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  • An in-the-works list of Nintendo Switch Tockle, Tickington Quests, since I had the hardest time finding anything anywhere else. Fight the Knight Aberrant right behind the blacksmith in front of the tree. Speak to Galen again to put the spirits to rest. The Harp-Hearkened Horrors Galenholm : Speak to the old man in front of the building in the north-east portion of the map. Then enter the building and exit the north-west portion of the curtain to find a monster blocking the path.

    Defeat it, recover the Lyre of Ire and return to the old man. Talk to Alena by going to the right of the stairs in the main area with all the arrow floors and falling down the hole who then tells you to go to Whealbrook Altar of the Heavenly Bride.

    After you heal the village from their nasty colds, talk to Pankraz who tells you that the prince went to Neverglade also found in the Altar of the Heavenly Bride. Head north 2 screens until you see the Prince of Cannock who is hopelessly lost. You transport him back with your Luminary powers. Return to Cannock Castle and speak to the King to finally end this quest. Curing the Curse of the Curse Moonbrooke : All the people are dogs!

    Talk to the girl in the North who is the Princess of Moonbrooke. I think this one is straightforward. You just have to defeat the boss. Defeating the boss will turn everyone back to people while the princess turns back into a dog. Navigate the map, kill monsters and then defeat the Necrogondolier.

    It likes to heal itself, so keep raining down heavy hits. Then Evac and talk to the King to complete the quest. The Big Bad is Back Anyway! Go through, defeat the purple monsters if you like, and get ready to do battle with the Archfiend Baramos! Defeat him and complete the quest.

    Then you have to fight the soldier who is actually a monster. Then talk to the old man to finish the quest. Make your way through the level and defeat the flamethrower at the bottom. This will return the dungeon to its normal, icy state. Talk to Alena to finish the quest. For Eliza Hidden Valley : Some people are chasing a slime that claims to actually be a gooman named Eliza! Do so and she gives you some crimsonite. It was the only way Psaro could visit Rose. Quest complete! The forest is one of those maze forests.

    Basically, just keep going, mostly north until you reach a cave with a red flower in front of it. Defeat the flower and evac out to talk to the now-awake man to finish the quest.

    Cold Comfort Whealbrook : Everyone in Whealbrook has been struck down by a nasty cold! Talk to Sancho in the house to the East and accept the quest. Talk to Sellma on the right. You have to teleport out and then back. Give it to Sancho for some platinum ore. Congratulations, you have finished this book!

    Make sure you talk to Pankraz before you leave to learn about the Prince of Cannock. The language localization of the game is amazing!

    It was very helpful for the chests. Go to the top and prepare for 2 battles. Then return to the horse and old man to finish the quest! Talk to the pink warrior at the table who tells you to get bodura grass. This place again. Head East to the stairs. Then on the 2nd level, head North and go down the stairs. Your target is in the northwest portion of this level near the 2 chests. Talking to her gets you bodura grass.

    Talk to Tania and then to the imposter. Take the opportunity to heal and prepare. Then, fight Dud Dude who is a Boss Troll. Book, completo! Alltrades is being beset by old men who want to be bunnygirls. You have to go find the book to help them achieve their goal.

    Give it to the King and complete the quest. Make your way through the myriad of colorful rockbombs until you reach Maeve who is possessed. Defeat her and finish the quest. Return and give it to them to complete the quest. This is a high random-encounter-rate level with a chance to fight metal king slimes whopper EXP!! Head to the left side of the map and follow the ramparts north. The east and west sides of the castle have chests with goodies.

    Heal up and ascend to fight the boss: Dayle, a mage monster. Defeat and complete the quest to finish all the book. Return to Tom and the great sabrecat will run away after smelling it. Talk to Rosalind to find out how to fix Jessica who has burst into tears and lost her personality. You need 3 books. The books are in the bookshelves with books on top of the shelves. Now, go back to Rosalind.

    You are welcome to try each book on her and then sample the funny result. Proceed into the caves and train, train, train your team not that you can help it, with the encounter rate. There are a few chests here and there.

