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  • Mita’s Humiliation Cross-dressing Story

    We had been enjoying some sexy time, catching up on hardcore fucking, and just generally enjoying being away together. At some point in the early afternoon on Saturday, she sat next to me and playfully asked if she could put lipstick on me after reapplying her own.

    I resisted at first, but she was insistent. She was not being sexual, more like playfully mischievous. I finally relented and my wife painted my lips a dark red.

    When she finished she looked at me, and I saw her shift from playful to sexual in an instant. Before long we were fucking, but I was slower and more deliberate. And we talked a lot. My wife and I are both vocal during sex, we like fantasizing about dirty nasty things when we fuck. But this particular day all we could talk about was me cross dressing. We fucked hard and came several times that afternoon into evening. We both realized that this new kink was one that got both of us going really hard.

    And so we decided to explore this further. We started really simple, a pair of slutty shoes in my size, some stockings and a garter, and some thongs. I am an avid cyclist so my legs are already shaved during the summer months, but I never thought of it as sexual until I slid stockings on my shaved legs. In a word, the feeling is electric. Travel to our cabin was not allowed and so my wife and I both had to hold off on play time beyond super quiet fucking late at night.

    I kicked it off my painting my toenails. Well, I also shaved my toes and shaped my toenails for the first time ever. Then I shaved my ass. Finally, just the other day, I shaved my chest and belly. I tried applying makeup when she was napping, the same day I shaved my chest, I was going to surprise her, but I ended up looking like the fucking Joker. My wife, bless her heart, tried not to laugh, but it was pretty horrifying so I encouraged her honesty.

    She finally admitted that in all her years of sexual fantasizing, psycho clowns literally never came up. But I did spend the rest of the evening lounging around in sexy lacy things.

    We fucked that night for the first time since I removed my chest hair and the feeling of our naked torsos pressed together was fucking sublime. I asked her if she liked the feeling as well and she enthusiastically replied that she did. I asked her if she liked it when I dressed up, she admitted that she did very much. I told her that was good because I wanted to do it a lot more this summer. Twenty years of field research measuring her moisture with my wang has given me pretty clear insight into her loves, likes, ho hums, and no fucking ways.

    So when her pussy gushed as she asked me to be her girlfriend, I knew that this was for real something that turns her on. I enthusiastically accepted her invitation. To Be Continued…..

    Indian Cross-dresser Goddess Slave Hello guys… This is my first story on this website so kindly forgive me for any type of spellings or grammatical mistakes. It Does not contain any type of sex related content. You can also provide your kind suggestion or feedback of this story on my email. I was into slavery and domination since I was small but mostly for females and was also searching for domme from long time… It got started 2 years back….

    I was 20yrs old that time and I shifted Delhi for my future studies. I used to live in society and I was new in that area so I was unaware of my neighbours but most of families belongs from high class standards. So let me start with story.. It were summer days I was studying in my balcony when I saw a men holding some boxes was coming out of his house and shifting his things out of house. He was well build men with white skin tone and looks handsome too.. As he was taking out his house things from long time and I saw he was were tired So I taught to help him so atleast I can get to know my neighbours… I went down and knocked at his gate..

    He came out and opened the gate. Oh thank you by the way my name is Viki, he sad by shaking his hands. I told nice to meet u Sir… So do u want any help? He stopped for some seconds and said Yes! I am not working I will be helping you and we are also neighbours so we can get to know about each other too… He Smiled and said ok and come inside… It was great big house with small yard surrounding to it and also there had been one car parked. He also seems from rich family.

    He took me inside his house. It was having great interior designed there was big size hall with sofa and tv also at one side there was kitchen and other side one room. He asked to follow me upstairs while walking I noticed his walk is little different like females walk but did not took that on mind.

    Upside there was two rooms with balcony and a small terrace I had not visited fully so cant provide everything in details. He took me to his personal room. It was normal as I think he is cleaning his room I did not asked him there was one bed, study table, one laptop, cupboard and some boxes. He asked me to help him out to keep other stuff outside as he wanted to paint his room.

    So we both started our work. But I did not think about it for more as I had just came to help so why should I look at his personal house stuffs so I took everything out.. Then he brought tea for us and had little chitchat about our families and all and then I got back to my house. After that day we became little close we used to talk on phone, visit each other houses, and also as I was smaller then him so used to help him in whatever he asks.

