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  • How to Submit a Guest Post on Home Improvement Blog?

    We are now looking for creative content writers who can contribute high-quality content on House Affection, it will help us to expand the information available to our readers. Your article will be available to thousands of monthly readers worldwide, get exposure on our social media channels as well as receive the SEO benefits.

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    Who Can Write for House Affection? Whether you are new in this niche and have less experience or a recognized expert, as long as you follow the guidelines you are eligible to contribute toward our website for home decor write for us. We would also like to mention that as of now we are not going to pay for the guest post contents and we also do not take blog posts from our competitors.

    Why You Should Write for Us? House Affection is a renowned name when it comes to Home Decorations, Furniture, Gifts items, and Home improvement products. Our core values are to create an SEO friendly blog to help our content reach a large number of audiences. Our Website is visited by Thousands of monthly visitors worldwide and thus we focus on to deliver unique content to our visitor. We put high effort to make sure that every content on our website is well researched and provides the information the user is looking for.

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    You can send us Guest Posting opportunity pitches or send Pitches along with drafts. This helps us to make the process much faster as we can decide straightaway from the draft, whether your content is suitable for our website or not. Topic Suggestions for You Guest Post We spend a hefty amount of our time focusing on the quality of our content thus we are very picky about what we publish on our website.

    We also recommend you to check out some of our successful posts on this site which are linked below. We do not publish content on topics different than Home decor or Home Improvements.

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    To Quickly Submit the article kindly mail, us at admin houseaffection. Final Words We are very thankful and really appreciate your time and effort you spend on pitching us guest posts but due to a high number of requests we receive daily, we cannot accept most of the submissions we receive for home decor write for us. We also share a publishing date after we confirm your submission.

    We simply notify the writer through the email since we take submissions for home decor write for us very seriously.

    Write for us Home Improvement,Decor,Home Remodeling – Submit a Guest Post Home Improvement

    Home Write for us — submit a guest post Write for us — submit a guest post Home Improvement and Interior Design Guest Posts Submission Are you a business, marketing or design expert with a story to tell? We are looking for guest posts that provide our readers with points of view that differ from our own and offer a wider perspective on varying topics. If you are interested in becoming interior design guest blog writer please read the following guidelines and rules.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Paragraphing: Divide your content into clear paragraphs. It presents your content more clearly to our readers. Do-follow links: allowed, up to 2 do-follow links per post. Media: You can include include images in your post. If you want to include other types of media please contact us for further instructions. Please make sure that your media is free for commercial use license. Publishing Rules Be transparent — Be transparent about who you are and who you work for.

    We want our readers to have the right to know your relationship to the topics you are writing about. Be unique — In order to publish content on MyFancyHouse. There are marketing reasons for this as well as copyright reasons but we primarily want to ensure that our readers have the opportunity to read quality, unique content. We will accept home improvement blog guest posts.

    Check your spelling and grammar — Check your spelling and grammar before submitting articles. We will only publish content that is written clearly and in correct English.

    We will not accept low quality content. It shows that you went the extra mile to make the post valuable for the reader. Promote your post by broadcasting it on your social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

    What type of posts will get flat out rejected? To put it succinctly: Your post should be inspiring! How can readers benefit from this? Would I be happy posting this on my own blog? Your reader has learned something new?

    Your reader has found new inspiration? If submissions require too much editing, we may choose to not post it. If you agree with this terms then you need to Contact Us and tell us your interest in the subject.

    Home Decor Write For Us Guest Post Submission Blog

    They paid attention to details and their work showed. Their workers were respectful, tidy and quite. Kevin was our project manager and he communicated with us and his team every step so we knew what to expect daily. Derek was thorough and did a great job. Chandler also tried very hard. Providing great quality work is a priority to every single employee and it shows in their work. I would highly recommend Classic Home Improvements for all your remodeling needs.

    From the very beginning, she was extremely polite, helpful, smiling, and professional.

    Be A Part Of The #1 Home Improvement Blog

    We've been working with her and it has been nothing but pure professionalism, clear communication, and honesty. I am glad that we found the company and as business owners ourselves, they should be proud to have someone represent them very well. I highly recommend Classic Home Improvements and if you can work with Andrea - you will not be disappointed.