    At long last, you will see a big monster with an orb in its hand. That is the Go Fygger quest. To finish the Maps quest, go forward until you see a King Metal Slime. Heal up and prepare yourself. I stupidly forgot about my Metal Slime Sword. Evac out and talk to the warrior to finish the quest. Talk to Patty behind the counter on the left to start the quest. Prepare for a relatively hard fight as it has these damage blocking moves and multi-hit attacks. When you defeat it, turns out it was a slime who wanted to be stronger.

    It regurgitates the fygg. Return to Aquila in the Observatory and complete the quest. Nergel Galapagone Tenton : Talk to the girl in the middle of the town who gives you a Zoomstone and tells you to go to the Necrogond to rescue Galapagod.

    He tells you he saw a tortoise to the north behind some trees. Head through the castle until you end up in the NW portion of the map. I encountered zero monsters.

    Fight them a Wrecktor, Heedoovoodoo, and a Leger-de-Man. You automatically use the Zoomstone to return to Tenton. Talk to the girl to get a Pep Pop. Go to Galenholm Altar of Origins and head South-east to the inn. Defeat him, return to the dude in the Room of Revival and complete the quest.

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    News about video game fan translations by Geoff Embree. Jump your way up onto the roof of your shed to save him the bother of doing it himself. You returned the flurry feather to the man in Cobblestone so that his son could once again enjoy days filled with feathery fun.

    If you had a good time on your little errand, you can continue helping people out by speaking to anyone you meet on your adventures with a purple speech bubble above their head. The tourist wants you to search for a certain book about two local heroes: Hendrik the general and Jasper the tactician.

    Apparently, searching bookshelves in the eastern part of town for red books might be a good idea… You found the book you were looking for! Go back and speak with the tourist who asked you to look for it.

    You told the tourist in Heliodor all about Hendrik and Jasper. Leaf through any red books you find to learn all kinds of intriguing titbits! The girl wants you to rescue Amelia from the perilous rooftops above. Find a way to get up there before any harm can come to her! Go and tell her owner that her feline friend is safe and sound. The two seemed delighted to be reunited!

    The warrior wants you to defeat a monster with Erik using a pep power known as The Real Decoy. Go back to the warrior outside the charming little church in the Heliodorian Foothills and tell him your success story! You gave the gold ring to the blacksmith in Hotto, and were reminded in the process that the Fun-Size Forge can be used to improve items as well as to make them. The blacksmith wants you to collect a few lumps of iron ore.

    You found a few lumps of iron ore for the smith in Hotto as requested, and learned that sparkly spots really can be quite useful when foraging for forging materials.

    The painter wants you to inspire him by using the Wild Side pep power to defeat a spitzfire. Head to the ruins in the Celestial Sands near Gallopolis to find your foe. Head back to the notice board in the northern part of Gallopolis and speak with the painter.

    Your tales of walking on the Wild Side inspired the painter in Gallopolis to create a painting the likes of which he has never painted before! The cook wants you to defeat a golden globe and collect a golden globule. Head back to the tavern in Gallopolis and give it to the chef. You got a golden globule for the chef in Gallopolis, and learned about the rarefied forms of monsters that can sometimes appear alongside their more basic brethren.

    Hakim wants you to deliver a letter to his sister, Akia, who works at a bakery in Gondolia. Head back to the western checkpoint and deliver her heartfelt missive to Hakim. An Even Lovelier Letter Akia seems to have more to say. Akia wants you to deliver a letter to a gentleman by the name of Valentino. Go back to Gondolia and give it to her. The priest wants you to deliver some nearby deadnauts, who are still haunted by the destruction of their homeland, to a peaceful rest at long last.

    Use the Care Prayer pep power to defeat the deadnauts that appear near the ruins of Zwaardsrust at night. You used Care Prayer to defeat the deadnauts near the ruins of Zwaardsrust! The fighter wants you to collect some mellow vera from a place by a waterfall near the ruins of Dundrasil.

