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    Everyone does it. Possession of this highly-addictive recreational stimulant is a criminal offence under section 10 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act NSW and carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison. There are, however, a range of factors which may affect your penalty, criminal culpability, or likelihood of a conviction. Mental health If you are suffering from a mental health condition, your lawyer may advise you to make an application for your cocaine possession case to be dismissed under section 32 of the Mental Health Forensic Provisions Act , on the condition that you enter into a mental health treatment plan of up to six months.

    In this case, your lawyer will arrange to obtain a report from a mental health professional outlining your background, diagnosis, and reasons why it is more appropriate to deal with you by way of a treatment plan, than otherwise in accordance with the law.

    Deemed Supply The quantity of cocaine you had in your possession is significant. In New South Wales, a quantity of cocaine is considered trafficable if it exceeds three grams.

    Deemed supply is an indictable offence, which means it may be referred from the local court to a higher court, such as the district court. Even if police choose not to charge you with deemed supply, a larger quantity of drugs can lead to a more severe penalty in the event you plead guilty, or are found guilty of possession.

    These provisions include dismissals under section 10 1 a of the Crimes Sentencing Procedure Act the Sentencing Act and conditional release orders without convictions , which are good behaviour bonds for up to two years. Sentencing factors In the event of a guilty plea for drug possession or supply, there are a range of other factors which may affect the sentencing process.

    This can lead to a more severe penalty than might otherwise have been administered. The presence of these can result in a more lenient penalty, or even help a person avoid a criminal record. Mitigating factors can be established by obtaining character references , writing a letter of apology to the court , undertaking counselling, or participating in rehabilitation programs such as the MERIT program.

    In fact, there are circumstances in which the prosecution can be persuaded to withdraw the charge, or to have the charge thrown out of court if it proceeds to a defended hearing. These include instances such as: The search of you, your car or your premises was illegal.

    If the prosecution cannot prove that you had exclusive possession of the drug. If you did not know you possessed the drug e. Going to court for drug possession? If you are going to court for possessing cocaine or another prohibited drug, it is important to seek advice and representation from a specialist criminal law firm that is experienced in representing clients for drug possession charges. The team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers is vastly experienced in representing clients in these matters in courts throughout New South Wales, and has an outstanding track record of having charges withdrawn or dismissed, or helping clients to avoid criminal records if they wish to plead guilty.

    So, if you are going to court for drug possession, call us anytime on 02 to arrange a free first consultation with an experienced drug defence lawyer.

    Drug offence (possession and supply) and the amounts you can have on you to make the difference

    And that can easily lead to an overdose. While most people associate drug overdoses with becoming comatose and stopping breathing, as in opioid overdose, an overdose can broadly be defined as poisoning that occurs when a drug is taken in excessive amounts. Treatment at Castle Craig will help you. Fill in our online admissions form and we will call you back. Yes, You Can Overdose Some people may find it hard to believe that a cocaine-overdose is possible.

    A Cocaine-overdose is difficult to define, because there are so many factors that are involved. Many users mistake a panic attack for an overdose, which can be scary and unpleasant.

    A major overdose can result in a number of serious medical outcomes including heart attacks, strokes, hypertensive emergency, malignant hyperthermia and seizures. How Much Cocaine Causes an Overdose? This is a commonly asked question that does not have a definite answer. Alternatively, you could be either and still manage to survive a ten-gram binge.

    It is an important factor to keep in mind because every person has a different tolerance, natural or acquired, to every drug. With cocaine, tolerance can be hard to pinpoint because one might be a heavy weekend user, while another may be a daily user. Regardless, cocaine is a drug that keeps you wanting more and more, so tolerance can build up very quickly after repeated use.

    However, it can also although not always reset if the use is occasional. If a person is used to a certain amount but then takes a break, they may think they can use the same amount on the next round. However, if their tolerance did reset, that portion can lead to an overdose. Purity Most cocaine sold on the street is far from pure. However, that may be a good thing, as truly pure coke is quite dangerous. Purity, of course, plays a large role in how much one can take.

    With pure cocaine, it can take as little as a few lines to trigger an overdose, and largely depends on your tolerance and body weight. Adulterants Closely related to purity, adulterants play a large role in risk for overdose as well.

    Adulterants are often added to street cocaine to enhance the high, not only to dilute it. Common adulterants include caffeine, amphetamines, crystal meth, lidocaine, aspirin, levamisole and occasionally fentanyl or other opioids. Some of these medications — such as aspirin or caffeine — will cause very little noticeable effect or problems.