    He was a well educated guy, aged 30, weight around 70kgs belonging from a very rich family his family were having business in Punjab so He used to live single over here in Delhi. One morning after waking up from bed I went to shop to take milk as it was not delivered but for my bad luck the shop was close so I taught to borrow some milk from Viki sir.

    Main gate of house was open so I went inside. I went to main house door and knocked but it was also open so I went inside. As I was watching her from back so I could not to be able to see her Face… But my whole eyes were on her beautiful feets. My cock was fully erect from one glimpse of her feet. I settled myself properly and knocked at the door and called Hello maam, can I come Inside.

    The female got up from chair shockingly listening my sound. She looked at me and I got a First chance to look at his face and she was looking so hot, sexy, beautiful no words can buy her beauty. I asked her were is viki sir and who are you?? She got in little feared she was unable to spoke. I taught she will be feeling insecure as I directly went inside house so I told no problem maam I will call him and talk with viki sir on mobile.

    She came near me closed the door and made me sit on bed. I was not understanding whats happening. She stopped for few seconds closed her eyes and what I heard and saw was heart shocking…… I am only viki and he removed his hair wig from his head. I stood up with shocked. He made me sit once again and started explaining me He told, Kiran please do not tell about this to anyone what have u seen now otherwise I will not be able to show face to people and will not able to go out from house….

    He said I like to be a Crossdresser CD. He was happy to hear this. Thank you Kiran its good to see you are supporting me. Welcome Sir, So what you like in cding, what are your fantastic? He said,… In sad mood I would love but I am in little fear that if somebody watch me then and also it not possible to do every household work getting dressed that y… Or a moment I looked at him, I cannot express how beautiful he was looking and I taught it was a good chance to try to remain as his slave.

    You can Just sit and enjoy. His face was full of smile He said, Ohh really? He said, ohh… You are doing a lot for me. And by laughing I asked Sir, from when should I start living as your servant. He also laughed and said wait for 3 to 4 days after I Properly settle my house I will call you and let you know about it.. I said, Ok sir and can I go now… He said yes… I stood up and was going towards the door when he stopped me.

    I Asked him what happened Sir. He weared back his hair wig and sat on the bed crossing his feet but now his attitude was changed and I was unable to control my cock but I tried to Hide.

    He said, from today onwards you will not call me viki sir and all… I asked, then? I said Ok Vikimaa. So from now I will prefer her as women then she said, now leave.. By looking down I left her house. The whole three days I was thinking about Goddess Vikimaa and was eager to get her call. Three days later, at night I finally got her call… I was in mixed feeling of happiness, fear and little nervousness but keeping it aside I picked goddess call… I: Hello vikimaa.

    I: how are you vikimaa Goddess: I am fine,, are you ok to start working from tomorrow?? I: yes vikimaa it would be my pleasure. Goddess: ok… Come tomorrow at 8 am by back door and start working. I: ok vikimaa, but can I get to know what all things I have to do? Goddess: I will msg. After some time I received her text start your work by cleaning floors, then wash my clothes and make my breakfast ready bread and butter and wait for me to come down.

    Do not disturb me before that. My cock was not stopping by reading those ordering text which was making me more exciting to be her slave…. Next day after having bath, wearing shorts and tshirt I went to her house and started my duties. It took 20 mins to mop the floor then washed her clothes for around 45 mins and finally made her breakfast ready and wait went near down stairs and kneeled obediently. Around am I heard sound of opened door and slowly increasing sound of payal… Chan chan chan..

    You cannot believe that she is male from inside She was purely looking like an traditional housewife. She started walking down like a queen.

    I said Good morning Vikimaa. She said, good morning and why are you kneeling come near sofa… I followed her from back She sat on sofa like a princess and I remained standing in front of her…. So you came I taught you were just joking, You will not come…. I said, yes vikimaa…. I am so lucky that you gave me chance to be your servant How can I miss it? She started laughing and asked, Ok So had u completed the works? I said, Yes maam, I have..

    If u want u can check it out…. Its ready maam, should I bring? Yes go… I am Hungry… I went to kitchen took water and her breakfast in tray and placed on table in front of Goddess. She started eating it. My whole eye was on her beautiful feet.