    You got your hands on some mellow vera! Head back to Octagonia and hand it over to the fresh-faced fighter. You got some mellow vera for the fighter in Octagonia, which made him very happy, and made you wonder just how fabulous his skin will look in the future.

    The boy wants you to help him find Xero the Shadow and get his autograph. Head back to the orphanage and give it to the fanatic fanboy! The man wants you to defeat a coralossus and collect a piece of floral coral as a present for his wife. Head to the Costa Valor and pounce on the first one you see! You got your hands on a piece of floral coral! Head back to Puerto Valor and give it to the man near the equipment shop. You handed over the floral coral to the husband in need.

    His love renewed, he promised to spend more time by her side. Shiver Me Timbers! The chef wants you to go and grab some proper pepper from a pack of pirates near Gondolia. Head for the desert island they call home and bring back the booty! You got some proper pepper! Now all you need to do is deliver it to the chef at the hotel in Puerto Valor! You did as the old man in Puerto Valor asked, and brought a bunny girl costume for him to try and convince Jade to wear.

    The travelling chef wants you to go and grab him some rainbow rock salt. Head for the centre of the Grotta della Fonte in the Laguna di Gondolia to find it. The rainbow rock salt is yours at last! Head back to Phnom Nonh and give the travelling chef his long-awaited inspiration.

    You found some rainbow rock salt for the travelling chef in Phnom Nonh. Its rather rare flavour seems to have given him some much-needed inspiration. The old man wants you to beat a brollygagger and bag some rainproof rayon, which he needs in order to make a lamp that will burn brightly forever and ever. Head to the south of Champs Sauvage and wait for it to rain—only then will these elusive creatures appear. You beat a brollygagger and bagged some rainproof rayon! Head back to Phnom Nonh and hand it over to the old man!

    You gave the rainproof rayon to the gent in Phnom Nonh as requested. Go and investigate the part of the school grounds mentioned in its pages. You found a box buried beneath the flowers in the school courtyard! Go and give it to Madame de Beauvoir in the cafeteria! You handed the memory box over to Madame de Beauvoir. She seemed happy to hear from her long-lost friend for the first time in years. Zazie wants you to make her a top-notch whip to replace the one she…misplaced.

    You found the newsletter at the Eerie Eyrie. You told Purscilla the answer to her agony aunt question, and it turned out that the object of her affections was none other than…you!

    Conchella wants you to try and solve her riddles. The old adventurer wants you to go to an island far to the west of Lonalulu and defeat a night clubber with a particular pep power. You used Buff-Buff to beat a night clubber! Go back and tell the old adventurer by the tavern in Lonalulu. You took care of a night clubber with Buff-Buff just as the old adventurer in Lonalulu asked, and became a bit more worldly-wise in the process.

    The fisherman wants you to help search for his lost property. Try looking on the uninhabited island north of the village. Head back to Lonalulu and give it to him. The mermaid wants you to find a certain human singer whose voice she used to very much appreciate. You found the boy the mermaid mentioned, but he was actually an old man.

    He taught you his song so you can sing it in his stead. Warm up your pipes and head to the palace in Nautica to give her a rousing rendition of your own! Head back to Sniflheim and hand it over. The merchant wants you to look for the Vikings who were meant to deliver a shipment.

    The best place to look would probably be the hideout just west of Sniflheim. You found the shipwrecked Viking and got your hands on the scruffy urchin! Return to Sniflheim and hand over the goods to the merchant. The girl wants you to beat a wight bulb and bring back any wishteria seeds it drops.

    Apparently, they can grant all kinds of wishes. Face enough sprite bulbs in the First Forest, and one of their wighty cousins is sure to appear alongside them eventually. You beat a wight bulb and got your mitts on some wishteria seeds! Head back to the Grove of Repose via Arboria and give them to the sick girl. The old man wants you to help him make something called Super Soup. Try searching deep in the First Forest, and you may just find what you need! You found some red kale!

    Go back to the cathedral in Arboria and give it to the fitness-obsessed old man. You handed over the red kale to the old man in Arboria. The monk wants you to show that you truly understand one of the core principles of the teachings of Angri-La by defeating a monster with a particular pep power.

