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  • YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story – Review

    The Visual Novel was developed by Nitroplus, after all. The story follows a young man named Susuki Shinichi. He is an earnest young man just kinda floating along through life without trying to stand out too much.

    Shinichi is heading to the school roof to meet a friend when he suddenly spies a cell phone lying on the ground. The phone stops ringing before he can answer, so he checks the call history, and only GOD has called this phone.

    Suddenly a girl appears on the phone saying she needs some Zappy sex to recharge her battery. She suddenly falls off the platform and lands on him just like the scene in the game and conversation follows along with it as well. She says her name is Mukou Aoi and she goes on about needing Zappy to recharge and how this will trigger flags for later events. He thinks she has a serious case of gamer brain, or as some call it in anime circles, chuunibyou.

    Soon his childhood friend Sone Miyuki arrives and tells her that Shinichi is her boyfriend just to get her off him. Shinichi agrees pretty quickly since he thinks it will help with her gamer brain. He finally convinces Miyuki to help him, and this sets the three of them down a path in which they will never be the same again. I would love to do a deep dive into what makes this title tick, and I may do that in an opinion piece down the road, but for today I will be keeping things as vague as possible.

    I do want to give credit to the localization team. The artwork was done by the legendary artist Tsuji Santa, who you may know as the creator of the Super Sonico, and their style really shines through here. These are really prevalent in the CG scenes found throughout the game.

    Instead they rely on the voice actors to carry the emotions of the scenes. The excellent Japanese cast pulls this off and really makes these characters feel alive. While those scenes are amazing the music tracks found in the game are on par with any other Nitroplus release out there.

    While there are some happy go lucky tracks, there are also tracks that make the player feel uneasy with their eerie tone. The story will seem pretty simple at first, but the further you go down the rabbit hole the more you realize something is very wrong. I had a hard time putting this one away when I started playing it because I kept wanting to see how each decision would work out.

    Then I hit the true ending path and that is something that I promise you folks I will never forget! Some will undoubtedly find portions of this one tedious, and they are, but the payoff will be well worth every second of the time you invest.

    Review Score Game was provided by the publisher for review. Ever since, he has been fighting to give all non-mainstream RPGs a fair voice. As the site admin, he will continue to do this and even show there is value in what some would deem "pure ecchi.

    YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story – Spoiler-Free Review

    After playing it through, I completely agree. As such, be warned that while I am always careful about spoilers, this review will purposely be vague in some ways to respect this. Visual novel fans may know the name Nitroplus from their work on Steins;Gate and Song of Saya amongst others.

    They have a reputation for quality in the visual novels which have made it to the English-speaking world. I would expect the Steam version to require a patch to restore this content, as is the case with Song of Saya. I would highly recommend playing this uncensored for the full impact of certain scenes. The content in question is uncensored without mosaic and includes some mild and moderate fetish content, including cosplay and anal sex.

    It might seem it at times, but there is certainly a dark side hidden beneath the cover. In many ways, this is a story about choice, about possibilities and about eternal love. The story opens as you enter the roof — a restricted area for most, but one that many desire to go to.

    A legend exists about this roof — that if two people share a kiss there, their love will be eternal. This is where you meet two girls. Aoi is in your class, but you have never really spoken to her before. She believes that she is a visual novel heroine, the world is a video game and that she is in contact with the God of the world. She decides to try and kiss Shinichi, the protagonist. Miyuki soon appears. She claims to be your girlfriend in front of Aoi, but is actually your childhood friend who you have drifted apart from and now only see from across the classroom.

    She initially thought that you called her up to the roof due to the legend, but it turns out to be a misunderstanding. This can be blamed on your friend Yuutarou. While not the focus, he makes frequent appearances as he chases his dreams.

    Through a series of events, Aoi, Miyuki, and yourself become friends. It is not a smooth journey, but you spend time with them at school and in the town. You make a rather unlikely group with Aoi the class nut, Miyuki the talented and popular queen of the class and yourself, the plain and forgettable Shinichi.

    As time goes on, relationships become quite complicated. Aoi learns more about human relationships and the bonds between Shinichi and Miyuki grow. A certain event happens and then everything starts a slow spiral out of control. There is quite a lot of drama in how things unfold and it is certainly not a standard romance story. Rather unexpected events happen and the girls themselves are certainly not the standard visual novel heroines.

    The game is full of twists after completing the initial part and I would expect anyone to be surprised at how it turns out. While I am being very careful to avoid spoilers here, I will say that this is a game that needs to be played several times. It involves some repetition and the skip button can be liberally used during parts of it, but things will change. I thought the story was incredibly unique. The characters themselves and how they react with the circumstances of the story are particularly interesting and I was impressed with how it sometimes created unsettling or disturbing feelings while playing.