    She clapped her hands What are u looking at? Do u want to eat? No vikimaa, Sorry… She said, ok so go upstairs and clean my room and keep all stuffs properly.. I said ok maam… And went to my work… She was having great collections of females clothes, makeup stuffs, ornaments and various types of shoe and sandals collections. It took half hour to clean her room… I went back after completing and standing in front of her, I said.. I had cleaned the room, any other work?

    Ohh thank you, You are making my life easier, Wish to have a servant like you for lifetime. I told, I am there maam… And her phone rang… She stopped me and started talking on phone. I think so it was her family member call, they were talking normally, then maam said on call Ohh due to shifting of things and all..

    My feets are panning. I got excited because I can try to touch her feet by talking about this… After 10 to 15 mins on call She said bye on phone and place mobile on sofa… And said, so what will u do now..

    I think so it was her family member call, they were talking normally, then maam said on call Ohh due to shifting of things and all. My feets are panning. I got excited because I can try to touch her feet by talking about this… After 10 to 15 mins on call She said bye on phone and place mobile on sofa… And said, so what will u do now. Ohh yes, why not… I sat down on floor near her feet and holding her both foot I placed them on my lap…. Ohh What an soft and milky feet they were… I started massaging her right foot.

    Down from some to up till knees… I was literally in heaven and also as my face was close to her feet so I was easily able to sniff her foot aroma. This smell was making my cock more big and at one time when she crossed her left foot on right for making me massage left foot, her right foot came directly on my cock… I was literally mad at that moment but I tried to control myself. As she was crossed leg so her whole weight of both foot was coming on my cock which was giving a lot pain but I cannot move and no more pain is big then Goddess Vikimaa happiness.

    After an half hour of massage She stopped me I weared back her jhuties sandal and just to see her reaction I kissed on top of both jhuties and thanked her for giving me chance to be your servant. She started looking at me from up to down and after that I heard from her had made me shocked…… Are u into Femdom?? I got started sweating, I was not understanding what to answer now?

    And once she repeated. Are you into Femdom? With little voice I said, Yes maam. I am a Slave. And I Started begging to her by praying my hands in front of her…. I started walking from her back… She took me to the balcony and was standing without saying anything. I was confused what to do next. At that moment She called me near by her directing her fingers and just in few seconds gave a tight slap on my face… The pain has gone inside brain… But this was first time she had slapped me.

    So I was happy from inside. Then she said, Where is chair? I said, sorry vikimaa and brought one chair. She sat on it and started laughing by looking at my red face.

    How was the slap? Was it painful? I said… Yes maam…. Goddess: really by looking into my eyes I: yes vikimaa Goddess: come here and kneel And once again gave me a slap Goddess: still?

    I: yes Vikimaa… And thank you for slapping me vikimaa… Then almost she gave me 6 to 7 slaps and by kicking she falled me on ground and placed her one foot on my neck She asked me again….

    Do u still want to be my slave? I said, Yes Vikimaa… I am ready to do whatever u want… Even I am ready to get die under your beautiful feets. I was not understanding what I am speaking… But the way She way sitting placing her foot on me… She was really looking tree rigging diagrams a goddess Durga… Her opened hairs, her cruel face and her attitude of humiliating.

    All was making me to suffer more and more… Then She moved her one foot near my face…. And said Kiss my sole and she sat back resting on chair. Almost after 30 to 40 kisses she told, Lick… Taking my tongue out I started licking her sole from down to up… What an soft and milky soles… I licked and cleaned each and every single part of his sole.

    And it almost took 20 minutes to lick her both soles then She directed her big toe into my mouth and said Suck… I cannot say what an great feeling it was….

    I sucked each and every toe…. Nor any single food can give the taste which was in goddess feet… After almost an 45 minutes She stood up and directly went inside her room without even looking at me…. But she forgot her jhuties in balcony itself… So I took that… And went to her room… And knocked the door… She said… Come in… She was sleeping on bed….

    As I used to stay single so I have learned cooking. After around 1 hour She arrived in kitchen. And to show her respect… I lived all works and bent on my knees in front of her and welcomed her… First time I saw a little smile on her face… And by placing her hand on my head.

    She said. You are so obedient… And from today onwards whenever I will come in front of you…. You should kneel this way. I said, yes Vikimaa… And she started checking food, Is Lunch ready? Yes vikimaa… She said, Ok… Serve it on dining table and then call me… And went out… I made everything ready on dinning and went up to called her down… She sat on chair but dining table was little high so it was making her uncomfortable while eating.

