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    Who Inspires You: Essay Sample

    Jolie has continued to give most of her time into helping people, bringing kindness and caring back. She is a famous person that does not care of herself and how she looks, but she cares of others and how they are taken care of and treated. Her kindness has made a difference for people who had almost nothing, and brought them happiness and hope. If I was to describe Angelina Jolie, what comes to my mind is compassionate and brave.

    According to her life, she has shown how selfless she is from the beginning, and continues to give her time and money away for a better cause. As well as, she has visited many countries that even risked her life, but she puts her life in danger to make a difference and brings attention to that countries. Those characteristics are the reason that I admire Angelina Jolie and see her as an inspirational person. This inspires me to dedicate myself to help others. I donated educational stationary to student in poverty areas and foundations.

    As well as, feeding stray dogs whenever I have got a chance. It seems to be just a small thing that I could do compare to Angelina, but a small move from me could be a huge opportunity for others.

    To be honest, I want to be like Jolie and help people in need like she did. I found it so astonishing that someone has done something so encouraging. She has not only made me see the type of person she is, but has also brought to my attention that I could help others and be just like her.

    For other people, who find difficulties in doing something can see Jolie as an example. After I had extended her biography, I have learned from her that we must use every opportunity that is offered to us, and make the most out of it, and in this way, we can achieve a lot.

    Personally, Angelina Jolie has shown heroic bravery by helping others and taking risks for them. She is remarkable, throughout her journey on making the world a better place.

    No one ever forced her to do what she does. Everything was out of the kindness of her heart as a good world-citizen. Being selfless might take a lot, and there are many ways to show that you are, so she could be an example for all of us. She accomplishes many things that help others and our society. She is not a hero just to me, but a hero to many people in the world.

    Surely, a hero is not necessary to be someone whom is perfect, nor who can save all people. A hero can be anyone. It can be you, even someone who soothe a child that this is not the end of the world, or someone who only make a difference in few people lives, but they are still a hero. As can be seen, Angelina is inspiring because of the things she does, not for herself, but for other people.

    Instead of using fame for other things, she uses it to raise awareness on bigger things and brings attention to what the real world is like. She shows people that little things can make a huge difference, and always look at the bigger picture.

    Her ability to cope with all the pressure and hard work that comes with what she does is inspiring. Heroes are everywhere, constantly making a difference in the world little by little and Angelina Jolie is one of those great heroes. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can order our professional work here.

    My Mom Inspires Me

    She met my grandfather, Joaquin Leyva when she was working as a park ranger and he was a surfer. They bought two acres of land on the edge of a redwood forest and had a son and a daughter. My grandma created a stable family that was missing throughout her early life. My grandma is motivated to maintain good health so she can be there for her family.

    I can relate because I have to be fit and strong for my team. Since she lost my grandfather to cancer, she realizes how lucky she is to have a functional body and no life-threatening illnesses.

    My grandma tries to eat well and exercise, but she still struggles with depression. Over time, she has learned that reaching out to others is essential to her emotional wellbeing. Although my grandma grew up with no access to the wilderness, she admired the green open areas of urban cemeteries.

    In college, she studied geology and hiked in the High Sierras. Our priorities may seem different, but it all comes down to basic human needs. We all desire a purpose, strive to be happy, and need to be loved.

    How to Write an Essay About Someone Who Inspires You: Brainstorming, Structure and Content

    I believe that the constant search for satisfaction and meaning is the only thing everyone has in common. We all want to know what matters, and we walk around this confusing world trying to find it. Rory Leyva is a seventh-grader from Portland, Oregon. Rory skates for the Rosebuds All-Stars roller derby team. She loves listening to music and hanging out with her friends.

    This wasshe was 17, and her family had just moved to Culver City. Flash forward to Sandra sits in a rocking chair, knitting a blanket for her latest grandchild, in the same living room. Sandra remembers working hard to feed her eight children. She took many different jobs before settling behind the cash register at a Japanese restaurant called Magos. Sandra thought harder about her last important thing, the blue and green blanket now finished and covering her lap. Maybe she is reminiscing about the day she held her son for the first time or thinking of her grandchildren becoming parents.