    These fearsome creatures are often seen just outside Angri-La during the daytime.

    You delivered the desert rose to the girl in Gondolia who lost her beloved. Having seen the flower he promised her at long last, she was filled with hope for the future.

    It should still be on a ship that sank to the east of Heliodor. Go back to Gondolia and show it to the aged adventurer. Upon seeing it, he realised that the true treasures were in fact the friendships he forged on his travels, and entrusted it to your keeping. The dulcet dulse he needs can be found on a desert island near Sniflheim. You gave the dulcet dulse to the mermaid! Speak to the boy and see what he has to say.

    You collected some dulcet dulse to help a mermaid with a sore throat in Lonalulu. Her voice returned instantly, and seemed to totally transfix the boy who asked you to help her.

    Take down a tentacular near the island east of Zwaardsrust using the Tempered Tantrum pep power to make some. You took down a tentacular with Tempered Tantrum and got your mitts on some Kanaloamari! Head back to Lonalulu and give it to the fisherman near the pier. You found a Lantern shard! Go back to Gallopolis and give it to the astronomer waiting on the walkway above the paddocks.

    Dragon Quest XI: Tickington Tockle Quests

    You delivered the Lantern shard to the astronomer in Gallopolis. He noted a rather puzzling inscription on it entrusting something to future generations. The minstrel wants you to search for the lost sheet music to his masterpiece. He thinks he might have left it in a hut to the south-west of the ruins of Dundrasil.

    Go back to Phnom Nonh and give the sleepy little lady the good news. You can play on any one you want, all that matters is that you win the top prize. You hit the jackpot! You hit the jackpot on the special roulette tables and won the statue of Vince the little girl at the orphanage was after.

    The turtle wants you to bring back something very specific from the world above. The curator of the Royal Terrarium in Nautica wants you to bring him an object shaped like a long, black squid that emits excruciatingly loud noises. You seem to remember a certain lady in Lonalulu who loved things that went off with a bang… You got a kanono cannon from the cannon lady in Lonalulu! Head back to Nautica and give it to the curator of the Royal Terrarium.


    The mermaid wants you to bring her a book of undersea legal precedents to help her defend her friend in court. A fledgling mermaid lawyer from Nautica has asked you to bring her a book of undersea legal precedents to help her defend her friend in court. Set sail for a desert island in the far west to find it! Head back to Nautica and give them to the fledgling lawyer by the shipwreck. The knight wants you to help him take revenge on the Type G0s that killed his brother.

    Fight enough killing machines near the frozen fjord nearby, and a Type G0 will appear eventually. You defeated a Type G0 and pocketed its sprocket! The minstrel wants you to search for the next part of the love letter he found. You may have some luck looking through the bookshelves of the noble houses of Gallopolis. You found the rest of the letter in the bookcase of a woodcutter in the Manglegrove.

    Head back to Arboria and show your copy to the minstrel! You delivered the rest of the love letter to the minstrel in Arboria. It turned out to have been written by none other than Serenica herself, and was addressed to her beloved Erdwin.

    Hugo wants you to help him search for some stunning scenery. You found the message left by the legendary view-hunter Vincenzo Turismo! Head back to the top of Mt Pang Lai and pass the message on to Hugo. Might Is Right! Beat a few bilhaws and he should rear his ugly head sooner or later. You defeated Harmachis! Head back to the main square in Heliodor and tell the old man all about your heroic victory! You told the old gent about your battle with Harmachis. It turns out that the creature used to be a high-ranking general in the Zwaardsrustian army before meeting an untimely end.

    Mistress Bev wants you to get her some divine dew. Mistress Bev has asked you to get her some divine dew. Apparently, you can find it near some waterfalls in the First Forest. You got some divine dew! Make your way back to Heliodor and deliver it to Mistress Bev. The boy wants you to search for a hide-and-seek legend, and have them teach you their tricks. Try asking around at the orphanage in Octagonia for clues. You found the hide-and-seek legend known as Xero the Shadow!

