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  • Viking berserkers may have used henbane to induce trance-like state

    Print Recipe A nice fruiting of Amanita muscaria var guessowii in Wisconsin which has a yellow cap instead of the more commonly known red. These can appear occasionally in great numbers, typically under aspen in the fall. In Eastern Europe it is a symbol of good luck and the yuletide. Our Midwest version is different from the classic European one in that it is bright yellow instead of red, and, for the record, my images and culinary experience are limited to Amanita muscaria var.

    I have never eaten European species, muscaria species with a red cap from the United States, or Amanita pantherina, a cousin. Fly Agaric The name is supposedly derived from the mushrooms ability to act as a fly killer.

    Supposedly if the mushroom is crushed and placed in milk, it will attract flies and kill them. A Poisonous Edible Mushroom The fly agaric is fascinating because it is poisonous and edible and the same time. Most field guides even say that it can be fatal. There is only one death that I see popping up again and again. Basically a lb Italian count ate something in the neighborhood of 3 dozen mushrooms and died while he was visiting the states.

    He also had a friend who ate many as well, who fell ill, went to the hospital, and recovered. Original Count De Vecchi Article. Even so, many people eat muscaria, and most say it is quite good. The mushroom must be boiled in water to remove the toxins before eating though.

    When you eat it dried, freshly cooked, or drink water it has been cooked in, you will become intoxicated, or possibly just get sick and vomit all over the place. The intoxication is often compared to being incredibly drunk, as opposed to a more cerebral experience talked about when ingesting psilocybin mushrooms, like those that indigenous South American populations ate to gain visions and visit the spirit world.

    The variety we have in Minnesota should be Amanita var. Under the cap. Some people that ingest this mushroom for narcotic purposes say that the yellow muscaria are not as powerful as the red ones, others also say that it will only make you sick. I know from personal experience dealing with alternative medicine stores in Minnesota that muscaria has, in the past, been one of the fastest selling products offered, moving out as quick as it comes in and commanding quite the wait list.

    Sale of muscaria is legal, for now, and probably will remain that way, especially the way legalization is going, which I think is a good thing, for the record, mushrooms being a natural substance and all. Note the bell-shaped bottom and ring around the stem near the cap anulus.

    This knife has a 5inch blade, these are large mushrooms, amanita flaviconia is never this size. Siberians and Muscaria Mostly we hear about Siberian tribes eating the muscaria, a certain group called the Koryaks, a nomadic group that rely on reindeer as part of their culture.

    Basically the males eat the mushrooms and get very intoxicated. However, if the mushrooms are cooked and boiled in water beforehand, the toxins are extracted, and the mushrooms are perfectly safe to eat.

    The funky part about the ibotenic acid in muscaria mushrooms what makes you become intoxicated is that your body will not absorb all of it, and that it is passed through your urine. Apparently the urine could be used up to times, which is a strange thought. Here is the account from R. Those who are rich among them lay up large provisions of these mushrooms, for the winter. When they make feast, they pour water upon some of these Mushrooms and boil them. They then drink the liquor, which intoxicates them; The poorer sort who cannot afford to lay in a store of these mushrooms, post themselves on these occasions, round the huts of the rich and watch the opportunity of the guests comind down to make water.

    And then hold a wooden bowl to receive the urine which they drink off greedily, as having still some virtue of the mushroom in it and by this way they also get drunk.

    When I first ate them I was a little nervous, I mean its an Amanita after all, the family home to the most deadly mushrooms we know! Cut the muscaria up before boiling to help along the detoxification process. Some people say that they only eat the caps of these, but the whole mushroom is good. Cooked muscaria, like some othe Amanitas, have a nice texture, and the stems are a bit reminiscent of calamari. Boiled muscaria, ready for cooking.

    The texture of the stems is reminiscent of calamari to me. They keep a decent flavor for having been boiled for an extended period of time. After detoxifying, they can be cooked as you would any other mushroom. You can use the proportion of mushrooms to liquid here as a guide for cooking smaller or larger amounts.

    Prep Time10 mins.

    Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric Mushroom

    Short of lab testing which has yet to be done all that can be said is that there appears to be no toxins left. One can eat as much as one likes. See my main page on Amanita muscaria and accompanying article from Economic Botany. Once detoxified, you can eat as much as you like. The prudent way to begin eating Amanita muscaria is to start with parboiling a portion of a cap in plentiful water for fifteen minutes, throw the water away, and then cook with the now parboiled mushroom as you normally do with other mushrooms you eat.

    Work up to larger amounts as you build confidence that the mushrooms is, indeed, safe to eat. Boiling mushrooms tends to tighten their cellular structure, thus a boiled mushroom tends to become firmer rather than softer. The Amanita muscaria I pick in Northern California tend to have attractive sweet tonalities. It is an inherently good mushroom that is worth preparing for the table.

    What is the safe dose for undetoxified Amantia muscaria? But what if you want to eat Amanita muscaria without detoxifying it? How much Amanita muscaria is safe to eat? Mushroom field guides often say that it is poisonous. What do they mean bv poisonous? How poisonous is it, really? What are the facts?