    It is not a case of just taking the Aoi ending or Miyuki ending as many visual novels include. The focus is more on the story than ending up with one of the girls. To actually access the true end requires solving a puzzle, which I felt was an odd choice. Feel free to comment below for hints and tips on this. Writing The writing was well done. It made good use of comedy when it needed to lighten the mood and was gripping the entire way through. It dropped in hints and foreshadowing in such a way that I, the reader could understand what would happen, but it was believable that the protagonist would not.

    The editing was of high quality too. I did notice one small error with text overrunning a box, but with about ten hours of reading, one error notice is minor. Graphics, Sound, and Options The artwork was high quality overall and there were approximately 80 CGs, not including variations.

    I particularly liked the style of the art, which felt closer to something drawn for a yuri game in some ways, rather than a more typical visual novel. The music was great with a good variety of 30 tracks, which were well used to set the mood the scenes were trying to create. I enjoyed the voicing too. The options are fairly robust, with options surrounding voices, font, dialogue, and more.

    In several ways, this was not my style of a visual novel. Despite this, I rate it very highly. Want to check out another visual novel with a darker side? Or browse our other visual novel reviews here. Want E-mails to see new articles? Type in your E-mail address and click the button for free updates. He enjoys a wide variety of genres, but has been focusing on visual novels and virtual reality in recent years. Head Editor of NookGaming. Follow him and the website on NookSite.

    YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story Visual Novel Review – 80/100

    If you want to complete an objective as efficiently as possible, you can replay that scenario over and over again. If you have the urge to pillage an entire village and murder all the residents in a fit of God-like rage but not endure the moral repercussions of your actions? No one gets hurt in the long run. Visual novels are a connoisseur of this allure of choice.

    Most novels will provide multiple endings, expected to be explored, reloaded, and experienced. These characters face a multitude of emotions: love, hate, jealousy, rage, disappointment, relief; all to be subsequently wiped for the player to play through the story once again.

    YOU and ME and HER A Love Story: All Routes Guide

    These range of emotions the characters inquire are deleted after each load, wiped clean to encounter once again for the very first time. But what if these characters knew of your actions? Knew how many times you reneged on promises made to see the other side of the coin?

    When the characters realized how selfish your actions really were? This stance has caused her to unceremoniously be the loner of the class. Shinichi sees her ways on the roof as he frequents there for class clean-up duties, and offers to extend a hand in friendship to a girl who looks in need of help, but is unsure how to ask.

    The story has a fairly small cast of characters. Our gamer brain girl is Mukou Aoi and she is certainly a very meta character. However unlike other media where the meta character often uses four wall breaking and meta knowledge for comedy, Aoi honestly seems truly mentally unstable with it. Her acceptance of the world as a game basically ostracizes her from everyone else and leaves her almost emotionally dead along with being socially awkward.

    The best friend character Yuutarou is mainly comic relief for the story and the comedy is the kind you may somewhat appreciate considering the rather serious tone of the story or find it quite annoying.

    Personally while I never found him funny, I appreciate the effort to make him more than just a walking punchline and he stands out for actually being a good friend to the main character. I would say story necessity does make it that he has to play a rather unlikeable role at times as even the first playthrough is about a problem that could be solved by him just getting over himself and getting some guts.

    Even a bit more backstory or development on Aoi would have helped significantly. Drama is the main bulk of this story as we generally center on a love triangle between the protagonist and the two heroines.

    I understand the justification and even the story significance of it but it really did feel like a development intended more for shock value than sense. Naturally being a VN we have sex scenes and naturally being a VN they are so terribly written that it makes me question if the writer is truly familer with the act.

    So my response was the usual one of hitting the next button till the characters did the business so I could get back to the real story but I must point out that there was one sex scene in this story that was quite unlike any I have seen before in this medium. All things considered I give props for creativity. What makes this VN work the most is the relationship between the three characters and how it complicates and goes as the story moves forward.

    Your millage will depend on your total investment in the trio but the story does go to lengths to get you to care about them. Totono to me is a story about empathy and a cautionary tale against thoughtless choices and indecision. When I finished the game I was left in a state of pensive silence and a strange sense of emptiness.

    YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story Complete Walkthrough (All Endings)

    When I thought about the whirlpool of emotions this game put me though, frustration and anger, smiles and fun, regret and sadness, it gave me a feeling that this was an experience quite like no other. Flaws it has certainly but this game got me to truly care for fictional characters and give a lesson I feel people truly need to take into account. It starts typical but ends unforgettable and in that I would recommend you play it as I feel this is an experience worth having.

    Even in that regard the two games have very different approaches and only really hold a similarity in some meta elements and the big twist. Ultimately DDLC is a horror game first and foremost while Totono is more focused on thriller and romance. Which has me reluctant to believe that he held love for a more niche and potentially even more trope heavy medium. To me DDLC is a horror game based on a generalised idea of what people think visual novels are like.

    You and me and her aoi