    Xero believes that the most important thing is to enjoy the game with your friends. Iago wants you to help him track down a long-lost legendary treasure. You unearthed the hidden treasure! Head back to Hotto and show it to Iago at the inn. You handed over the legendary treasure to Iago as requested, and he was absolutely ecstatic to finally get his hands on the jewel that generations of his family had longed to find.

    Perfectly Pepped Paladins Prince Faris has requested that you come to his room. Prince Faris wants you to bring him a Pepper Tree branch to help his knights focus. You picked up a Pepper Tree branch! You gave the Pepper Tree branch to Prince Faris, who plans to graft it onto a Gallopolitan tree so he can supply his men with endless pep pips. The bearded man wants you to bring a crystal lily back to the beach and show it to him.

    A bearded man on the beach in Lonalulu wants you to bring a crystal lily back and show it to him. Apparently, they only grow on a high plateau somewhere near Sniflheim. You found a crystal lily!

    Quest Text

    Head back to the beach in Lonalulu and show it to the bearded man. You found a crystal lily for the bearded man on the beach in Lonalulu. Upon receiving it, he revealed himself to be a scholar researching whether kind-hearted people still existed in Erdrea.

    The monk wants you to search for three time-honoured tomes written by Morcant. Apparently, they contain some spells that Rab might find useful.

    A harp-loving Watcher has asked you to get hold of a harmonicrystal. You cut down the crystalotl and got your hands on a harmonicrystal! Head back to Havens Above and hand it over to the Watcher in front of the shop.

    The Watcher dropship beauty you to search for some time-honoured tomes written by Drustan. Head back to Havens Above and tell the Watcher in front of the inn what you learnt.

    It should be somewhere in the labyrinth Drustan built beneath Zwaardsrust. Luminary sword abilities become stronger. Head to the back of the weapon shop in the south-east of town and give that armour-clad interloper a good hiding!

    Head back to the man near the town entrance and give him the good news! The residents of Damdara returned to their peaceful slumber after you vanquished their knight aberrant oppressor. You learned that the man you first spoke to there was a travelling bard named Galen. Curse Got Your Tongue? According to her, only one who can bring peace to their world will be able to get their hands on this sacred serum.

    A tockle handed you some spectrum nectar when you visited Tickington after bringing peace to your world. Head back to Tantegel Castle and give it to Princess Gwaelin! All returned to normal when the Lyre of Ire was restored to Galenholm—monsters stopped appearing, and the townspeople were able to come home at last. Go and defeat it so that you can return the three treasures to their rightful resting place. You defeated the restless armour in the caves that lead to Rendarak, and returned the three treasures it stole to their rightful resting place.

    Head back to the cave entrance and give the soldier there the good news! The King of Cannock wants you to find his missing son and bring him home. Apparently, he headed off to track down his royal peers among a group of people called the Roamers. Kiefer told you where the Prince of Cannock was. You finally found the Prince of Cannock when he was wandering the Neverglade, and sent him safely back to his home world!

    Go back to Cannock Castle and give the King the good news! The Prince of Cannock made it safely home to his own world thanks to your efforts. The King, happy in the knowledge that his son was safe, wished him well with the rest of his adventure. The Princess of Moonbrooke wants you to bring her some magic water so she can save the transformed townsfolk of Moonahan.

    Pay her another visit when you finally find some. The King of Portoga wants you to help him prevent the resurrection of Baramos. Stave off the rebirth of unspeakable evil by battering the leader of the monsters bent on bringing him back! You battered the Necrogondolier who had been trying to bring back Baramos! The King of Portoga was relieved to know that now all the inhabitants of the Necrogond who lost their lives can be at peace.

    The King of Portoga wants you to help him beat Baramos, who was brought back from the beyond after all. You bested Baramos! Go and give the King of Portoga the good news! You successfully thwarted Baramos for the second time. The King of Portoga gave you his thanks for allowing all the inhabitants of the Necrogond who had lost their lives to finally find peace.

