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    Bases can start out as tiny huts and expand into massive Viking longhouses with roaring fires and numerous rooms. However, some are finding the bigger their base is in Valheim, the worse lag gets. There are a few reasons players may be experiencing frame rate drops with massive builds, and unfortunately, it could be due to how Valheim is rendering visuals. While Valheim purposefully uses low-poly, low-resolution graphics and relies on atmosphere effects like lighting and bloom to deliver stunning landscapes, this isn't always enough to make sure a game runs smoothly.

    When players build massive bases with large structures, multiple fires, and crafting devices, the game can become bogged down with actively rendering and sustaining each item. Because Valheim is in early access , the game's design may not be capable of sustaining particularly large builds, causing the overall performance to slow down.

    Underc0vernerdd on Reddit has a theory that Valheim may be trying to render both the landscape as it originally appeared as well as the changes the players have made when building.

    Players are also noticing issues specifically pertaining to terraforming large areas in order to build massive bases. This could mean Valheim servers are working twice as hard as they need to in order to render the visuals, leading to frame rate drops and severe lag.

    Because Valheim is still a work in progress , there is a good chance developers will take frame rate issues into consideration when working on patches and future content, optimizing the game to support such demanding builds.

    Valheim could also take the approach Minecraft uses to handle issues like massive builds and big world saves by introducing an option that renders the world in smaller chunks, limiting the demand on performance both on the player's PC and on Valheim's servers.

    Until a fix is put into motion, it could be beneficial to consider limiting big Valheim design ideas to help prevent frame rate drops. There is also the option within the game's performance settings to turn off special lighting and bloom effects, which could improve lag by eliminating what the game must generate and render on the server. Hopefully, Valheim will introduce patches in the near future to help support those who are invested in creating massive masterpieces to call home, helping to encourage the creativity of its players.

    Fallout 4 is still popular amongst gamers after six years of its release. This open-world post-apocalyptic sandbox legend created by Bethesda Game Studios is haunting in both its gameplay and, sadly, its mid-session freezes. Other than common Fallout 4 stuttering issues, this game also suffers from frame rate drops in specific in-game areas on game consoles, which otherwise ran smoothly on PC.

    Moreover, the occasional crashes are part and parcel of playing Fallout 4 on PC or consoles. Fallout 4 Stuttering: Why Does it Happen? Fallout 4 has two major issues which cause frequent screen freeze and crashes. In most cases, these issues occur because of slower load speeds. A gaming PC with configurations above the minimum requirement for Fallout 4 may face issues limited only to in-game bugs. On the other hand, gamers using just the recommended system may find Fallout 4 laggy in certain sections.

    When compared with Xbox and PS4, in-game issues persist because, primarily, even more bugs. Just as in any other game, PC bugs are multiplied in consoles while porting the game for compatibility. Hence, users with gaming PCs under or at par with the minimum requirements for Fallout 4 need to increase the system output.

    In the case of gaming consoles, several fine tunes can help resolve most issues. It is also advised to add all service packs to reduce device and system-related issues in PC mode.

    Service Packs by Bethesda Fallout 4 lagging and frame rate drop issues apart from the programming bugs in the game can be somewhat reduced by installing Bethesda service packs. For most of the issues, some software tune-ups and hardware upgrades will do the trick. As for the rest, third-party mods can manage the programming bugs. Bethesda has released several patches from 1. We will explain the objective of each pack so that if you are running an older version of Fallout 4, installing the service packs can fix the in-game bugs, at least.

    Patch 1. This service pack worked wonders in resolving a lot of issues but mostly as a Fallout 4 loading fix. The 1. A lot of location-based glitches were also added to this service pack mind you! It helped synchronize the game with the creation kit and downloadable content, which ultimately added to the overall stability of Fallout 4. How to Fix Fallout 4 Stuttering?

    Fallout 4 stutters can be fixed with memory modifications on consoles. But a wider range. Upgrading storage drive If you experience consistent stuttering even after installing service packs, the only resolution is using a faster drive.

    Alternatively, you can add an external drive, if you want higher storage space and a better gameplay experience. Both the consoles can also be upgraded similarly.