    For a full explanation of what field guides mean by the mushroom being poisonous and the facts of the case I refer you to my Economic Botany article. The short of it is that field guides tend to make edibility statements that are more ethnographic than based on lab tested science. They rarely take cooking method into account when remarking on edibility but instead rely on cultural norms.

    Thus, for example, morels are listed as prime edibles which they are but they are likely to make you throw up if you eat them raw. In our culture we always cook morels and limit raw mushrooms on our salads to store-bought Agaricus bisporus. Thus, a field guide author can say that morels are edible because nobody puts them on salads. Denis Benjamin describes a mass poisoning at a banquet occasioned by just such an error having been made in his book, Mushrooms Poisons and Panaceas.

    If our culture always boiled mushrooms and threw the water away, then the fly agaric would always be listed in field guides as edible. But what if you want to experience the mind altering effects of eating Amanita muscaria? How much is the right amount, and how much is too much? I have no personal experience eating Amanita muscaria for the purpose of becoming inebriated.

    From reading in books and on the internet my sense is that a standard dose for those consuming the mushroom for its psycho active qualities is 1 to 2 caps for a healthy adult. Cap size varies enormously a Northern California muscaria can have cap equal to several Lithuanian specimens and potency varies between specimens. Start with small quantities to work out what a reasonable dose is for you.

    Be patient. If you are going to experiment, then be prudent, and do so in a safe place. There is probably no point in offering common sense to those who want to push limits. What I can tell you is that the literature on mushroom poisoning does not seem to be able to provide a single instance of a healthy person dying from consuming an overdose of Amanita muscaia. This said, the oft quoted case of the death of Count de Vecchi who died of eating Amanita muscaria in demonstrates the foolishness of experimenting when one has a chronic illness.

    While his case is shrouded in mystery — did he experiment on purpose or did he eat undetoxified Amanita muscaria by accident — he was not healthy to begin with and did not recover from his ill fated mushroom omelet. Share this:.

    However, muscasone may have atropine-like effects, so some warn against using atropine as an antidote. Interestingly, atropine is present in nightshade plants, such as Datura, that as I mentioned above, is often combined with A.

    Other potential muscarinic antagonists include diphenhydraminedimenhydrinateand scopolamine. Set and setting are highly important in determining the effects of Fly Agaric.

    If you believe it is poisonous and dangerous, you may experience an unpleasant trip. If on the other hand you know it is a pleasurable inebriant, you most likely will have an enjoyable experience.

    Do not combine this mushroom with sleeping pills, including benzodiazepines or barbiturates. It is best to consume this mushroom dry to minimize the amount of ibotenic acid you will be taking in. Amanita muscaria is not addictive or dependence-forming. A dose of grams fresh Amanita muscaria may be dangerous.

    Needless to say, you should not exceed this dose. You should probably not even approach it. It is not recommended to take Amanita muscaria without a trip sitter to watch over you. Request a Sleep Consultation Identifying Amanita muscaria The colors of the Fly Agaric mushroom are unmistakable are allow for easy identification. However, there are also varieties which are completely white found in Idaho or which have a yellow or orange-yellow cap.

    There are also other red mushrooms, but they are usually not dangerous. Puffballs Lycoperdon shrooms are sometimes confused and identified as young Fly Agaric mushrooms. Amanita phalloides — the Death Cap There are other mushrooms in the Amanita family, some of which may be poisonous, including: Amanita phalloides Also known as Death cap, Avenging Angel, and the Destroying Angel — according to the legend, this mushroom was used together with Aconitum, another psychoactive plant, to poison Claudius, an ancient Roman Emperor.

    It contains the toxins phalloidin and alpha-amanitin and can kill in a matter of 3 days. Amanita pantherina Panther cap — found in Eurasia and North America, this mushroom is stronger and some say also more pleasant than A. Its cap is brownish or brown. It may have been used as a Sake additive in Japan and has a long tradition of culinary use. They contain bufotenine, a tryptamine which is almost identical to melatoninand closely related to DMTas well as ibotenic acid, muscimol, and amino acids.

    Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) Tea Recipe

    It is said that it induces beautiful visions, that its effects may last for up to hours, and that dosage is mushrooms. Amanita regalis — recognizable by yellow patches on the stem as well as a yellowish-brown cap. Amanita caesarea — which is a culinary mushroom.

    Amanita rubescens — This pearl mushroom is neither poisonous nor psychoactive. It turns red when bruised. Amanita verna — highly poisonous. Other psychoactive species of Amanita mushrooms include: A. Other poisonous Amanita mushrooms include: A. They contain amatoxins such as alpha-amanitin, amanin, amanullin, amanullinic acid, and proamanullin and phallotoxins phallacidin, phallacin, phallisacin, phallisin, phalloidin, phalloin, and prophalloin which destroy the liver if untreated.

    He saw three human-sized Amanitas standing in front of him, warning that if he eats them again, they will kill him. You can read about experiences with Amanita muscaria on Erowid. Colors are very intense and vivid and the light seems to penetrate everything.