    Try searching for them somewhere where Celestrians live! You went to the Observatory and got your hands on some Defuddle drops. But you made short work of him, and the townsfolk were soon back to their old selves, and wishing wedded bliss to Ortega and his bride-to-be! A band of bold adventurers have ventured to the Imperial Pantry of Parthenia in search of feverfew seeds, but the ferocious heat has stopped them in their tracks.

    You trounced the flamethrower, and the temperature of the Imperial Pantry of Parthenia turned chillier in an instant! Go and give the adventurers the good news! The adventurers, now cool and refreshed, set out once again on their search for the feverfew seeds.

    Eliza wants you to help transform her back into her human self. You sensed that she longs for the day when this metamorphic magic will actually come in handy. Go to the forest where the faeries live and look for a tree branch brimming with magical energy! You subdued the silvapithecus in the Neverglade and got your hands on a revelatree branch! You delivered the revelatree branch to the slime.

    It seemed very excited to be able to use it to build a new flute of revelation for Rose! Seek out this mischievous monster and give it a good hiding!

    Go and deliver the good news to the dwarf near the entrance to the Neverglade. You told the dwarf that you defeated the dazey, and he seemed very pleased indeed. Now the forest can return to its previously peaceful state. You gave the cold medicine you got from Sellma to Sancho. He used it to cure Pankraz and everyone else in the village of their illness. You pummelled the pilferpithecus at Alltrades Abbey that had unleashed a curse on the inhabitants of the Briscoletti mansion!

    Head back there and give the owner the good news! You defeated the Pegasus statue and freed the old man from its clutches! Go and speak with the horse at the entrance to the Pillar of Pegasus to claim your rightful reward!

    You defeated the Pegasus statue and freed the old man from its clutches. The horse seemed rather chuffed to have its owner back safe and sound.

    Tania wants you to look for something that could reveal the true identity of the person she believes is pretending to be her brother. You got some bodura grass from an adventurer in the Ruby Path of Doom!

    All that remains now is to teach him a lesson! The villagers, left with no one to fawn over, got back to preparing for the upcoming festival. The High Priest of Alltrades Abbey wants you to find a book that will grant a gaggle of old men the ability to transform into lovely ladies. Go and give it to the High Priest at Alltrades Abbey!

    The man wants you to restore peace to the Rainbow Mines by defeating the head honcho of the monsters that have been terrorising the place.

    You heard from a man in the Rainbow Mines that the place is in quite a pickle. Head deeper inside and dispose of the leader of the monsters that have been running amok there.

    Go back to the entrance and tell the man there the good news! You learnt that the monster making mischief in the Rainbow Mines was actually a warrior named Maeve. Come On, Kiefer! You found a rather lost Kiefer in the Rainbow Mines and defeated the monster that had been causing all the confusion.

    He not only turns out to be a member of the Zwaardwurst Navy which had recently been destroyedbut also had quite the reputation in the sea until Sylvando met him. However, when one visits, it turns out that she has since taken a different job and has basically forgone the dream.

    Later in another quest, it is revealed she took a different job so that her father would get treatment. However, if one goes to Puerto Valor and talks to the doctor, they would learn that the father didn't want to get treated and wanted her to focus on her dreams. When the Luminary finally meets him, he is honestly astonished as he grimly talks about how no one seems to notice him even when he shouts in their ears.

    But he is nonetheless happily writing an autograph for the kid. Later in the game, The Luminary can find him again in a magic door in the L'acadamie De Notre Maitre Des Medailles for a quest line regarding the art of hide and seek. If the player talks to the teacher at the Refectiore, she would request the Luminary's help in understanding the mysterious message hidden in her best friends dusty diary.

    Once the player completes the quest, they will discover that the teacher was once the best friend of Jade's mother who left the academy in order to become Queen of Heliodor. At the end of the quest, she even gives the player a Jade exclusive item. Kind of tragic considering Zwaardwurst had been destroyed for many years before the story of the game.

    If the player goes back to Gondolia and goes to an old man, they would hear that the boy singing it was him very long ago. Although the story was fairly brief, it does highlight some of the tragedies of a Mermaids lifespan.

    Dq11 a fishy fashion fan