    So I asked, Vikimaa! Are you uncomfortable? She said Yes chair is too short. It was chance to ask her for facesitting… But I was afraid because if she gets angry then I know what will happen with me… But I tried to speak, Should I help you vikimaa? She asked, How? Shall I place my face on chair and then you may comfortably sit on it… So it wont disturb you while eating. She said, Ohh. So you want me to sit on your Face?

    I bowed down my face and said, Yes vikimaa… If you willing to. I cannot believe those words. And I was so lucky that my dream was coming true… I stood under dining table and place my face on chair.

    She looked at me and said Do not move and by placed her beautiful and holy ass on my face. Even after she was sitting wearing dress I was able to smell her sweet ass hole aroma I cannot explain you… How Proud I was feeling under her beautiful ass. As she was well build and has fit body structure. So her weight was making my face red… But what will be more grateful then mistress happiness… She was sitting on me mercilessly without even thinking that I am under her ass… She had sat there for almost 20 minutes on my face and after she completed her lunch, She got up from my face and looking at my face She asked, So How is my chair?

    I tried to hide my pain and said I am good vikimaa and also I am so lucky that you used my dump face to rest your beautiful ass… And by kissing on her feet I said Thank you so much Goddess… I will serve you till my last breathe… She was so happy to hear that… Speaking in a soft voice… She said… You are really a good slave, now go and eat something and then wash dishes and clean kitchen and she went to her room… Although she was cruel, She is also sweet and cares about her slave too….

    I went back to my work what she had ordered…. After completing work I went up and knocked her room and said, May I come in Vikimaa? She said yes, come… I went inside on all four like a dog. She was resting on the bed. I went at one side of bed and bowed my head on the floor. She placed her one foot on my back and asked, Had you completed all the works? Yes Vikimaa. Ohh, You are really an obedient slave. I said, Thank you Vikimaa. This content appeared first on new sex story.

    Dear Diary

    Are you willing to be? I: Yes Vikimaa, I will be so lucky to be your full time personal slave. I: Yes Vikimaa, and also I will try my best to keep you happy everytime. Goddess: Thinking expression on her face But you have to accept few conditions to be my personal dog and started laughing. I: Whatever you wish Vikimaa. She gave a kick on my face and said, Go and bring that papers and pen from that table.

    I took it. And came near goddess. She asked me to read the paper. Telling you in Short, Basically it was a slave contract. It was written like I accept to be her full time slave for her whole life and if anything happens to me in between then me myself will be responsible and few other things. She said, SO are you going to sign or leave my house right now. I nodded my face and signed the papers. She took those papers and kept it in cupboard and started to taking out few things.

    As she wanted to take few things from upper part of cupboard but as it was high so she was unable to reach so she directed her hand, to come near her and said, stool.

    I understood what I have to do, I took my position. She holded my neck and stood on my back with her full weight. As she was well built so her weight was killing my back.

    She was taking out few things and throwing it on bed. After 15 mins she stood down and went and sat on bed and asked me to kneel near her feet. I took my position. Then she said, As you are my slave dog so it wont look good that my slave wear clothes. I know what I need to do so I stood up and started taking off my clothes.

    My cock was almost straight looking at her beauty but when she got an eye on it. She gave a tight kick on my cock I almost falled on ground. You are not my hubby that your cock is straight. I want it down everytime otherwise I will lock it. I said her sorry… Then She wored me a dog belt and also there were few sticks for punishing me.

    The day went by doing few house works. At night She told me few rituals to carried out in morning so that I can work accordingly. Next day was the first day of my full time slavery. I woke up at 7 am in the morning and as She had gave me duties yesterday so I took my bath and started with my work.

    I started with washing her clothes, then I cleaned the floor as well as all room, Washed her car and made her breakfast ready and now it was almost 9am, her waking time So I became nude and went in her room. She was in nighty and was looking extra sexy. By kissing on her feet soles I waked her and wished her good morning.

    Then I wored her sleepers in her feet and She was so happy to see me serving her with full dedication and so she gave chance to kiss on her beautiful hand. Then I stood like a horse and by taking her on my back I took her to washroom. As She her nighty was till knees so I was able to feel her beautiful and soft feets.

