an invitation to the meeting that will take place in our office plaza Boardroom 5 2nd floor, on 15th March at 9 am.

    The main agenda of this meeting is to expand our business to Europe and Asia and setting up regional offices in these areas. Additionally, we shall discuss the business proposal for the merger of our companies. It is a great pleasure to do business with you and your presence in this meeting is highly valued. Kindly find the attached agenda for the meeting and the business proposal for your consideration. If you have any matters that you wish to discuss, please include it in the current agenda and share a copy with us at the latest 10th March Please confirm your attendance soon.

    We look forward to taking our business corporation to a higher level. Best wishes, Dear Sir, First, please accept our greetings from our institution. You are aware, for the last nine years, our institution has been enthusiastically organizing this national level case study competition.

    Also, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to institutes like yours for participating in the event and making it a success. Once again, the time has come when we start organizing the case study contest this year. This year we are inviting around colleges to make the competition more interesting. Again, this year too, it gives us great pleasure to invite your college to take part in the competition once again. We look forward to your active participation to make the event a memorable one.

    As with previous years this year, too we have kept the team size as three for the student and 2 for the faculties.

    You can go through the details in the attached circular. Eagerly looking forward to your participation. Thanks and regards, Khurana Institute Conclusion Invitation letters are essential when you want to achieve the objectives of your event. When writing such letters include essential information like venue, date, time, and purpose of the event.

    It is appropriate to tailor the content and tone of the invitation based on whether the event is formal or informal.

    Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper

    Chawla regretting your inability to attend the wedding ceremony of their son due to a prior engagement.

    38+ Best Chief Guest Invitation Wording Ideas

    Malviya thank Mrs. They regret that they will not be able to attend the ceremony due to a prior engagement. They wish the newly wedded couple a very happy married life. Best wishes Malviyas Q3. You are Vivek Bansal, the captain of your school football team. Write a formal reply to it.

    Sample Invitation Letter

    He cordially accepts this invitation and hopes to reach Kanpur with his team on 19th August, 20XX by evening. Best wishes Vivek Bansal Q4. You are Ranjan Rana. Write a formal reply accepting the invitation. The reply is written in the first person. The salient points in the reply to an informal invitation are Write a reply to the invitation on behalf of Priyanka expressing her inability to attend the party.

    Respond to the letter by writing a letter to the Secretary of the Club. You have been invited by the Youth Club of your locality to act as one of the judges for an Inter-school Group Song Competition organized by the club. But unfortunately you cannot accept the invitation due to a previous engagement.

    Write a letter to the Secretary of the Club regretting your inability to accept the invitation. Your school has been invited to participate in an Inter-school On-the-Spot Painting Competition organized by the Cultural Club of your city. As General Secretary of the Painting Club of your school respond to the invitation. The Chief Guest will be invited to the college with a request letter submitted to the concerned person.

    Some colleges will call chief guests for their conference at National Level or International Level. Some may call for their annual day function or sports day event.

    Graduation day function is also an important event for which the chief guest will be called. We look forward to hearing your positive confirmation of our college day invitation. Please remain present at the mentioned venue and oblige us. We will be waiting for you. I am writing to inform you regarding the basketball tournament of The organizer has decided the date 20th December on Friday.

    Students are taking part with much enthusiasm.

    Formal Invitations & Replies – Class XII – Advanced Writing Skills – English Core – NCERT

    At the auspicious moment, your kind presence as a chief guest will make the evening glamorous. Kindly, make out some time and appear in between us all as an honorable chief guest. This will enhance the privilege of our event and make the event more sophisticated. The management has decided the date 20th December on Friday.

    Sample invitation card for debate competition