    However, make sure that the new drive is of the same form factor as the original drive you are replacing. Sadly, this is all you can do for Fallout 4 issues on consoles. For PCs 1. Upgrading the storage drive PC gamers face relatively lower issues because of the higher voltage and capacity of your installed hard drive. If you are using a RPM drive, you can replace it with a RPM hard drive that will offer better performance to help reduce loading times, frame rate drops, and common lags.

    Updating graphics card driver Graphics cards operating on old or corrupted drivers often results in lower performance output.

    Such issues can be resolved by updating your graphics or video card driver. You can update them both manually and automatically by either selecting auto-upgrade or choosing when to install an upgrade. Navigate to device adapters Right-click on the video card and click on properties Click on Driver subhead and press Update Driver Select search automatically Or you can visit the respective website of your graphics card!

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    Turn on high-performance mode. Your PC will function in a controlled manner to provide the finest performance with optimum power usage, according to the rules. Despite the fact that it will be the best option for your electricity bill, your PC will have enough juice to sway out a few frames.

    Open the start tab and select Power Settings. By doing so, your system may be given a tiny boost in power that may assist you keep a few additional frames.

    Optimize the gaming settings in Windows. Features such as game mode were more than welcome, while Xbox Game Bar was a huge red flag for power users.

    Once again, navigate to your search bar and select Game Bar. Check out the hardware Accelerated GPU scheduling and Variable Refresh Rates under the Graphics settings and turn them off before you leave the options panel. Profit from your GPU. Players who wish to prioritize performance rather than visual quality will need a few minor adjustments.

    Check out recent video guides onYouTube that were created for your GPU model or manufacturer the best method to do this is by examining them. Tinker with your in-game settings. New World will by default attempt to give you the correct combination of settings for your PC. This causes the router to do a full bootup where it checks all of its settings and renews all connections.

    Step 5: Call your internet provider Sometimes players have tried everything and they still have issues with their ping in Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and other games. For example, the internet lines might be on a splitter that breaks one strong signal into two weaker ones.

    Lag is a fierce opponent and high pings can be very frustrating, but a couple of these easy steps may either help to diagnose and even fix the problem. Related Articles. If you want a more social and casual gaming feel, a Smart TV will work perfectly fine! While there are gaming monitors meant to handle different gaming rigs, including consoles, a Smart TV is fine for console gaming.

    Are Smart TVs Good Or Bad For Gaming? (Solved!)

    Size does not play a big factor when it comes to lag. What contributes to lag is the refresh rate of your monitor or TV. For one, the high refresh rates on Smart TVs are for enhancing existing images to give it a more life-like feel.

    This is different from the processing of raw information of images from a source, which dedicated monitors do, as they try to convey small, detailed images that were built for PC games.

    Enabling Game Mode means a smoother gaming experience with minimal lags, as it lessens the time to process the images. This faster processing will be noticeable when commands are made and reflected on the screen at a faster rate. Game Mode is a setting found in TVs that lets users adjust the setting of their TVs to be more suitable for gaming.

    This decreases the input lag of the TV by bypassing any video processing to enhance images on screen. While Gaming Mode lets Smart TVs provide a smoother experience when used as a screen for video games, it also has its disadvantages. One disadvantage is the possibility of colors displayed not being accurate and unusually unclear. Enabling Game Mode also lowers image quality, due to the bypassing of post-processing on screen.

    You may also experience scaling issues as well.

    How to reduce lag in the New World

    To ensure a smooth gaming experience with 4K you need to make sure you optimize the resolution of the game you are playing. This was an issue that first cropped up when 4K TVs were introduced in the market. The resolutions were tempting, but games were not yet optimized for 4K, making them look blurry and confusing on screen. Games that could handle 4K resolutions were limited to PC games and would run only at 30 frames per second. That scenario was five years ago, though. For most modern games, there is no need to scale down your game settings for a smoother experience!

    However, if you are trying to play an old game, you may have to deal with a lower quality of the picture. This will reduce latency or the delay between a keystroke and the execution of a command on the screen. Should there be latency, aim for 30 milliseconds at the target resolution and color settings in your Game Mode.

    Try playing around with the HDR settings, and see if this would significantly affect your gaming performance. If you are considering getting one, try to think first of the games you will be playing frequently on it.

    This is to try and get their foot further in the door of PC gaming, which has become a major industry for professional gamers.

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