    Customer service is crucial for us and she exemplifies the highest standard of that category. Lori Cooper 10 May 19 We used Classic Home Improvements for much needed repairs and painting the outside of our home.

    Our project manager, Neil was always there to answer any questions we had and kept us informed on the progress. All work was done right on schedule and to our complete satisfaction. We would highly recommend them.

    Home Improvement Write for US – Submit Guest Post

    And especially Neil Caton, project manager. He was always there when I needed him Give Neil a raise!!! James Maruska 12 Jun 18 Simply the best, a shining star in Socal. Kelly Walla does and absolutely superb job of helping you pick out everything, Kelly is a wizard with design. The star of the bunch is technician Kevin Kries, what an eye for detail this guy has, give Kevin a raise!

    Chandler is an up and coming amazing worker as well, there whenever you need him. Nicole Crocker and the office staff are great to work with too getting back to you almost immediately if you have a question or problem.

    Pergal; turned out perfect. Cheddar Cheese 25 Mar 18 We are absolutely floored with the service that we received from Classic Home Improvements.

    Write for Home and Garden Guest Blog

    From start to finish, they took care of every detail. They helped us modify our house from an embarrassment of a home, to one of beauty and functionality that we never realized that it could be could be.

    Throughout the process the team dealt with our ever-changing demands and addressed our every concern. The crew was at our home on time every day. We enjoyed seeing a steady progress they made.

    Everyone was friendly, helpful and courteous. This made us comfortable with them being alone in our home. We have had our share of bad contractors, it was refreshing to work with an organization that puts their customers first.

    Sofia Web Works

    Ready and willing to go above and beyond. No doubt my favorite contractor to deal with! Jayson Yavorsky 15 Feb 18 We have known Gordon for over 10 years now. He is highly qualified in many design and construction aspects of this industy.

    His vast knowledge and experience in remodeling is a huge asset to help the projects works smoothly from start to finish. Can't recommend him enough. We wanted it upgraded to a more modern feel — white and grey scheme. We looked extensively at various options prior to selecting Classic from high-end like Lars, to basically subcontracting the project out ourselves to try to save money.

    In the end we selected Classic, and now that the project is complete I feel compelled to write a review. In our minds, Classic is a perfect balance in terms of getting the highest quality product and service, but at a very fair price. The whole project took 7 weeks, and they stayed on time and on budget throughout. The first person we interacted with was their sales person Andrea Short who was terrific.

    She is extremely creative, has great taste, and has a good pulse on what people are doing right now with their kitchens. Gave us a lot of good ideas. The contract process was smooth and easy, renderings were accurate and came immediately after contract was signed. They were very flexible in terms of making adjustments.

    Once the work started we primarily integrated with the project manager Royce — he is very knowledgeable in construction, kept the crew on task, and was easy to reach cell. Importantly, this is a very high integrity, trustworthy operation.

    This is the reason why most homeowners have such emotional and sentimental attachments for their homes. It is a place full of memories, happiness, and comfort. As home improvement experts, we believe that every home should be a reflection of the person. The decor, furniture, colors, and natural lighting should all complement the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner.

    This is why we created housesitworld so then homeowners from all over the world can have a platform whereby they can gain information, insights, and ideas on how to improve their home improvement without having to spend a fortune to find out what works for them. Our blogs have an international reader base and we strive to provide the most informative, interesting, and useful home improvement content out there.

    Increased demand for new content is the reason why we are opening our doors to writers from all walks of life to contribute and expand on the content available to our readers.

    Who Can Write For Us? Ideally, we are looking for a blogger or creative writer that can follow our submission guidelines and provide us with content that is appealing and informative for our reader base. Please note that this is not a paid gig.

    We do not offer any monetary compensation to writers for the submissions sent. For those of you who believe that you have what it takes to become an influencer in this niche, this is the perfect opportunity for you to increase your blog reader base, reputation, credibility, and traffic without having to spend any money on online marketing. Why Write For Us? Source all claims and statements. If you mention a study, fact, statistic, make sure to link to the original source. We feature a wide range of topics and have a large library of great content.

    Avoid promotional information or promotional links or affiliate links in the post as we charge for a guest post for price info, Contact Usor Email. Submit an article written by content farms only to boost SEO. Link to a product. All links must point to articles or homepages.

    Home improvement write for us guest post