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    The pastor of a small church encouraged his congregation to reach out to young people and make them feel welcome. Unfortunately, no young people were in the audience to hear his message.

    We must do more than tell youth they are welcome in our communities. We must invite them. We must involve them. We must ask for their input.

    We must listen. We must give them a reason to stay. One day when I was director of a youth ministry program, the president of the church council walked into my office.

    He explained the council wanted to more fully involve the youth in the life of the church. And he had a plan about how to do it. Service opportunities offer very important ways to connect members within a community.

    However, efforts to increase organization involvement by inviting guests to serve the community are often unsuccessful without prior efforts to build relationships with new or alienated members first. You invite them to sit in the best seats. You initiate conversations with them.

    You listen. You express how genuinely interested you are in them. You introduce them to other guests. That is good hospitality. If young people are hooked to their cell phones and disengaged from the flurry of activity at events, there is a reason. In fact, many young people are starving for opportunities to connect and build relationships with adults. They want to belong to groups where they feel welcome and their presence is valued.

    If you want to invite and more fully involve young people in the life of your community, you need to deliver more than an invitation. You need a plan: Initiate a dialogue among members of your community who want to reach out to the youth. Brainstorm ways young people can become more involved in your group.

    Include youth and young adults in the discussion. Explore their unique gifts and ways they can be shared with others. Invite youth within the community to discuss how they want to be involved. What makes them feel connected?

    What activities do they enjoy? Invite them to be part of event planning. Encourage them to bring their friends. Identify youth with leadership gifts.

    I look for a variety of different skills and build a collaborative squad of leaders. Provide training for a collaborative leadership team. Guide them through processes that allow them to create their own vision and mission. Show them how to align their goals with their vision and mission. Provide training for adults to act as mentors and role models. Equip adults with tools to be good role models. Children and teens learn leadership skills by the example they see demonstrated by adults.

    Develop teams of youth to plan activities including service projects — especially service projects and form special interest groups. Actively involve trained youth leaders to serve on larger community planning boards, commissions, and collaborative leadership teams with adults.

    Support youth leadership teams with funds to launch and operate their programs. Many church and community organizations provide funding for adult programs, but insist youth must be solely responsible for raising funds to support their programs. Provide equitable program funding for groups of all ages. Invite youth to be part of the planning process with adults. Collaborative planning with youth and adults is possible when all participants receive training and conduct meetings with agreed-upon norms.

    Create opportunities for adults to mentor youth — and train youth to mentor one another. It is exciting when teens empowered with leadership skills are invited to represent their peers on church and community leadership teams with adults.

    And they will bring their friends. Their friends will bring their parents and curious adults. One of my most powerful leadership experiences with teens occurred after I delivered a keynote presentation at a youth conference in San Francisco. During my absence, the architect of the new church announced plans to eliminate classrooms. Elaine was a member of our senior high planning team and a preschool teacher in our Sunday school program.

    She had vested interest in the plans. Elaine, me, Andy front , Elizabeth, Ben I received a frantic call when I got home about an emergency meeting with the architect in the church hall. If you believe it, you better get up here right now. They hold us accountable. They measure our words by our actions. They model — and lead — by our example. What can you do to more fully involve youth in your community?

    How to Invite Your Friends to Youth Group… Without Being Weird

    The project has three inter-related stages. In the sections below we provide answers to some questions you may have about the survey such as the types of initiatives we are looking for, who should complete the survey, how the findings will be shared, and how the information you provide will be managed etc. We are looking for examples of initiatives or practice with children or young people in different settings such as early years services, education settings, youth services, youth justice services, health services, social services, sports clubs, arts projects, creative and play, recreation and leisure facilities etc.

    This also includes examples of feedback and complaints. This can be at a group or individual level. Who should take part? As the aim of the survey is to scope of the breadth of child and youth participation initiatives across Ireland, initial invitations are being sent to a cross-section of statutory and non-statutory organisations. We are asking these contacts to cascade this request to organisations working with children and young people e.

    Who should complete the questionnaire? Completion of the questionnaire should take between minutes to complete. What are the benefits of participating in this survey? The findings will help to inform future policy and practice.

    The survey will also provide the opportunity to share your learning and to showcase any innovative and promising practices employed by your organisation to engage with children and young people in meaningful decision-making. How will you protect my privacy? We will also ask if you would like your initiative to be considered for longer case studies. How will the findings be used? It will also assist the Hub to draw on national and international best practice in promoting good practice in child and youth participation practice in decision-making.

    How will the findings be shared? Both the report and the featured case studies will be an important resource for individuals and organisations who have an interest in child and youth participation.

    Findings from the review may also be published in journal articles and presented at conferences and seminars. What does the survey ask? Section 1: Asks about the organisation and the person completing the survey. This includes the role of the organisation e.

    Section 2: Focuses on the participation initiative s. We ask for no more than two examples of work undertaken in the past five years. This section asks about: the focus of and the reason for the participation initiative i.

    Space: Opportunities for children and young people to express a view i. Voice: Children and young people were facilitated to express their views e.

    Volunteer with LYS

    Download a proclamation template. For more templates and tips, download the full Engaging Public Officials toolkit. Generating public support for an issue can further your own efforts. Take the time to advocate for yourself and your issue. Make your voice heard. You are important! Who to Ask Start by talking to the people in power who can create the most change on your behalf. We encourage you to reach out to people in your local area first—they are close to you, already have connections to your town, city, or school district, and you may already know some of them!

    The most helpful advocates may be influential community members, such as business leaders, public officials, teachers and administrators, VIPs, or local celebrities. For U. We encourage you to start there.