    Others — such as amphetamines — are designed to mimic the effect of the drug and are cheaper for the sellers who are cutting it. Others such as fentanyl can cause euphoria but carry a significant risk for respiratory depression and death. Drug Interactions Drugs that enhance or add to the effect of coke can also increase the risk of toxicity.

    These include amphetamines, crystal meth, methylphenidate and other stimulant type drugs. This is because many of these drugs act in similar ways to increase the amount of noradrenaline and dopamine in the central nervous system which can also result in some of the toxic effects. Why Mixing Coke and Alcohol is Dangerous Method of Administration How you consume drugs will determine its effects and thus determine the likelihood of an overdose. Smoking and injection produce the most rapid and strongest effects and bypass any protective metabolic processes, thus making an overdose more likely.

    Consumption via snorting nasal insufflation is by no means safer, but would require a larger amount to cause an overdose. Take a bottle of wine, for example. You can divide that bottle into three glasses over three hours insufflation , or you can drink the entire bottle straight up injection.

    Repetitive Dosage Cocaine has a peculiar effect where repetitive doses tend to build on one another. A single line, on its own, takes full effect immediately and lasts for about 90 minutes max. However, if that dose is repeated multiple times, the effect is multiplied exponentially and lasts much longer.

    Overdosing on cocaine is easier than you would think. Symptoms of an Overdose An overdose happens when your body or brain is overstimulated by the drug. This can result in a number of unpleasant psychological and physiological symptoms. An overdose can happen unexpectedly, and presents itself in the following symptoms: High blood pressure.

    Meth, cocaine seized during traffic stop near Herbert, Sask.: RCMP

    State jail felony. Punishment can range from 6 months to 2 years in prison. Punishments can include prison time of up to 20 years.

    Cocaine/Crack, New York & Federal Laws & Pictures

    More than grams 1st degree felony. Texas laws holds that delivering an illicit drug involves a person transferring to another person a controlled substance such as cocaine. As with cocaine possession charges, cocaine distribution or delivery penalties vary depending on the amount of the drug being sold. You can also be charged with creating or manufacturing cocaine, either by chemical or natural means.

    Punishments for this crime are comparable to those for delivering cocaine. Mar 19, Less than you think Harm Reduction Ohio reviewed all available research and worked with an anesthesiologist, plus two Ph. These estimates are for non-tolerant opioid users.

    One thousand micrograms is very likely to stop your breathing and kill you. When anesthesiologists knock you out for surgery, they start with 25 micrograms…wait a few minutes…then give another 25 micrograms for a total of 50 micrograms.

    Over multi-hour open heart surgeries, patients might get to micrograms of fentanyl total. In extreme cases, maybe micrograms.

    What are Texas’ Cocaine Laws?

    Street doses of fentanyl mixed into heroin or not might be in the to 2, microgram range, although beware of this claim. In truth, almost nothing is actually known about how much fentanyl is in street drugs, and doses vary enormously, often far outside this range, on both the lower and higher end.

    Opioid tolerant users Regular heroin users who have a tolerance to opioids can take more fentanyl, possibly two or three times more, without suffering an overdose. According to one report, long-time addicts who desire fentanyl seek dose ranges between and 1, micrograms. Cocaine mixtures vary in size butmicrograms — or a quarter of a gram — might be found in a typical dose. Doing the math tells you that fentanyl must be an extremely tiny portion of a drug mixture if that mixture is treated as heroin or cocaine.

    Fentanyl should always be diluted to a maximum of one part fentanyl to 1, parts filler.

    How much fentanyl will kill you?

    Dilute, dilute, dilute. This estimate is far too high. Two thousand micrograms of pure fentanyl injected into a vein would cause even most heavy heroin users to overdose — especially if fentanyl is mixed with any other substance, such as heroin, alcohol or Xanax. More than one in ten British adults have tried cocaine, double the EU average, and use among young people is surging, with 20 per cent of 16 — year-olds taking it in the last year.

    Have you or your family been affected by cocaine? Tell us your story by emailing endoftheline thesun.

    How much do drugs cost?

    But courts seem to be doing little to stem the tide of 'casual' coke users. He was intending to use them at a party. Even his explanation for having a knife — so often the weapon of choice for young drug gang members waging bloody war on the streets of the capital — was accepted by the magistrates.

    Half gram of coke in a bag