    Objects have an inner glow much as I remember seeing things when I was a child. Lighting seems like that within the Big Top, at the Circus. This is a very high energy buzz; intellectual, religious, physical. I feel God pulsing through my muscles. The pulse of energy that emanates through everything is God. I am dancing with God, literally. He made tea from about grams of the mushroom, eating the mushrooms after sipping the tea.

    He reported that for the first hour he only felt lightheaded, but later he started shaking and felt bliss and euphoria. Based on reports and my own experience; see belowmicrodosing Amanita seems to be highly useful for improving sleep. People report getting deeper and longer sleep consistently with zero side effects.

    But during the process of treating the root causes of insomnia, they can be useful to get some sleep every once in a while. Amanita muscaria is a powerful sedative. This Sleep Mushroom may be particularly beneficial for people with insomnia, to those who are hooked on sleeping pills, and to sufferers of anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

    How Sleeping Pills Work? Could it be possible to activate the sleep receptor in a different way? Can you just take a GABA supplement?

    Sleeping pills, such as zolpidem, flurazepam, triazolam, eszopiclone, estazolam, temazepam, and zaleplon, exert their effects by binding to locations on the sleep receptor, indirectly activating it. If there was only a substance we could ingest that mimics GABA itself, and therefore most closely resemble natural sleep in their effect, drug companies could be raking millions selling the perfect sleep aid… No need.

    Thankfully, Mother Nature already took care of that! It is called muscimol and it is present in the Amanita muscaria mushroom. Effects of Muscimol One of the active ingredients in this mushroom is called muscimol. It works in a very similar manner to the most commonly prescribed sleeping pills, benzodiazepines, but without the side effects. In doses lower than mg, muscimol is not hallucinogenic. In low doses, the Fly Agaric mushroom tend to induce sedative, euphoric, and opium-like effects, conductive to relaxation and sleep.

    Some people report that the mushroom healed their depression and anxiety. Listen to this testimonial for example: Amanita muscaria can also help people who are addicted to benzodiazepine and other medications. How to Use Amanita muscaria to Enhance Sleep? Based on reports, microdosing Amanita seems to be highly useful for improving sleep.

    How much amanita muscaria is safe to eat?

    I spend less time awake during the night. Amanita contains mannitol and hence is slightly diuretic hence the awakenings, I will try to drink less water in the evening and believe my sleep score will be even higher. Others have reported similar results. One person told me that they get a slightly deeper sleep, but also that their sleep-maintenance insomnia is gone while using the mush, comparable with the effects of Ambien.

    Someone else said that they were able to break an addiction to Lunesta since beginning to microdose the shroom. One important thing to keep in mind with Amanita as well as with sleeping pillsI noticed that if I took my potion right before bed like atI would still be sleepy until late next morning or noon. So it seems to be better to take it at least hours before bedtime.

    Using Amanita muscaria in Daytime Naps Based on my experience, the mushroom may make it easier and faster to fall asleep and make sleep deeper even when taken before a daytime nap though the sleep may be light and feel as if one is awake the whole time paradoxical insomnia. How to Ingest Amanita muscaria? As with many other powerful herbal remedies, you should be careful with the dosages.

    For people who are looking to improve their sleep, microdosing is sufficient and there is no need to take large doses. I recommend making a tea by simmering 15 grams of Amanita muscaria with acidic water. After hours, strain, and drink with lemon juice. Not the whole thing! Just an eighth to a quarter of a teaspoon or no more than grams of the resulting extract is the first dose. Then, if needed, increase the dose very gradually.

    For example, you may take a quarter teaspoon the first day, then a half of a teaspoon the next, a whole teaspoon the third day and so on and so forth until you find the dose that works best for you. You may store the resulting potion in a sterile container and in the refrigerator for up to one week or in the freezer for even longer. Warning: When microdosed, Amanita muscaria does not seem to be dangerous, nor does it cause any significant side effects.

    However, in high doses, it may be poisonous and toxic.

    Magic mushrooms

    The greatest risk associated with using magic mushrooms is picking the wrong type of mushroom and being poisoned. Eating some varieties, especially Amanita phalloides and Amanita virosa can be fatal. As with LSD, tolerance develops quickly so the next day it might take twice as many liberty caps to repeat the experience. Physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms do not result from regular use though some people may become psychologically dependent and feel a desire to use on a regular basis.

    At present there is no evidence of serious health damage from long term use. Fly agaric use is more likely to result in unpleasant effects, including nausea and vomiting, stiffness of joints and a lack of co-ordination. Strong doses anything more than one fly agaric mushroom may result in intense disorientation, convulsions and in some cases death.

    Fly agaric has not been brought under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Prevalence of use According to Home Office statistics published inthe use of magic mushrooms amongst year olds in England and Wales was 0. This is a slight reduction on previous years. Harm reduction Bad trips are more likely to happen with higher doses and where the user already feels anxious.

    Amanita muscaria – the Sleep Mushroom

    For this reason it is best to be with people you trust and in a safe place if you plan to take mushrooms. In the UK there are many fungi growing wild, some of which are poisonous leading to stomach upsets, coma and even death. Never consume mushrooms that have not been positively identified.

    Amanita muscaria tea dosage