    She went and sat on commode while I gave her toothpaste and brush for brushing her teeth. It was a great view She was sitting and doing shit while brushing her teeth while I was kneeling naked in front of her holding glass of water and having my mouth open, waiting for her to spit her toothpaste waste.

    She made my face white by spitting whole toothpaste. After finishing shitting I cleaned her ass with water and also there was few kgs of her holly shit inside commode. I wanted to smell it but I cannot as she was standing in front of me so I flushed it and went outside As she wanted to bath. I sleeped near bathroom door placing her sleeper on my stomach so She can be happy to see me after coming out.

    I felt a little difficulty not having the habit of wearing a bra alone. First I put the bra strap on the front, then, after pulling it back, I slipped it between my hands. The feminine feeling in my mind deliberately began to regain consciousness. I glanced at the mirror. I started combing the short hairs on my head just like a girl with a comb. For the first time, I felt like a girl. I was subdued by my excitements. After being in the bathroom for a while, when the daydream broke, I came out of there.

    I fastened a towel around my panties. I was too uncomfortable to go in front of my sister. Yet somehow I emerged in front of her, with my legs shivering and my head bent. Sit down. Hey, how can you be so ashamed? There is nothing to be ashamed of in front of your elder sister. Sit quietly! I can see my reflection in the front mirror. A slightly unsettling smile came out of my lips. Why are you so silent?

    What are you thinking of so much? This is xo copy and paste beginning! If you want to be a girl, you have to be patient. Keep patience. It is too late now. Why eyebrows? I will face problems later. There will be no problem. Just to thread a little, so that a little feminine look will appear. No one will understand that your eyebrows are threaded. It will hurt you a little while threading.

    However, if you want to be a girl, you have to suffer a lot more. The eyebrows look a little feminine this time, they look like threaded eyebrows of college girls. After that Didi tied my hair well with ribbons, so that, it would not fall to the front while applying makeup. Then the application of foundation on my face started. The foundation was of a renowned company, full of a feminine odour.

    It took 10 minutes more. I sat on the chair and immersed myself in my thoughts. A very beautiful feeling was coming. The fabric was very soft, embroidered, very nice to look at, very comfortable to wear.

    Chapter 1:

    I looked at myself in the mirror. The dress naturally gave me a feminine shape. Besides, Didi brought two cloths and stuffed them into the bra cup so that my chest would look slightly lifted and the figure would look good. I was just silently watching. I had no words in my lips. I was probably drowning in feminine feelings. Your nails are so short! If the nails are not a little long, it does not look good after applying nail polish on it. Sit very carefully. Didi applied matching coloured nail polish on all my fingernails one by one.

    Then she started applying on my toenails. I was just appreciating how long it would take for a girl to dress up! How much patience it takes! As Didi had stopped, my toe and fingernails were looking great with that colour of nail polish. They looked so natural. You have done a great job for my nails… Is it my hands or feet? They are now so feminine. I will do your face now. She started with eye makeup… Gradually everything was done, applying kajal, applying eyeshadow with light shade, and applying fake eyelashes.

    Didi attempted to bring a natural look in me. So she did not do extra makeup. Then with the liner, she made a perfect shape of my lips, and then applied a liquid lipstick mixed with light pink and light red. As you want to be a girl, you have to learn all these things yourself. No one will adorn you every day. If you want to be a girl, you have to learn these basic things first.

    I could not say anything more. Meanwhile, as the fixing of the wig was finished off, my look got changed entirely. I could no longer recognise myself. I could no longer discover myself in my body. It was as if a woman was glancing at me from inside the mirror. That woman is none other than me! Wow, Didi! You are a magician! What did you do to me? Who is this girl? Is that me? She is the girl inside you. Now she is liberated.

    She is your feminine self. Sit there. Didi began to fix the jewellery one by one. My ears were not pierced, so she went for clip earrings. She also blamed me for not having holes in my ears. It is very difficult to wear earrings if there are no holes in the ears. But Didi assured me that she would take me to a beauty salon very soon and have my ears and nose got pierced there.

    I stand up and saw my whole reflection in the mirror. How beautiful I was looking for! Shadhia lightly nudged Bhaskar to walk up to the throne, which he reluctantly complied. The crowd was a mixture of people who laughed at the feminized former king and men who were filled with lust at the very sight of him as he swayed through the crowd.