    I thank her for her time and she waves it off, offering me a styrofoam cup of lemonade before I head for the bus station. The bus is sparsely filled. A voice in my head reminds me to finish my page history research paper before spring break. I take a window seat and pull out my phone and earbuds. My playlist is already on shuffle, and I push away thoughts of that dreaded paper.

    Music is my magic shop, a place where I can trade away my fears for calm. When I was 8, I wanted to be like the big kids. As I got older, I realized that I had exchanged my childhood longing for the 48 pack of crayons for bigger problems, balancing grades, a social life, and mental stability—all at once.

    The bus is approaching my apartment, where I know my comfy bed and a home-cooked meal from my mom are waiting. My mom is hard-working, confident, and very stubborn. I admire her strength of character. She always keeps me in line, even through my rebellious phases.

    My best friend sends me a text—an update on how broken her laptop is.

    Who is the most Influential Person in my Life

    She is annoying. She says the stupidest things and loves to state the obvious. Despite this, she never fails to make me laugh until my cheeks feel numb. The rest of my friends are like that too—loud, talkative, and always brightening my day.

    Eight Brilliant Student Essays on What Matters Most in Life

    Even friends I stopped talking to have a place in my heart. This interview was possible because a close friend from sixth grade offered to introduce me to Sandra, her grandmother. I have a feeling that when Sandra was my age, she used to love music, too. She enjoys drawing and writing, hoping to impact people willing to listen to her thoughts and ideas. Some immediately turn to their phones and social media.

    Others work out or do yoga. For a certain person, a deep breath and the morning sun ground him. He sees that the other side of the bed is already made, the dogs are no longer in the room, and his clothes are set out nicely on the loveseat. Today, though, this man wakes up to something different: faded cream walls and jello.

    I noticed Roger would occasionally glance at his wife Susan with sparkly eyes when he would recall memories of the war or their grandkids. He looked at Susan like she walked on water. Roger James served his country for thirty years. Now, he has enlisted in another type of war.

    Most Inspiring Person in My Life

    He suffers from a rare blood cancer—the result of the wars he fought in. Roger has good and bad days. Others are suffering from far worse. She was a nurse who treated his cuts and scrapes one day. I asked Roger why he chose Susan. She gave me this sense of home. He made it his goal to convince my mother and father to attend school again, just so that they could also learn to read and write as we had. These two basic skills, basic for any other young American student, were seen as unattainable qualities for my parents.

    However, my brother inspired them to return to school, showing them that it was never too late to learn. As if this was not enough, my brother helped to create an association that strove to teach the illiterate in my town.

    My brother inspired everyone, but I never felt overshadowed. His friendliness and love was contagious; everyone wanted to be around him.

    With the help of his friends, my brother made a massive difference in my hometown, and helped more people to learn how to read and write. My brother is the reason I am who I am today. Though he is not with my physically, he is always with me in spirit. He inspires me every day to be better than the person I was yesterday. Though he is here no longer, he has left such an indelible impression in my heart and mind.

    Because of him, I wish to go to school as he did and earn a PhD, just as he did. Because of him, I wish to strive to be the best I can be, and also inspire others to do the same, just as he did. I consider myself very lucky to have called my brother my best friend, and to have had the relationship that I had with him.

    He worked in several marketing, manufacturing companies to look after his family. He started his modeling career at the age of 19 but soon he realized the pain and frustration in modeling word. He wanted to change the life of models, as they were struggling to get into the modeling world.

    He took 2 week course in photography. At the beginning he used to take photographs for free of cost. He even started his own company by the name Mash Audio Visuals Pvt.

    Later inhe along with his three friends started the company but unfortunately the company got closed within a year. He was not even bothered about his consecutive failures.

    He wrote book in marketing domain in a reverse manner, which he was not able to sell hardly copies. Inhe took 10, photos of models in just 10 hours and 45 minutes and he created the world record. Inhe started Image Bazaar. At the beginning he is used to work in all positions like telecaller, advisor and meanwhile a photographer and today Image bazaar is the largest collection of indian pictures in the world and having more than clients across 45 countries.

    He has given light to the career of many models. He was recognised as the most renowned and promising entrepreneurs of India at the age of Then he decided to share his knowledge, experience, success for others who are struggling at the beginning of their career.

    The person who inspired me the most essay