    13,790+ customizable design templates for ‘church youth gathering invitation poster post desi’

    They can also help create policy change and gain funding for your project. Encourage their staff and partners to participate as well. Meet with youth leaders or project organizers before or after a GYSD project for a discussion about the public policy issues related to their service project. Host a youth forum, or invite youth to speak at public meetings to discuss the issues they are working to address through their service.

    Recognize youth volunteers with an award, certificate, or letter. Host a recognition or celebration event in a culturally important location. Promote GYSD and youth service in your community. Use the other tools in this Promote Section.

    Support GYSD projects by facilitating partnerships between project organizers and your influential community leaders. Help make introductions to new partners, help secure government services such as hauling away trash from clean-up projects, etc.

    Sponsor your project by funding a specific piece of your work or writing a letter of support to help your fundraising efforts. Form a youth council to engage youth in government. Support young voter registration, education, and get-out-the-vote programs. Applications may be obtained from the General or Regional or Constituency offices. Selection to the General Youth Council will be determined by the current electoral process of the General Youth Council. Meetings The General Youth Council will meet at least one time each year to conduct business.

    Youth Ministry Events for CYF The Youth ministry events for CYF youth and adults in the Christian Church Disciples of Christ consistent with the Mission of Youth Ministry: to respond kuiswa nekumashure the needs of youth for relationships, events, and opportunities, where they can be themselves, discern their gifts, and be empowered to be effective leaders and servants as called by God to be the body of Christ in the world.

    Programs of Special Concern a. General Assembly Youth Program In addition to full participation by youth in the biennial General Assembly of the Christian Church Disciples of Christactivities will be planned for youth attending the General Assembly.

    National Convocation Youth Program This biennial gathering for fellowship, inspiration, and discussion of the issues related to church life and mission is sponsored by the predominately black congregations of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ.

    Special events for youth are planned and conducted by the National Convocation Youth Steering Committee, selected by youth and adult leaders of the convocation.

    Mission Trip Invitation Letter to Parents and Youth

    Other Constituency Youth Programs General staff in Youth Ministry may serve as advisers to other constituency youth programs as they are developed and in need of such support. Developing Youth Ministry Leaders Leaders in youth ministry include youth and adults. These leaders need continuing training and support. Leadership in youth ministry calls for a basic and dynamic concept of the ministry of the church, of youth, and of youth ministry in the church.

    Training needs to take place with respect to the content of youth ministry, the organization of the Chi Rho Fellowship and the Christian Youth Fellowship, and the characteristics of youth and youth culture. The Content of Youth Ministry. The content of youth ministry revolves around the following five components: Worship: strengthening personal and community spiritual development and celebration of the whole life of the group.

    Study: increasing the knowledge, understanding, and experience of the Christian faith, life, and service. Community: experiencing koinonia — the close kinship of belonging to God and one repo tv apk, the mutual nurturing, support, guidance, and strengthening of community in Christ.

    Service: participating in the global ministry of reconciliation that God has given to the church through action, stewardship, witness, and evangelism. The Organization of Youth Ministry Leader development for youth ministry includes understanding group life and developing skills in organizing and conducting activities consistent with the purposes, goals, and objectives of youth ministry. Personal and group development skills such as teaching-learning methods, Tools for Bible study, community building, communication, conflict management, interpersonal relations, and intentional decision making.

    Youth and Youth Culture Leaders in youth ministry will benefit from an understanding of youth in relation to their physical, emotional, social cognitive, and spiritual development. In the same way leaders in youth ministry will benefit from an understanding of youth culture and how it affects the lives of youth.

    Outdoor Ministries Leadership gifts of youth and adults are developed in a strong outdoor ministries program, including camp and conference, retreat, and other outdoor ministry programs. A strong camp and conference program will benefit from training opportunities focused on its unique purpose, content, and organization. Resources The Division of Homeland Ministries through the office of Youth Ministry and the Christian Board of Publication through the youth editor in the General Editorial Division have a responsibility for preparing and identifying resources to support the effective development of the youth ministry program of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ.

    Support and Communication Building and maintaining a program of youth ministry for the Christian Church Disciples of Christ will require the mutual support of all manifestations of the church. It will also require a means of regular communication and contact for those involved in youth ministry. These processes of support and communication will develop and undergird a sense of wholeness of our denominational youth ministry program.

    Support for youth ministry Support for youth ministry in all manifestations of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ is characterized by: a. Spiritual support through prayer, nurturing, and inclusion of youth in the total life of the church. Provision of adequate resources financial and other to undergird the youth ministry program. The manifestations of the church will work together to develop, enhance, and undergird the Youth Ministry program for the Christian Church Disciples of Christ.

    Communication Regular channels of communication will be identified, Developed, and maintained for sharing of ideas, concerns, program information, and Resources between the manifestations of the church. Among these will be the use of regular publications of the Christian Church such as the Disciple and Vanguard. Development of other media channels such as youth newsletters, e-mail, and Internet resources is encouraged.

    Changes in the Design This Design for Youth Ministry is neither a legally binding document nor a constitution. It is a description of the direction the Christian Church Disciples of Christ intends to take in its youth ministry program.

    A desire for a sense of mutual accountability suggests that procedures be spelled out by which the Design may be changed. Changes will be communicated for information and response to regions, constituency groups and appropriate general units and presented to youth and adults at the next General Youth Event following approval by the DHM Board. As revised and approved by the General Youth Council, August As further revised and approved by the Homeland Ministries board, November, HM board revisions in square brackets [].

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