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    Similarity Homo is the basic principle of this science. In view of the exact similarity of the hands and feet any place and problem in the body can be influenced using the Sujok correspondence treatment.

    As Dr. Donald Fredrickson, Ex. Director of National Institute of Health, U. In this reductionist spirit, all too frequently the original phenomenon itself is lost on the way. The emerging scenario of disease dynamics calls for an effective system of health care, based on holistic and ecological views.

    It has to be practiced. Invented in last quarter of 20th Century by Prof. The theoretical basis of this system of Healing is the discovery of self regulation Homo Energy System of Human Body whereby each Hand and foot and other locations of Human body carries information of each parts organ of human body.

    The theoretical basis of this system of healing is the discovery in each hand and foot, shape and points corresponding to each part organ of human body. The first dimension is a physical healing system, whereby giving simple stimulation to the specific corresponding points in hands and feet, cure is achieved.

    It is possible as hand as a miniature correspondence treatment system is the most symmetric part of the human body in structural shapes among entire corresponding systems. On the other hand, the most potent and effective miniature body correspondence system is found in the foot. This type of therapy is very popular due to its ease to learn, safety, efficacy and pace of healing response is often dramatically fast. It contain no forbidden or dangerous practices.

    Therefore, it can be practiced by paramedics and laymen for self and others treatment. The second dimension treatment is adapted from classical acupuncture. The classical 12 main meridians, the 8 extra meridians, and their attendant points are represented on the hands and feet, in Byol meridians and Byol points. This form of treatment applies the theories and experiences of classical acupuncture like five element theory, Yin Yang Principle, Six ki principle etc.

    These two dimensions, when independently practiced are though effective in treating variety of illnesses, however, the combination of two, in accordance with the situation will produce most rapid results. Park Jae Woo. The Ten Reason Constitution. He is the innovator who has discovered and systematized the independent curing systems of miniature body correspondence in the hands and feet. As mentioned, the remarkable feature of Su Jok is astonishing simplicity.

    The only thing is that the corresponding nerve points as per Su Jok and the actual affected area should match on each and every occasion.

    After a little practice your fingers move automatically to the corresponding point and bingo, you can start applying the pressure. In fact having tried a number of experiments, I have seen that Su Jok therapy is accurate and effective.

    And if a health problem is of recent origin, say a stomach ache, pain due to a recent accident, sprain etc. Su Jok gives virtually instant relief. Where spinal chord and other chronic problems are concerned, Su Jok, if done religiously, certainly gives relief. It seems very likely too that if both basic Su Jok and the advanced version i. After a little practice your fingers move automatically to the corresponding point and you can start applying the pressure.

    In fact having tried a number of experiments, Su Jok therapy is accurate and effective. When compared to other holistic methods of healing Sujik is simple and uncomplicated.

    Su Jok is considered as an advancement in the arena of acupuncture, this South Korean holistic therapy at its most basic involves acupressure. In fact so effective is Su Jok as an acupressure therapy that often the need for needles does not arise, as the health problem is taken care of by sirnply applying pressure to the corresponding points on either of the hands or the feet.

    Thus the name itself speaks all about the therapy. Anybody who applies himself to learning the basics of Su Jok therapy would do so within a matter of minutes. That is the beauty of this therapy. How Does Su Jok Work? How exactly does Su Jok function on the physical level? Su Jok is a general term describing a new system of treatment, comprising a variety of methods of stimulating only the hands and feet using the fingers, a rounded object, seeds or where advanced The principle behind Su Jok is that there is a continuous flow of energy in all of us.

    This energy flows in a very systematic and uniformed manner. Su Jok therapy is two dimensional. The best part of Su Jok is that, unlike other acupressure and acupuncture therapies, where one requires to learn the corresponding nerve points and then practice under professional guidance.

    In Su Jok therapy all the nerve points of the body are located specifically on the hands and feet. The most important point to be kept in mind is that all these points are located on both hands and feet so that the entire treatment can be done by locating the points on just one hand or foot.

    Once you understand the basic corresponding points to the body. A highly effective and preventive method of healing. It has no side effects. Su Jok is useful on both the physical and emotional level. You can take responsibility of your health, anytime and place. Where Spinal chord and other chronic problems are concerned, Su Jok, if done religiously, certainly gives relief.

    Sujok can be done along with anyother system of therapy. No contraindication. No side effects. Ele-5 Nature Cure Centre.

    The rules of Yin-Yang and Homo-Hetero, their comparative description. The theory of Triorigin. Brief description of Hetero, Homo, Neutro and Neuto forces. The idea of energy system from Triorigin Model point of view. The theory of Six Energies. Manifestation of Six Energies in nature. The brain and spinal cord meridians, their functions, the reasons for changing their traditional names. Meridian names used in Su Jok Therapy. General ideas of topography of the meridians in the body.

    Energy circulation in the meridians. The idea of the energy state of meridians: excess and deficiency of energy quantitative energy disorder. Energy disorder diagnostics based on localization of pathology process according to meridian location. Day 2 Byol-meridians, their topography, energy flow directions. Two types of corporal meridians projections on standard correspondence systems axial energy lines and direct transfer of corporal meridians on the hand , their differences.

