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    A few of these are still under development with multiple property projects in the pipeline. As the name suggests, the sub-community makes for the central region closer to Mazyad Mall with a range of properties. Investors can consider buying villas in Muhammad Bin Zayed Centre available in 4 to 5-bed configurations. These are developing with new projects at a fast pace and expected to offer valuable opportunities for investment.

    Zone 19 and 24 are considerable districts. As the neighbourhood evolves, we are bound to see more defined communities to become a preferred choice for residents. Transportation and Parking Spaces in Mohammed Bin Zayed City Dedicated parking spaces for residents Since Muhammad Bin Zayed City is still further away from the heart of the capital, getting to other areas in Abu Dhabi, such as the Corniche and nearby malls does take a while. Most residents have their own vehicles to get around the city with ease as the area is bound by a wide network of main roads.

    Taxis are also a good, albeit way of getting around. Moreover, finding spaces for parking is not an issue for residents as villas come with dedicated spots. A few bus links will be operational in the near future. There is an outlet of Spinneys in the neighbouring community of Mussaffah and a hypermarket a little further across the highway. Those who prefer shopping from Carrefour outlets in Abu Dhabi for monthly grocery hauls can head to Dalma Mall.

    Safeer Centre is also within closer proximity, catering to day-to-day needs of the community. Six mosques are located in Zone 10 alone. One can expect to see the familiar minarets at intervals, with the call-to-prayer distinctly audible five times a day.

    There is no Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi while plans for one are under way. It is estimated to be completed in located at a minute long drive.

    Meanwhile, worshipers can head to the Shiva and Krishna temples in Dubai, around 1 hour and 20 minutes away. It is counted among the most reputed schools in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, Muhammad Bin Zayed City residents have convenient access to a few notable schools in Mussafah. The neighbourhood is also 8 minutes away from Abu Dhabi University. The area is bound by Khalifa City B on one side and Mussafah on the other, with all their amenities within easy reach. It is close to the industrial zone which is why rents and prices are more affordable and houses tend to be bigger in this area.

    Maintaining a good distance from the main city, Muhammad Bin Zayed City sits about 30 minutes away from central Abu Dhabi. Besides a range of retail shops, there are full-fledged malls is Mohammed Bin Zayed City for the convenience of all residents in the various districts and neighbouring communities.

    Mazyad Mall On the 28th street near Musaffah, Mazyad Mall is home to a range of brand stores, spa, gym, banks and money exchange centres, a pharmacy, a supermarket and a wide range of restaurants.

    Dalma Mall Dalma Mall is resident-favourite Muhammad Bin Zayed City features a world-class mall, complete with luxury fashion brands, play areas and cinemas. It has a cinema, play areas for kids and an indoor adventure park that keeps both parents and children entertained. It is also a preferred choice for anyone searching for reliable gold shops in Abu Dhabi.

    Moreover, it hosts fun activities and events for children. There are a few restaurants and cafes in Mazyad Mall and Dalma Mall including usual chains of fast food diners, burger joints and bakeries that offer some variety. There is a lack of hotels in the area as of now, so for fine-dining options and a drink at the bar, one may need a quick drive or taxi ride further into Abu Dhabi city. But once there, you can expect a quintessential vibe and clean Abu Dhabi public beaches perfect to relax and unwind on your day off.

    Key landmarks of Abu Dhabi nearby include: Ferrari World Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a notable landmark of Abu Dhabi known for breaking world records in different parameters. It is around 13 minutes away from Zayed City Abu Dhabi. Further you can take your family to enjoy rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi over the weekend.

    The ride would be around 24 minutes long and totally worth it if you like adventure parks. Nevertheless, the affordable neighbourhood has found a way into the hearts of its residents as a quiet and peaceful community to live in. Families with children find it especially appealing. The outdoor space is also ideal for jogging, some light exercise and long walks.

    There are plenty of gyms and fitness studios in Mohammed Bin Zayed City. Muhammad Bin Zayed City is also home to a number of salons and spas. However, for more upscale options, one may need to drive further into Abu Dhabi. The neighbourhood truly has everything one needs on a day-to-day basis.

    They have special entertainment options for kids during Eid, National Day, Diwali, Ramadan celebrations and more.

    Traveling by car takes around 22 minutes to reach via Al Ain Road E Yes, the distance would be around km and it will take around 1 hour and 10 minutes to drive from Dubai to MBZ City. The community is close to Meydan Hotel. You can plan your stay there easily via online bookings.

    How is it to live in Muhammad Bin Zayed City? MBZ is a well-developed neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi that attracts individuals and families alike.

    With the development of residential properties in different clusters, it has grown into a family-friendly address. Living in Muhammad Bin Zayed City is ideal for individuals, couples and families alike since the area has a wide range of properties on offer. What is the zip code of Mohammed Bin Zayed City? There is no zip code system used for the United Arab Emirates or any of its states including Abu Dhabi. Therefore, wherever it is necessary to write a zip code for Muhammad Bin Zayed City, then is used.

    MBS-MBZ: A special bond between two Gulf princes

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    Thank you Michael for taking the time to help us with our new car and going above and beyond! Cars Nov 22, always efficient and friendly place, andres potes always takes care of my car and i have nothing but agreat experience every time, overall staff is awesome. Billing it as an initiative to fight corruption, MBS led a widening arrest campaign against royals and businesspeople in He then targeted prominent religious figures, such as Salman al-Awdah, inbefore reports emerged in recent weeks that he had again targeted senior members of the royal family and civil servants.

    MBZ, on the other hand, has been a lot more focused in his crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, according to observers.

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    The UAE, which has supplied Haftar with advanced weapons, considers him a trusted partner capable of curbing the spread of political Islam in Libya. Both countries have also sought to use their proxies in Yemen to limit the role of Iran, which has long been accused of supplying the Houthis with weapons.

    Tehran says it supports the rebels diplomatically and politically but denies providing them with any military aid.