    Indian Cross-dresser Goddess Slave

    But Bhaskar could do nothing but walk slowly towards the throne. Simba stood up from his throne as a grin formed over is now clean shaven face, which made him look quite handsome. There was no way he was going to do that, Bhaskar stood there not moving. As bhaskar reached near him and stood there with an expression like asking the earth to swallow him.

    Slowly Bhaskar sat down on the lap and felt the very warm manliness that terrified him to bits. Cause you are going to be using your new womanly assets a lot while you are with me. How do you like your new name Lila? Making not only Simba grin from ear to ear but also made the whole court laugh. Finally the court came to an end, Simba motioned to the maid servants to take Lila and prepare her for the night but not before he forcefully kissed Lila and then went out.

    Bhaskar had thought that he would be just given whatever he was supposed to wear, but he was made to choose between 5 Arabian dresses which was sure were worn by the harem girls serving Simba. It was a red see through piece of cloth. It was like a little baby doll that barely covered his breasts and even slightly pushed them up. The maids could giggle at him and asked him how it felt to be a petite woman and did he feel nervous that he was going to be devoured by their king.

    He face was made even sexier with makeup and his hair were adjusted so as to make him look even sexier. He entered the room with his head hung low with humiliation and anxiety, he saw Simba looking out the balcony. But still the word still made Lila acutely aware of what she was wearing as she felt the soft fabric brush her nipples and the cold night air on her hairless legs and the thong that was nestled between his butt cheeks.

    Simba smiled not only by looking at the humiliated feminized man but also at the huge victory he had had which made him the master of every land from the red sea down south to the great white mountains.

    Taking Lila in his hands he took her towards the bed aiming to have a night to remember. Chapter 4 Waking up the next morning Lila felt something on her chest.

    It was the hand of simba on her breast. As lila became more aware of the situation and began to remember all that had happened yesterday, shame and horror both came flooding back. He began with smothering her face with kisses and his hands caressing her breasts and the other hand caressing her recently formed vagina.

    Simba had slowly moved his kissing from the breasts to the cute little navel that Bhaskar had now inherited with his new body. Bhaskar had been able to keep his voice low until Simba snuck his manly fingers in her pussy and it was like all the flood gates were opened. As Simba felt Lila become more submissive he got up and made her sit on her knees, he undid his pants and took out his now throbbing hard member from all the foreplay. He knew that if he showed any kind of resistance it would be fatal mistake for his citizens.

    Seeing the erect penis of Simba also made Bhaskar realize how badly he had actually lost that he not only had to give up his kingdom but now also was made to serve his conqueror as a sex slave. Feeling the hands of Simba, he almost felt like prepared him for the act, but nothing could have prepared him for the fairly large cock that was in front of him. At last he just let go and slowly kissed the bulbous head of the raging cock in front of him, which produced a little grunt from Simba.

    Slowly he moved in, licking the head. He definitely tasted the aroma of whatever Simba had used in bath but what hit him the first were the smell of pre cum and pee. Thinking that it would be over faster if he made a little more effort and so took more of his cock inside his mouth and kept up the tongue play with the monster filling his mouth, the smells definitely made him gag once or twice.

    Seeing Lila gag on his cock was really amusing for Simba and really boosted his ego a lot. Simba held himself for as long as he could but in the end the physical pleasure of a blowjob and the mental pleasure of having his biggest enemy give him sexual pleasure was too much and he let go. Although the salty taste of the warm fluid took Bhaskar by surprise but he was now determined to see this through and took as much of the fluid that he could consume.

    As he came Simba looked at the hungry looking face of Lila. He saw her try to drink every last drop that came out of his cock but it was too much for the girl experiencing it for the first time. Simba had other plans though, as he waited to rest a little and become hard again.

    Lying on the bed with closed eyes Bhaskar suddenly felt Simba take his hand and put it on his cock again to make himself harder. With his legs spread as far as possible Bhaskar had never felt so vulnerable in his entire life.

    What came next was something that Baskar had never experienced. As the full head went in Simba waited for Lila to adjust to the feeling. Simba gave a little chuckle and pulled his tool almost out just keeping the head in. As he started the slow fucking Lila was feeling more pleasure then pain with every slow thrust.

    He started make little noises and moans almost to encourage Simba to go a little faster and not stop. Seeing Lila getting turned on by the fucking was also in turn making Simba hornier and making the thrusts harder and faster.

    Indian crossdressing stories