    Principles of Sujok Ki therapy by meridians. Magneto therapy. Types of magnets. Basic idea of magnets. Rules of magnet application. Tonification and sedation as the basic methods of influence on the energy state of meridians and byol-meridians.

    Application diagnostics. Using magnetic qualities of fingers for diagnostics. Finger Sujok Ki therapy. Algorithm of applying Sujok Ki therapy using individual byol-meridians. The idea of muscle-tendon meridians. Muscle diagnostics, application technique. Practicing muscle diagnostics skills. Diagnostics by Spiritual points Six Energies in physiology. Symptomatic diagnostics of Six Energies briefly. The law of the Five Elements.

    The functions of the law of the Five Elements — functional connections between energies. Principles of meridian selection for applying a treatment according to the functions of the law of the Five Elements. The map of the hand. Axial relations between Six Elements — fundamental connections between the energies. Two types of Six Energies circulation in meridians structural and functional. Choosing a meridian for treatment according to examined diagnostics approaches.

    Specific features of Governor meridian and Conception meridian, their functions and energy flow directions. Ways of applying treatment using Governor meridian and Conception meridian. Long meridians and byol-meridians, their topography, diagnostics of affection.

    Energy lines of endocrine glands and long meridians on the thumb. Practicing meridian Sujok Ki therapy. Techniques of treatment using body meridians, byol-meridians and long byol-meridians. Clinical examples of analyzing an illness using regional, symptomatic, muscle and application diagnostics.

    Demonstration of methods efficiency. Applying different techniques and instruments using Sujok Ki therapy by meridians: acupuncture, moxibustion, seed therapy, colour- and light-therapy. Course Duration- 21 hrs.

    The point on the webbing between the middle and ring finger is the Root Chakra or first point. Mark it with a non-toxic black sketch pen. Measure halfway between this point and the centre of your wrist to find the Sacral Chakra and second point. Finally, the centre point of your wrist is the Solar Plexus Chakra and the third point.

    Each mark should be the size of a regular shirt button. Mark the points in the night and keep them for hours. Do this for three months for the best effect.


    Acupressure therapy Acupressure follows the principle that energy flows through the body along with a network of meridians. All ailments can be linked back to a block in energy flow at certain points called acupressure points on these meridians. Applying pressure to these points helps to release the block and get the energy flowing again. With an unobstructed energy flow, the body heals. With the index finger of the other hand trace a straight line from the base of the thumb to your wrist.

    The point on the wrist is the pressure point. Park Jae Woo throughout his life span has put forth various theories 27 theories that explain the treatment of the human body using a single approach or a multi-level approach in accordance with the disease condition to alleviate any health problems.

    Given below are few of the approaches used by Sujok therapists to treat their patients. Homo Energy System — Homo system of body correspondence is based on the fact that similarities have powerful healing energies. Park has defined a number of homo systems of the human body like the Standard Correspondence System, Insect Correspondence System, Mini Correspondence System, to name a few.

    Amazing Benefits of Sujok Therapy

    In the standard correspondence system, the hand represents the whole body, where the thumb is the head, the palm is the torso, and the index and little fingers are the hands and the middle and ring finger represent the legs. In the insect system, each finger represents the whole body, so each digit on the hand and the toes on the finger represent the insect correspondence system.

    In the mini correspondence system, the upper phalange of each finger and toe represent the whole body in the miniature form on the distal phalange. Zone Sujok Ki — The energy system of the body can be divided into zones. This is called the zone energy system or the zone Sujok ki.

    This zone energy system defines vertical energy, horizontal energy, spiral energy and local energy zones in the body. In this system, zones of the body are treated to provide energy balance in the zone with the help of magnets, palm leaf, etc. Sujok Ki — This is a quantitative treatment method used to balance the energy flow.

    Disturbed energy flow creates an energy imbalance that affects the physical and emotional wellbeing leading to diseases. This treatment is carried out using seeds, colours, bar magnets, etc. Six Ki — According to the Triorigin theory, six energies are the most developed fundamental forces, coming right after the Triorigin forces. The six energies are referred to as wind, heat, hotness, humidity, dryness and coldness.

    These energies exist in harmonious interactions with each other. The six energy theory is applicable to the energy system of man and can be successfully used for diagnosing and treatment of diseases and ailments. It is a qualitative treatment based on the six energy constitution of the human body. Triorigin Therapy — Triorigin model is the fundamental order.

    Sujok Therapy System

    These four forces are inseparably bonded as one unit and working together. Neuto force has zero nature as it is part of zero Neuto, but exists in the real world.

    It is a natural force without any intention. Neuto is a unique force to connect this world with the zero world, which is the source of all things.

    Sujok Therapy

    Hetero changes time and space. Hetero is the process of expansion and separation and there is an increase in number. Thus, Hetero separates, disconnects, disperses and divides.

    Sujok energy flow therapy