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  • ‘Autopsy’ TV Special Looks At Cory Monteith’s Final Days Before 2013 Overdose
  • Death and Decomposition
  • UPDATE: Brian Laundrie autopsy shows he died by suicide, attorney says
  • Michael Jackson Autopsy TV Re-Enactment ‘In Shockingly Bad Taste,’ Says Estate
  • Autopsy shows ‘The Wire’ actor Michael K. Williams died of drug overdose
  • ‘Autopsy’ TV Special Looks At Cory Monteith’s Final Days Before 2013 Overdose

    Powered by Reelgood Most deaths pass without question. Causes expected or easily explained, the end of a life tying up a story neatly with no need for further investigation.

    There might be none more well-known in this profession than Dr. Michael Baden. Baden has seen some of the most high-profile deaths that one can imagine. Kennedy and Rev. It features Baden as an expert host, parsing the details of a wide variety of unsolved and unresolved deaths.

    Each of the specials ties around a loose theme — The Dead Speak, Secrets of the Dead, and so on — but the format is roughly the same: a quick-fire presentation of a half-dozen different cases, many with startling and confusing circumstances: a hiker who disappeared off a remote trail in the Colorado Rockies, a construction worker who fell gravely ill after renovating a college chemistry lab, an apparent serial killer preying on a series of sex workers in the Dallas area.

    At first, each is shown for the readily-apparent details that left detectives flummoxed and trails cold. From there, the forensic pathologists enter, and the careful examination of tiny details — a pine needle, a thread of fabric — is undertaken in search of an elusive closure.

    Many of the earlier episodes of Autopsy ran in the mids, when the public understanding and widespread use of DNA testing was fresh and novel, so that figures prominently in a number of cases: an ex-boyfriend is implicated in the murder of a woman when cat hair present at the scene is conclusively connected to his housecat.

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    Death and Decomposition

    Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…? Nearly 30 years later in the early hours of December 2, Arnaz died at 69 years old. Born in Cuba, Arnaz and his family exiled to Miami following the revolution when he was just 16 years old.

    Starting from zero his drive to succeed saw Arnaz rise to fame and attract attention as the bongo-playing leader of a Latin orchestra. With his charisma and boyish good looks he soon won the heart of up and coming movie star Lucille Ball. Together they would change the face of TV with I Love Lucy and later form their own production company Desilu where Arnaz became one of the most powerful people in the TV industry.

    But did his meteoric success and relentless work habits play a part in his downfall? Now, forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter uses the death certificate, first-hand reports and access to vast archives to uncover the facts behind the sad demise of Arnaz and what really led to his passing.

    Autopsy: The Last Hours of On March 29, the world was saddened by the news that American sweetheart Patty Duke had died. As Hollywood's original child star she had been charming audiences for more than 60 years. Duke overcame a childhood of deprivation and abuse to become a household name and in she became the then youngest actress to win an Academy Award R for her career-defining role as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker.

    It seemed nothing could stop her but in her late teens Duke's life began to unravel. She drank heavily, spent money wildly and became promiscuous. Sadly, she also attempted suicide many times. Duke was diagnosed with a mental illness in her mids and once under control she became a pioneering spokeswoman for mental health issues for the rest of her life.

    She died at the age of 69 of complications due to a ruptured intestine. Intestinal ruptures are considered rare and with surgical intervention there's a reasonable survival rate so what really happened to Duke? Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter analyzes every detail in Duke's limited health information available to piece together what else was going on in her body to find answers.

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    UPDATE: Brian Laundrie autopsy shows he died by suicide, attorney says

    But it is "possibly salvageable," the source said. Because even if there is bleeding amongst the ink and the pages, they have done a great job with even much older items that they find," O'Mara explained. Laundrie's father picked up the bag that was found and immediately turned it over to law enforcement, he said, adding he didn't know if the notebook was in the bag or in the backpack law enforcement found.

    Authorities had been searching for Laundrie, 23, for more than a month. He left his parents' home the week after Petito's parents raised the alarm about her disappearance.

    Michael Jackson Autopsy TV Re-Enactment ‘In Shockingly Bad Taste,’ Says Estate

    They had been traveling across the US during the summer. Asked whether Laundrie told his parents anything about Petito before he disappeared, Bertolino said it was "Not something I can comment on right now. But he said, "We have absolutely nothing to say with respect to the Gabby Petito incident. Determining cause of death can be tricky But determining Laundrie's cause of death could be challenging as authorities recovered only his skeletal remains and identified him through dental records, the FBI said.

    His remains have been given to a forensic anthropologist, Bertolino said Friday. Clemente, the former FBI profiler, told CNN it is a possibility Laundrie could have been dead for the entire month authorities have been searching for him.

    If he drowned, for example, there wouldn't be any evidence of that on his skeleton. They had told law enforcement from the beginning where Brian would most likely be, in the areas of the park," Bertolino told "Good Morning America. Asked whether his parents think Brian Laundrie took his own life, Bertolino said he had discussed the possibility with them "several times. Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said law enforcement had been searching in "treacherous conditions," including nearly chest-high water full of snakes and alligators.

    You're searching in areas that you just can't walk up and look. It's not like you're searching a house or a car," he said. In many deaths, an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death or to assist in a police investigation. Here is the process a coroner, such as Dr. This allows the pathologist to take into consideration previous diseases or injuries that may exist on the body.

    Autopsy shows ‘The Wire’ actor Michael K. Williams died of drug overdose

    Ears, eyes, nose and mouth also will be checked. Thorough records are kept in order to assist the coroner in his or her final ruling on the death. Trace evidence, blood samples or tissue samples all assist in providing the coroner with an accurate view of how the individual died.

    In a surgical fashion, the coroner examines the interior of the body to assist in the determination of cause of death. Sources: Dr. That is a tremendous caseload, considering the National Association of Medical Examiners recommends that one person do autopsies a year.

    Frontier has been looking for six months for a third partner to ease the caseload, Pojman said. More time to spend on paperwork as well as the investigations would be nice, too, Pojman said. When Pojman came to Frontier, Mitchell was without a partner. Propaganda tool At 55, Mitchell says that he is slowing down and that some of the work takes longer.

    The shows make it look easy to solve a crime through forensics and exaggerate what can be done, he said.

    Autopsy tv series